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Vermin Outbreak in BC's North and Interior - Nightmare at the Blue Lake Resort - Boston Bar
  May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012
Via facsimile
Glen P. Robbins, 1355 Honeysuckle Lane, Coquitlam, BC V3E 2N6
Blue Lake Resort, Box 385 Boston Bar, BC, Canada VOK 1CO
Dr. James Findlay, Owner/Director Blue Lake Resort, c/o Colleen Findlay Foundation, #7-20691 Lougheed Highway, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 2P9
Fax: 604 465 3904
Attention: James Findlay (Officer/Director), Ross Findlay (Officer/Director), Shayne Findlay (Director)
Dear Sirs
Re: Compensation for Kellie Robbins and others including 2 and one half year old Infant - Blue Lake Resort – May long weekend – Vermin problem – Major health problem
I am writing this letter relating to the above captioned matter which involved my daughter Kellie and three other young adults, as well as an infant child (BC Infant Act) of two and on half years of age, the daughter of one of the young adult couples. These individuals rented and pre paid for three nights at your establishment listed under BC Registry Services and BC Company Summary as Blue Lake Resort Ltd. This correspondence has been sent to the attention of the Officers and Directors of this company.
I have made several attempts to contact you at the Blue Lake Resort (Boston Bar), and at your Dental practice in Maple Ridge which address also serves as a Colleen Findlay Foundation and charitable fund raising operation. You have refused to return my calls or make contact with me at an email address I have provided.
The young adult’s pre paid for 3 nights an amount of approximately $500.00 for a cottage at the Blue Lake Resort. There was no warning provided to these individuals of a vermin infestation at your facility and in particular the cottage they rented. It was the first holiday together for both these young couples and the first for the couple and their young daughter. During the course of the first night it was discovered that there were many mice/rats in the room including a complete nest of these vermin inside the mattress of the bed in the cottage. Estimates run as many as 12 to 20 Vermin inside this rented accommodation. The infant child slept alone for over an hour on the mattress above the vermin nest.
These young people asked for their money back after a night of not sleeping. You refused telling them to “get lost”. I telephoned your office at the telephone number designated at The Blue Lake Resort prior to the young adults leaving for home in Tri-City, British Columbia. I spoke with your daughter who indicated that you were not available to speak with me, and who asserted authority for the Blue Lake Resort, who asserts that the young family was informed that vermin were living in the cottages and that they were fine with this.
I have discussed this matter with Tourism BC. Apparently, there are a plethora of unresolved complaints about the Blue Lake Resort with Tourism BC which would require a complete and thorough investigation to resolve; however the Government of BC does little to monitor circumstances involving dangerous vermin and rental accommodation in the province and that current threat that these pose to unsuspecting travelers and people on holidays.
My investigation to date, suggests that the vermin problem in rental accommodations and at trailer sites throughout the Interior of the Province of British Columbia is a significant problem this year. To my knowledge no warnings have been posted to unsuspecting travelers through BC Government mechanisms or through media. To this end, I have copied this letter to the Ministry of Health BC and Tourism BC c/o the BC Liberal Party. My research team will be extensively canvassing source leads to see if there are political donations involved between any of the Officers and Directors of your Resort and any political party or elected persons. Dust or bites from Vermin can be very dangerous and certainly a potential health hazard.
This particular situation under reference caption needs to be resolved or it will proceed to court. I am not a lawyer, but will represent these individuals in a legal action. The BC Supreme Court (Justice Grauer October 3, 2011) has directed that I am able to speak to all litigation. This is only necessary if the young adults choose to file their action at the BC Supreme Court level under the $100,000 ‘fast track’ level. Alternatively, these individuals can seek redress of up to $25,000 at the Provincial Court level – involving a less onerous set of filing procedures. All of the individuals have expressed an emphatic desire to realize fairness/justice from this disastrous and troubling circumstance.
I would strongly urge you to seek out legal advice and move swiftly to a fast resolve of this matter. Otherwise, the next contact between us will be the service of initiating documents for compensation for general and specific damages as described herein.
Glen P. Robbins
BC MLA for Region (Chilliwack-Hope), Gwen O’Mahony (BC NDP), c/o BC New Democratic Party, Fax: 604 432 9517
MP Mark Strahl (Conservative) #102- 7388 Vedder Road, Chilliwack, BC Fax: 604 847 9744 BC MLA for Maple Ridge (BC Liberal) Marc Dalton, #102-23015 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge, BC Fax: 604 476 4531
Member of Parliament, Randy Kamp, (Conservative) 22720 Lougheed Highway, Maple Ridge, BC, Fax: 604 466 7593
Ministry of Health BC, Tourism BC, c/o BC Liberal Party, PO Box 21014 Waterfront Centre, Vancouver, BC, V6C 3K3 Fax: 604 632 0253
Canadian Press, Associated Press,

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