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British Columbia Polls
Christy Clark (BCL) v John Horgan (NDP), Commission 4 Public Integrity, BC Independence from Ottawa, Self Litigants  Mar 24/14
Major BC poll - RSR puts Mike Farnworth and NDP in lead over Christy Clark's Liberals, BC Voters favour BC Justice decision for Teachers and more..  Mar 03/14
Breaking News! RSR poll-Translink tolls-Enbridge-Compensation for BC-Christy v Stephen on trust-Are BC superior courts a failure?  Jan 18/14
Mike Farnworth and BC NDP lead Christy Clark's BC Liberals - Elizabeth May with BC Greens polls over 23%  Dec 11/13
RSR BC political issues survey- Bruce Ralston heads BC NDP leadership hopefuls, liquor sales, local police or RCMP?  Oct 31/13
RSR Survey - May 2013 BC Election voters Wealthier and LESS educated than average - also BC Hydro rate increase and privatization  Sep 30/13
ROBBINS Official BC Referendum Survey = ICBC rate raise, Riverview Hospital, Northern Gateway, Syria, What was Christy Clark thinking?  Sep 06/13
Best Places to Live in Greater Vancouver (III) - Survey of city and municipal satisfaction levels  Aug 05/13
ROBBINS-Westside-Kelowna by election - Christy Clark-Ben Stewart - BC's addicted professionals  Jul 01/13
ROBBINS Mediation Survey - Leader and Party; $127k transition payments; Premier without a seat?; Municipal freeloading?; What did Stephen Harper know?' R Independent agencies - independent?; R - BC elections tampered with?; Open up ICBC? Kinder Morgan?   Jun 13/13
BC Election 2013 -Aftermath - BC Liberal majority - The Accidental Government  May 17/13
The Rolling Stones, EAGLES (America's Band), Led Zeppelin-Canadian philosopher Kellie K. Robbins (child poverty) Mr. Trudeau meet Mr. Dix  May 13/13
ROBBINS - Final Answer II (2013) 2,400 Sample: A. Dix-NDP (44.5%); C. Clark-BC Lib (32%); J. Sterk-BC Green (12%); J. Cummins-BC Conservatives (10%)-ALSO: pos-neg on leaders; Pipeline; Sale BC Place; $14 minimum wage.  May 02/13
ROBBINS -Breaking News 2013 BC Election - NOW over 1,000,000 different IP addresses (BC alone) since 2002//Walk Softly - Carry a Big Stick -BC Election 2013  Apr 21/13
ROBBINS - BREAKING NEWS Prov. Election 2013 - BC New Democrats set to win Super Majority - (BC Liberals score 15% on health and education).  Apr 12/13
Breaking News - 60,000 IP addresses from BC in 2 years -Glen P. Robbins Pollster Expose on cougar/politician Christy Clark - The truth shall set us all free  Apr 11/13
Glen P Robbins Neo Big Bang -BC May election-BC NDP set for huge win, The Warawa factor - carbon tax and why is Stephen Harper collecting our PST?  Apr 04/13
ROBBINS - Election BC May 2013 -500 BC Women - The New Natural Libertarians - Setting the Truth Free   Mar 28/13
Glen P. Robbins - The Pope of Public Opinion ready's a BC blockbuster end of BC Liberalism-tribute to Ruder Josip Boskovic and Pope Francis I  Mar 17/13
Breaking News - ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) reveals that over 80% of British Columbians believe Christy Clark had some awareness of plan that led to ethnic voter scandal  Mar 12/13
BC Liberal support plummets - BC New Democrats look to 70 seat win  Mar 04/13
My Vote is 2 precious to waste on U - BC Election May poll - Jim Van Rassel  Feb 27/13
ROBBINS - MAY is coming - there's no more time - you can't run - you can't hide  Feb 08/13
ROBBINS - February 2013 BC Provincial Election Survey - BC New Democrats take 27 SEAT lead.  Jan 26/13
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Big Ballot Survey - Pre Election Vote - ROBBINS now guarantees BC NDP majority win - Justin Trudeau will reduce Conservative seats in BC - Read All About It!  Jan 01/13
ROBBINS Sce (1998) World's Moneyball Pollsters - May 2013 Election - Vancouver to Hope  Dec 13/12
Smithsonian candidate ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) - 2 President Obama predictions - 3 US presidential in a row - BC poll - Honesty, Competence, Compassion, BC NDP wasters, Christy Clark and Ms. Todd - The BC Judge who loves a Nazi  Nov 23/12
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) - Most Accurate Pollster in the World -Election BC (May 2013) BC Liberals Long Walk Home.  Nov 08/12
ROBBINS - November Poll - BC Women - When No means NO - NO to Christy Clark (88%), NO to Enbridge (92%), NO to Kinder Morgan (92%), NO to Alison Redford, NO to being Federal, YES to Government being a Bully  Oct 26/12
ROBBINS the REBEL - October 2012-May 2013 Big Bad Tricks and Treats - featuring: Dianne Watts (cc & jc) Online v Mainstream political influence - Online voting and More  Oct 13/12
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) 2013 Election Survey-Tribute to John Fogerty the Original Democrat-and featuring: BC NDP (55%), Barack Obama (70%) and Justin Trudeau (40%)  Oct 01/12
ROBBINS 2013 Provincial Election Survey - The Death of Government -(ticker tape) BC NDP (48%), BC Cons (19.5%), BC Liberals (17.5%), BC Greens (12%)  Sep 19/12
ROBBINS - THE BODY OF CHRIST - featuring: Justin Trudeau, Christy Clark, John Van Dongen, John Cummins - and Enbridge and China  Sep 10/12
BC 2013 Provincial Election Poll - BC Greens overtake BC Liberals -(re)introducing Gordon Wilson  Sep 03/12
ROBBINS - Van Rassel Survey of BC Voters - Introducing The Solution Kevin Berry  Aug 09/12
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) - Major BC Day Poll - Leader and Party; Enbridge; The death of James Moore MP; Christy and Cummins; The ROBBINS Miracle  Jul 27/12
The Last of the Angus Reid Trilogy (Vancouver Island) - - Angus Reid vindicated  Jul 13/12
Glen P. Robbins - The Second Attention - 2nd in Trilogy Tribute to Angus Reid - Lower Mainland plus North and Interior (Vancouver Island remaining)  Jul 12/12
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Omnibus Poll - A Tribute to Pollster Angus Reid  Jul 11/12
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Poll - BC Liberal Government continues Weekend at Bernie's (featuring Peter Kelly)  May 17/12
ROBBINS poll - One year to go - The end of Christy Clark and the BC Liberals; Vancouver city council - east west on pipelines-John Van Dongen - New political star  May 09/12
A Letter from Glen P. Robbins Pollster to Christy Clark - former Port Moody MLA 2001  May 07/12
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) - Green Party of BC Poll - Kinder Morgan Pipeline and Aboriginal Legal Rights  May 02/12
ZEUS/ROBBINS B.C. Bombshell poll--BC government-Peter McKay-Jamie Bacon-BC Attorney General-2010 Olympics-Big Bank bail-outs  May 01/12
ROBBINS NewTrend poll - It's all over now - BC New Democrats set to sweep every seat in the province.  Apr 23/12
ROBBINS NewTrend - A Superior Qualitative Assessment of current B.C. Political leaders  Apr 15/12
Glen P. Robbins Chilliwack Hope By-Election Survey - Enjoy the Festival!  Apr 12/12
ROBBINS New Trend New Years 2012 Public Opinion-Leader and Party-Top Judge-Charity-Most Popular Provinces-Proving the 1%  Apr 11/12
Glen P. Robbins BC Teachers/BC Government Mediation Survey   Apr 06/12
B.C.'s East Kootenay and Columbia-River Revelstoke--'Jumbo and Flathead'  Mar 28/12
(From February 28, 2012) Province of British Columbia - Breaking News- Official MEGA ROBBINS NewTrend public opinion poll  Mar 21/12
ROBBINS NewTrend - TELUS poll - just the right mix of sports, politics, business and news  Mar 18/12
Glen P. Robbins gives Christy Clark her report card - featuring: party pop; BC Teachers back to work; debt limitation, FREE post secondary education  Mar 17/12
Glen P. Robbins Pollster Re-Release-Is the Wealthy Western Wilderness of WestVan-Whister set to go Green?  Mar 16/12
-Why we are the best at what we do --- An analysis of Christy Clark - Bill Vander Zalm, HST, 2 main parties, media, the gay premier  Mar 15/12
A little something on Christy's anniversary-ROBBINS RSR - Say Hello to my Little Friend - B.C. Regional Poll of Party Labels.  Mar 15/12
Glen P. Robbins on the Teacher's Strike and Government back to work Legislation  Mar 01/12
BC NDP Energy critic-John Horgan's Private Members Bill over BC gasoline prices  Feb 19/12
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) SMART (deadly accurate) poll - BC NDP v. BC Lib; All parties; Christy (65% against from the start); Alcohol; min wage; HST; On-line voting; Bev Oda; BC Judges  Feb 16/12
ROBBINS NewTrend - Port Moody by-election Poll - BC NDP and BC Conservatives in dead heat - BC Liberals fading away  Feb 15/12
ROBBINS NewTrend - over BC Provincial riding Kamloops North Thompson - presently held by Terry Lake BC Liberal Environmental Minister  Feb 11/12
ROBBINS NewTrend BC Poll BC New Democrats head toward Super Majority - BC Liberals on Life support/Harper's pension a flop  Feb 09/12
Look at how accurate this April 24, 2011 poll is: Glen P. Robbins Pollster says: BC Conservatives risin' like Jesus at Easter  Feb 03/12
ROBBINS New Trend - The Battle for B.C. The People of British Columbia vs Big Oil  Feb 02/12
ROBBINS Re-release: The majority of residents in Port Coquitlam-home of Picton pigfarm-don't think he acted alone!  Jan 28/12
Port Moody Coquitlam voters support Independent candidate in upcoming spring by-election  Jan 27/12
NO British Columbians on Enbridge Review Panel, BC Teachers vs Subsidies to Oil and Gas, Christy Clark's collapse  Jan 20/12
Glen P. Robbins Pollster says: Coquitlam, British Columbia's Burke Mt. development debacle exposes Liberal/Green sham  Jan 06/12
HST poll: {Re-Release} Is BC Premier Christy Clark in Love with Glen P. Robbins Pollster (originally published June 25, 2011) look at how accurate we are.  Dec 30/11
ROBBINS NEW TREND - British Columbians Consumer Confidence Year 2011 Poll  Dec 29/11
Significant Year End poll coming - 2012 ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) - 15th Year  Dec 29/11
Evergreen Line Poll - 4 Christmas - by Glen P. Robbins -BC's Rifleman  Dec 10/11
New Trend - Does the HST remain a factor in public opinion of party support in BC politics?  Nov 28/11
New Trend public opinion poll - Occupy Remembrance  Nov 22/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster - Race for Mayor of Vancouver November 2011.  Nov 19/11
Coquitlam - City hall - Richard Stewart/Barry Lynch/Recall/Carole James and Christy Clark  Nov 18/11
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) - Occupy Vancouver  Nov 03/11
Metro Vancouver Poll-ROBBINS drops 'other shoe' on Riverview development/Skytrain et al  Nov 01/11
glen p robbins - dirty white boy-- says Christy Clark's Sex Education Goes Crazy in BC Elementary Schools  Oct 27/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster on: BC Justice/Cameras-Courts/BC Prosecutors/Retired Judges/$ 4 Translink/RCMP-BC Police  Oct 10/11
Breaking News - BC Conservatives Surge Forward in ROBBINS Sce Research poll  Oct 03/11
Smart Meters: Big Brother's Trojan Horse - Milt Bowling and The Health Action Network - Glen P. Robbins Pollster  Sep 30/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster - ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) gives City of Coquitlam C+ grade on services for $$  Sep 23/11
Breaking News - BC New Democrats crushing BC Liberals - ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Poll  Sep 19/11
BC Progressive Conservative - Glen P. Robbins Pollster - Labour Day Poll 2011  Sep 05/11
Glen P. Robbins - Pollster - The Sale of BC Hydro  Sep 02/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster - Happy BC Day Poll  Aug 03/11
A letter from Worldwide Barrister Glen P. Robbins to BC Attorney General - Barry Penner (BC Liberal MLA Chilliwack)  Jul 27/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster - Regional Transportation Survey: Skytrain, Tolls, Gambling, John Cummins 1% solution-Tri-Cities, Pitt Meadows, Surrey, New Westminster - Langley  Jul 25/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster asks: What role did Gordon Campbell play in the death of David Lasko at his home in Sechelt, British Columbia?  Jul 14/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster - RSR Poll including: Leader and Party; Evergreen Line/Rapid Transit; H.S.T.  Jul 11/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster - The Worlds most accurate Public Opinion - Polls on HST - PST/GST - A Dead Heat - Gordon Campbell UK High Commissioner - Breach of Trust  Jul 02/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster - Christy Clark BC Liberals Polls on the HST  Jun 17/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster - The 2nd HST poll - Doin' the Sheila Fraser for BC - Polls on the HST  Jun 13/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster HST 2 billion dollar poll - North and Interior BC - HST (25%), PST/GST (48%) Neither Tax (23%) Avg support L.M + N.I (33%) 4HST -Polls on the HST  Jun 09/11
Glen P. Robbins - The 1st HST - 2 billion dollar poll (This is not an Internet Poll) 37.5% support HST in Lower Mainland-Polls on the HST  Jun 05/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster says: 68.8% of British Columbians (86.75% Decided) believe Vancouver Canucks will win Stanley Cup  Jun 02/11
Glen P. Robbins/Last King of Hollywood - Sexy Poll - BC NDP (41%), BC Liberals (32%), BC Conservatives (17.5%)  May 20/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster Vancouver Point Grey reveals incredible value of ROBBINS Sce (Strategic Calling Environment)  May 12/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster says: BC New Democrats run away with support - U.S. President Obama most popular politician in California North  May 06/11
St. Urbain's Horsemen featuring Glen P. Robbins Pollster as Stein - ride Christy Clark in Vancouver Point Grey  May 01/11
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) 200-Men and Woman (LM) Vancouver- Judge the English Election Debate  Apr 13/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster on: BC Party Politics, F-35's, Abortion, HST, The Murder of a Young Women  Apr 06/11
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) - A B.C. School Teachers Survey -Back in the Saddle Again  Mar 25/11
Glen P. Robbins - Vancouver City poll - Casino, Legal Aid, BC Place Roof, Citizens Initiative and Recall, Party popularity  Mar 14/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster asks: Is BC New Democrat leadership candidate Mike Farnworth the next (real) Premier of British Columbia?  Mar 03/11
BC New Democrat leadership poll -- with commentary from Islander Peter Kelly  Feb 16/11
Glen P. Robbins writes BC Liberal Party relating to Christy Clark political debt  Feb 13/11
ROBBINS puts NOTICE of libel to: Bernard von Shulman, BC Iconoclast blog,Nick and Jayne Loenen, George Abbott-BC Liberal party, Kwantlen College, Public EyeOnline, BC Construction Association, Mike Geohagen, Government of BC, Blogger Google  Feb 06/11
ROBBINS Sce Research - Major Christmas 2010 poll - Bill Vander Zalm and new BC First Party (32.7%), Mike Farnworth and NDP (27.1%), Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals (18.6%)  Feb 05/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster says: 54.5% BC Voters support Carole Taylor for Premier of British Columbia  Jan 12/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster Re-Release: Sandy McCormick, Vancouver Langara MAY hold key to Gordon Campbell's Plan   Jan 11/11
Re-Release- Look at this! Metro Vancouver poll: The Vancouver Mayor's race   Jan 07/11
Re-Release ROBBINS accurately predicts Vision 4 Vancouver mayoralty race  Jan 06/11
ROBBINS blows up Coquihalla Highway Sale  Dec 18/10
Where the heck is Education Minister Christy Clark on this Surrey Book Ban?  Dec 17/10
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) to include new BC First Party in all future provincial polling  Dec 16/10
Glen P Robbins supports Bill Vander Zalm with boycott of ICBA  Dec 10/10
glen p robbins - dirty white boy - BCers North and Interior soft on Gay Solicitor General  Dec 07/10
re-release-ROBBINS Sce Research-Angus Reid most accurate on BC election.  Dec 07/10
glen p robbins - featuring Vancouver City, Gregor Robertson, Michael Ignatieff, Christy Clark, Carole James, Jenny Kwan, Moira Stilwell  Dec 06/10
2 Major BC polls.  Nov 30/10
glen p robbins/B.C. public frame Bountiful for BC Chief Judge Bauman  Nov 28/10
Is Elections BC trying to help BC Liberal Cabinet Minister Ida Chong by frustrating Recall?  Nov 25/10
RSR - and BC Liberal supporters select George Abbott - next Premier of B.C.  Nov 23/10
RSR (1998) The Truth About Politics in British Columbia  Nov 18/10
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) BC Bosses Decide - Carole James, Dianne Watts, Bill Vander Zalm - majority want 2011 spring election/HST referendum -distrust-disgust Campbell embedded  Nov 09/10
ZEUS ROBBINS - Gordon Campbell Has to Go - BC, WE NEED TO CHANGE  Nov 01/10
glen p robbins - Campbell on Global -- Television's 1st Live Suicide?  Oct 27/10
RSR poll - RIR (Rest in Recall) BC Liberal-Murray Coell-Saanich and the Islands  Oct 04/10
NDP might win, but... by Peter Kelly  Sep 30/10
glen p robbins - A Bullett for Mike de Jong - BC Liberal Attorney General/Solicitor General -BC Liberal House leader  Sep 21/10
ZEUS ROBBINS---Is Gordon Campbell's BC Liberal HST the biggest political fraud in BC history?  Sep 20/10
ZEUS poll - The Fleecing of BC Lambs - support for September 2011 Referendum less than 5%  Sep 13/10
glen p robbins Total Recall-straw poll #2 - Bruce Allen 4 Vancouver mayor--Campbell/Hansen must resign  Sep 06/10
glen p robbins - Total Recall - Straw Poll #1 (Interior BC)  Aug 26/10
ZEUS-ROBBINS -- Bill Vander Zalm and the Gordian Knot - Massive Majority want BC Judges Elected  Aug 20/10
ZEUS- Former premier Bill Vander Zalm - Big Winner - as next leader of BC Liberal Party  Aug 09/10
ZEUS: Pickton Pig Farm Mass Murders in Port Coquitlam, B.C. (Greg Moore - mayor)  Aug 02/10
ZEUS: BC Liberal leadership race: Straw Poll -- Only the Beginning  Jul 26/10
ZEUS-----Whales and Dolphins  Jul 19/10
ZEUS - It's OFFICIAL - Carole James (Victoria) vs. Bill Vander Zalm (Delta) for Premier of British Columbia 2013  Jul 11/10
ZEUS ROBBINS -- Puff the Magic Dragon -- HST; Campbell resigns;Harper's folly;Brand new third party; BCers on taxes;2 hat de Jong; Marijuana tax; Liberal Democrat Jack Layton  Jun 22/10
Glen P. Robbins writes Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu seeking Criminal Libel charges against Vancouver lawyers: Tom Patch, BCHRT Chair Heather McNaughton, Lindsay Lyster and Tonie Beharell  Jun 13/10
ZEUS ROBBINS: Of James, Vander Zalm, Taylor, Robertson, Watts, -- Campbell's Poop Soup  Jun 08/10
Glen P. Robbins decides to abandon BC Conservative leadership bid  Jun 01/10
glen p robbins calls on British Columbians to stop paying taxes --  May 16/10
BC Government - This is what a Pedophile is!  May 14/10
ZEUS poll-featuring glen p robbins- Best Places to Live in Greater Vancouver (III) --2010 Edition  May 12/10
ZEUS - ROBBINS A Wild Rose in BC's political Garden  Apr 27/10
ZEUS B.C. Poll -- Ticker Tape--60% of voters support anti-HST Crusader Bill Vander Zalm and BC Conservatives, while 60% of voters believe Gordon Campbell is BC’s number 1 Bully.  Apr 14/10
ZEUS -Around the World POLL - Her Majesty, the Queen of England vs. Tiger Woods; Gilles Duceppe; Bill Vander Zalm; and The POPE  Apr 09/10
ZEUS- British Columbia Abortion poll -- with leader and party totals---shasta!  Mar 27/10
ZEUS Poll: H.S.T.--Politics of British Columbia-- Valkyrie II   Mar 23/10
glen p robbins: Poll in Poco -- Coast Meridian Overpass -- Should Coquitlam City pays it's fair share?  Mar 16/10
glen p robbins writes about the BC Conservative Party and the HST  Mar 14/10
ZEUS O' Canada Poll - Live from Surrey and Burnaby, British Columbia  Mar 05/10
ZEUS - ROBBINS -- Politics of British Columbia -- Budget 2010  Mar 02/10
Re-Release!! 2010 Olympics -- Developers Best Friend?  Mar 01/10
ZEUS 2010 Olympics Poll: featuring glen p robbins--A Real Tiger by the Tail  Feb 19/10
Death of the Premier--Canadian/BC taxpayer --- most important sponsor of 2010 Olympic Games?  Jan 26/10
Glen P. Robbins on Basi Virk 'Raid on the BC Legislature' trial  Jan 12/10
Glen P. Robbins for Innovative B.C. Governor presents Jimmy P and the HST-French in BC.  Jan 09/10
It's Official--Glen P. Robbins announces candidacy for leader of BC Conservatives  Jan 05/10
British Columbians lack confidence in Gordon Campbell and provincial accounting  Jan 04/10
Glen P. Robbins - ZEUS poll British Columbians on Equalization and Lobbying  Dec 27/09
ZEUS/ROBBINS -- Glen P. Robbins for Premier --'The Original Rogue'.  Dec 19/09
Glen P. Robbins -- seeking leadership of the Province of British Columbia--blasts Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's sell off of provincial assets  Dec 17/09
Glen P. Robbins -- BC Conservative Party -- pledges New Carbon Trading Exchange for Surrey, B.C.  Dec 16/09
Glen P. Robbins -- BC Conservative Party -- pledges as Premier to   Dec 15/09
Glen P. Robbins -- BC Conservative Party -- set to create B.C. Citizens Professional Oversight Commission  Dec 14/09
Glen P. Robbins -- BC Conservative Party -- Will launch $3 billion lawsuit against federal government for breaking interest charge laws.  Dec 11/09
Glen P. Robbins -- BC Conservative leadership contender--T Squared for post secondary education  Dec 08/09
Glen P. Robbins -- Future leader of BC Conservatives? -- 'Battle plan first draft'  Dec 07/09
British Columbians want to Rip up HST.  Dec 03/09
Good-bye Evergreen Line//Hello Glen P. Robbins Jim Van Rassel WEST COAST EXPRESS  Nov 19/09
BC Prov/Fed populatity - 2010 Olympics -Security issues  Nov 16/09
You are entitled to thousands of dollars in refunds from your credit card provider  Nov 14/09
ZEUS/ROBBINS boss Glen P. Robbins to sue: Gordon Campbell, Colin Hansen and B.C. Liberal Party over May election fraud  Nov 04/09
Where BC Place meets H1N1 - A sad pathetic saga.  Oct 26/09
The ZEUS is loose in Victoria, B.C. Inner Harbour, Tyee Online, Carole James, Peter Pollen, Jeff Bray, Bruce Hallsor  Oct 22/09
ZEUS/ROBBINS -- Does Power Corrupt? 2010 Olympics; James Moore; ROBBINS  Oct 16/09
ZEUS/ROBBINS poll - Who's invited to meet Tony Blair?  Oct 06/09
ZEUS-ROBBINS to measure news audiences in BC-Coming Soon  Sep 25/09
ZEUS poll-BC Conservative MP John Cummins breaks B.C. Liberal coalition  Sep 24/09
From Kevin Potvin and New Republic--  Sep 22/09
ZEUS-coming soon-some initial numbers from Vancouver anti-HST  Sep 20/09
Gordon Campbell –British Columbia’s Real Estate Czar.  Sep 19/09
Dianne Watts-B.C. Conservatives (47%) support in Surrey-Fraser Valley  Sep 18/09
Pitt Meadows on On-Line Gambling and Casino.  Sep 15/09
ZEUS poll-Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals -Awful Weeds in OUR Garden-  Sep 12/09
BC NDP takes (20%) lead over BC Liberals--(78%) of B.C.ers want either Premier Campbell or Finance Minister Hansen to resign  Sep 05/09
ZEUS poll-Obama invite 2010, UFC, Tamara, Kennedy, Campbell, Regis, Delaney, ROBBINS  Aug 31/09
ZEUS poll--HST, Referendum/Recall, 2010 Olympics, Campbell, Huntington, Vander Zalm, James  Aug 25/09
ZEUS poll --Gordon Campbell, Carole James, Dianne Watts, Bill Vander Zalm  Aug 12/09
ZEUS poll- H.S.T. and more  Aug 04/09
Van Rassel levels corruption charges against city of Coquitlam over Burke Mountain  Jul 23/09
ZEUS poll, care poll (2009), ZEUS poll  Jul 06/09
Coquitlam City politics--The embarassment continues--  Jun 22/09
Poll of BC Liberal voters-2009  Jun 09/09
Why the Judicial Review of Huntington/Oppal should take place in Alberta  May 26/09
ROBBINS Poll--Obama, Low Voter Turnout (48%), Increased Cable (Shaw, CBC, CTV, CanWest) Government fraud/corruption  May 25/09
BC's 2009 election --voter turnout below 48%---some seats will not count  May 16/09
BC Election 2009 Poll-ROBBINS Final Answer  May 08/09
ROBBINS Rodeo Round-up--B.C. Election poll-2009 (Burke Mountain, Coquitlam) (originally published April 21, 2009)  May 06/09
ROBBINS-Here are a few points about BC election 2009.  May 05/09
BC New Democrat leader Carole James ‘crushes’ BC Liberal leader Gordon Campbell in 2009 television debate. (12 Undecided’s)  May 04/09
BC Election 2009--ROBBINS Carbon Tax and Provincial GAS  Apr 30/09
Media claims (BC LIberal-Labour minister) Olga Ilich is good to go for $10.00 minimum-Letter suggests otherwise  Apr 28/09
Laurence Cameron's BC Election 09--Is there a Viagra 4 politics?  Apr 26/09
BC media 'cheating' for Campbell Liberals  Apr 24/09
Why did Michael Smyth of the Province-mispresent (former) NDP Brad Zubyk?  Apr 23/09
ROBBINS over Delta South-CBC, Oppal, Dziekanski, Huntington, Prisons  Mar 27/09
BC Media Fails to Attend (re-issue) (first released Dec 16, 2003)  Mar 25/09
Van Rassel on Burke Mountain's clear cut  Mar 25/09
Do the mainstream press and public opinion firms favour the BC Liberals over the BC NDP?  Mar 24/09
B.C. citizen Jim Van Rassel set to initiate Litigated Democracy-(SAP) Sue A Politician  Mar 22/09
ROBBINS-"most accurate pollster in the World"--B.C. Election MAYPOLL   Mar 19/09
BC Liberals falter badly in Burnaby, BC--ROBBINS poll  Mar 08/09
British Columbians don't have trust or confidence in politicians or courts  Feb 25/09
Kari Simpson vs   Feb 22/09
ROBBINS-2010 Whistler Vancouver Winter Olympics--Poll  Feb 12/09
Best places to live in Greater Vancouver---II  Feb 07/09
Robbins and Van Rassel on the City of Coquitlam  Feb 05/09
Don't Vote BC--May 09--is supported by majority of British Columbians--ROBBINS  Jan 27/09
Glen P.Robbins--Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson--Vancouver's $500 million men.  Jan 11/09
Bountiful--Bill Vander Zalm---Indo Canadian AG's say White Guys exploit women and children.  Jan 09/09
Is Public Safety being ignored under BC’s Liquor Control?  Nov 21/08
ROBBINS--BC Provincial Poll-1.5% margin of error (est.)  Nov 17/08
ROBBINS accurately predicts Vancouver, Coquitlam and Surrey elections.  Nov 16/08
ROBBINS--analysis of 2 Coquitlam all candidates meetings plus endorsements and audit  Nov 14/08
Coquitlam city council candidate Jim Van Rassel says   Nov 07/08
Who is behind the effort to take BC Conservative Party from leader Wilf Hanni? see Court Petition  Nov 04/08
Tres belle Coquitlam boutique poll of voters-property owners  Nov 02/08
A Sordid Tale of BC's Public Service--AG; SG; (FO-why)   Oct 26/08
ROBBINS-Olympic size Scrooge Poll  Oct 20/08
ROBBINS with property owners over MISSION, BC.  Oct 04/08
Surrey Poll-and more--how to vote strategically in civic elections.  Sep 29/08
ROBBINS-Van Rassel BC Bombshell Poll-Gordon Campbell RIP  Sep 07/08
Glen P Robbins to sue Federal government for $35,000,000 (US) dollars  Sep 02/08
TOP POLLS and NEWS at ROBBINS for August 08  Aug 28/08
Beijing 2008 Olympics, Vancouver Mayor's Race, Pamela Anderson  Aug 21/08
ROBBINS calls on Prime Minister to appoint fed prosecutor for BC Legislature raid--corruption trial  Aug 10/08
Public Opinion in Coquitlam/Port Coquitlam--Who will win Mayor?-ROBBINS Van Rassel  Aug 09/08
Public Opinion in BC-More trouble for Olympics-Internet polls unscientific  Aug 06/08
ROBBINS OBAMA--ROBBINS most accurate pollster in the WORLD (R)  Jun 20/08
Canadian Homeowners have no Property Rights or Charter Rights  Jun 19/08
ROBBINS PERFECT POLL (RPP)-BC Liberals-carbon tax-2010 Olympics-Losers in BC  Jun 14/08
ROBBINS-Metro Surrey Poll On Dianne Watts  May 26/08
I went to the Vision Vancouver debate--there was love-there wasn't no hate-(that's it)  May 24/08
BC Journalists-the new political arbiters? CanWest's Keith Baldrey-special for Coquitlam Now newspaper  May 14/08
ROBBINS salutes Michael Smyth at the Province  May 12/08
Metro Vancouver-Tri-City Businessman-Jim Van Rassel donates to Poco Fire Department  May 10/08
Metro Vancouver Poll-Port Coquitlam mayor and city council assessment bleak.  May 09/08
Metro Vancouver Poll-Annual Citizens Assessment of Coquitlam city council  May 01/08
Metro Vancouver Poll-Port Moody Skytrain wins 'squeaker' majority in Port Moody  Apr 26/08
ROBBINS blasts Michael Smyth's Province article-Thursday April 24, 2008  Apr 24/08
Metro Vancouver ROBBINS poll-BC Liberal coalition fractures.  Apr 15/08
Metro Vancouver Poll-Coquitlam city council gets 'rope a doped' by Casino-over boxing  Apr 10/08
Metro Vancouver Poll V- mine camp  Mar 17/08
Metro Vancouver Poll-Coquitlam-Going Green-Development Going?  Mar 15/08
ROBBINS on green plan in BC Budget-Wishin' and Hopin' and Guessin'  Feb 21/08
British Columbia government emerging as Institutional Whorehouse  Feb 09/08
Potential Coquitlam Mayoral candidate Jim Van Rassel responds to Province   Feb 08/08
Coquitlam city council's 'green plan' OK's The Cutting of 16000 Plus trees  Feb 07/08
Campbell 10 Trillion Dollar Transit Plan  Jan 15/08
ROBBINS Re-Release of January 2004 'raid on the legislature 'snapshot'!  Jan 11/08
Metro Vancouver Poll-ROBBINS on Carole Taylor  Dec 20/07
Laurence 'the Brain' Cameron takes another stroll on Vancouver's east side shame  Dec 19/07
Consultant with lobby firm which owns Decima Research polling firm-fights for Tasers  Dec 15/07
James Moore MP responds to Jim Van Rassel  Dec 14/07
Jim Van Rassel responds to James Moore MP  Dec 13/07
James Moore MP responds to Glen P. Robbins  Dec 12/07
Infosource Media Services-Pollster Robbins ASKS James Moore MP-where is accountability?  Dec 11/07
InfoSource Media: Conservative Jim Van Rassel speaks to journalists  Nov 30/07
Infosource Media: Conservative Van Rassel and Federal NDP Dawn Black  Nov 29/07
ROBBINS declares BC NDP leader Carole James winner of 2009 BC election.  Nov 27/07
ROBBINS Descartes- Omni-BUST  Nov 12/07
Metro Vancouver Poll-ROBBINS Clearwater Revisited-500 Women  Nov 03/07
Metro Vancouver Poll-ROBBINS SUPERMAN-takes control of the City of Vancouver  Oct 21/07
Metro Vancouver Poll-ROBBINS SUPERMAN poll of lower mainland transit  Oct 08/07
Bill Tieleman of Westar Communications-unethical BC Liberals-  Sep 29/07
Metro Vancouver Poll-September 2007, 2010 Vancouver Olympic poll-more bad news!  Sep 04/07
Check out this site-Oly Blog on Olympics  Aug 24/07
Metro Vancouver Poll-500 Women  Aug 21/07
ROBBINS sings praises of New, Improved Coquitlam city council  Jul 31/07
Metro Vancouver Poll-Coquitlam goes aggressively anti-development over Riverview  Jul 29/07
Laurence Cameron on 'Boring' politics and politicians  Jul 26/07
Metro Vancouver ROBBINS poll-BC'ers demand 3rd political party choice; drinking-driving no change  Jul 23/07
Metro Vancouver Poll- Gambling in Tri-Cities  Jul 16/07
Metro Vancouver Poll-The Times they 'are a changin' in British Columbia politics  Jul 11/07
Metro Vancouver Poll-What's the real deal with Coquitlam's door to door sales ban?  Jul 09/07
Metro Vancouver/BC ROBBINS drops L Boy 2 Omnibus  Jul 05/07
Metro Vancouver Poll reveals journalists against manipulative bosses  Jun 30/07
Metro Vancouver Poll-ROBBINS give Port Coquitlam City Hall a 'glance'.  Jun 24/07
Metro Vancouver Poll-ROBBINS on BC Liberal sale of UBC golf course to Musqueam natives, and new Chinese political party  Jun 23/07
ROBBINS meets BC NDP Leader Carole James at Coquitlam's Executive Inn luncheon  Jun 22/07
Metro Vancouver Poll-Vanoc Olympic size Yacht-the last straw  Jun 21/07
Metro Vancouver Poll-ROBBINS polls grade 12 graduates at lower mainland public schools  Jun 18/07
More information on house tax breaks for rich Whistler residents  Jun 17/07
Omnibus relating to Workers (and other) in British Columbia  Jun 14/07
Campbell's Whistler friends get 'special advantage' and tax breaks  Jun 13/07
Read this: ROBBINS foresaw conflict between Olympics and Health Care in 2003  Jun 10/07
Olympics-create homelessness  Jun 05/07
Metro Vancouver/BC ROBBINS 'Biggy' poll of British Columbians  Jun 04/07
Two letters in Coquitlam Now from experts in Washington State and UBC  May 25/07
Metro Vancouver Poll-BC Suburbia speaks to BC MLA pay hikes and pay raises  May 23/07
ROBBINS calls Province's Michael Smyth article on BC Liberals 'mainstream pandering'  May 20/07
ROBBINS membership profile March 07-April 07  May 17/07
Metro Vancouver Poll-Low Income Housing threats against Vanoc Dir. vs. Riverbend development 'swindle'  May 16/07
ROBBINS responds to Vancouver Sun Editorial on Surrey's crime rate  May 15/07
Metro Vancouver/BC ROBBINS poll-BC Government hitting 'bottom'  May 10/07
ROBBINS provides different slant on Trasolini/China trip  May 07/07
ROBBINS questions results of Independent Report on Wages   May 07/07
A raise for WHAT?  May 05/07
ROBBINS on MLA pay raises-an Ode to Premier James  May 03/07
Public opinion Czar ROBBINS finds Campbell/Dobell 'guilty'  Apr 30/07
Vancouver Canucks have True Grit  Apr 28/07
A little ROBBINS truth serum-  Apr 26/07
ROBBINS estimates on ROBBINS Sce Research 'readership' since 2002  Apr 25/07
ROBBINS on Terrorism BC Style  Apr 21/07
BC Liberal support plummets with view to general federal election  Apr 19/07
Find out what British Columbians would pay $$ to see top Rock 'N' Roll Acts  Apr 17/07
BC Province newspaper permits BC Liberal members to 'cook' public opinion.  Apr 16/07
ROBBINS provides advice to PoCo city council relating to Scott Young matter.  Apr 14/07
BC Conservative Jim Van Rassel joins with BC NDP Leader Carole James on $10 minimum wage  Apr 13/07
Mr. Harper: You have a problem in British Columbia (it's your MP's)  Apr 12/07
With Extreme Prejudice  Apr 08/07
ROBBINS calls on Mayor Scott Young to resign  Apr 05/07
A Dear John letter  Apr 04/07
James Moore up to his 'Fins' with Moore trouble  Apr 03/07
Vancouver Green Olympics 'off the rails'.  Mar 30/07
Coquitlam by-election debacle  Mar 23/07
Are Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Coquitlam councillor environmentalist Fin Donnelly going Conservative?  Mar 23/07
British Columbians 'split' on Stephen Harper and Conservative Government's 2007 Budget  Mar 22/07
BC Liberal government's 'Race to the bottom'  Mar 21/07
Glen P Robbins calls on BC Attorney General to pursue first degree murder charges in death of Delta mother and unborn child  Mar 13/07
Translink's Twin $$ OK, the rest is garbage...speaking of which look at Trasolini's reasoning!  Mar 09/07
ROBBINS re-release Should the BC Liberal government hold a pre-emptive inquiry into the dubious LRT-Evergreen Line?  Mar 08/07
A return letter from Jim Van Rassel to Tory MP James Moore  Mar 01/07
Conservative for BC Van Rassel-An open letter to James Moore MP  Feb 28/07
BC Liberal Budget flatter than a Dutch panakook  Feb 27/07
ROBBINS REASONS-BCer's take Cops over Courts  Feb 22/07
ROBBINS warns against online polls in mainstream media.  Feb 19/07
ROBBINS call for resignation of Tri-City Mayors over light rapid transit 'political fraud'  Feb 16/07
Best Places to live in Greater Vancouver   Feb 16/07
Campbell's Green plan   Feb 15/07
Northeast sector's Transportation Hole---lot a nothin'  Feb 14/07
Olympic 2010 costs a lullapalooza Loser with Vancouver citizens  Feb 12/07
ROBBINS 'The Secret' reveals British Columbians prefer Greenspace to Land claims  Feb 11/07
Death of BC's Premier-The Dawn of a New Era  Jan 31/07
Federal Liberal leader Stephane Dion snubs Tri-City Chamber of Commerce  Jan 28/07
“Is Coquitlam moving toward Bayou politics?”  Jan 25/07
Will former BC Socred and current BC Liberal spin-man Greg Lyle lend any Innovation to dying mainsteam polling   Jan 20/07
ROBBINS questions another mainstream poll!  Jan 18/07
ROBBINS ASK 'Sound as a Pound' with 454 in Vancouver.  Jan 16/07
Should BC Lottery ticket sellers with large #'s of wins over $10,000 be investigated by the Police or the Ombudsman?  Jan 05/07
ROBBINS ASK -Van Rassel Omniblast Christmas poll  Dec 19/06
BC Liberal Geoff Plant's Campus 20/20 initiative-'just more political swizz' according to public  Nov 07/06
Conservative for BC Chair Jim Van Rassel demands Gordon Campbell dismantle Translink  Oct 21/06
Conservative for BC demands a halt to any further studies on Tri-City Evergreen Line @ only 9% public support.  Oct 18/06
ROBBINS-ASK-trends in public opinion  Oct 13/06
Conservative for BC Jim Van Rassel speaks on 2010 cost overruns  Oct 04/06
Northeast sector on Rapid Transit-Taxes  Oct 03/06
ROBBINS deconstructs a mainstream public relations poll  Sep 30/06
Majority of lower mainland BCers want 'a sacrifice' over huge 2010 cost overruns  Sep 19/06
Senate reform, and accountability in government-Are Gordon Campbell's Liberals corrupt too?  Sep 14/06
Tri-City, BC bellwether reveals Campbell okay but party in the Soup  Sep 07/06
18-24 year old Tri-City residents 'split' on needle exchange  Sep 01/06
BCers say "NO" (67%) to needle exchange-OOOPS! Mustel Group says 78% want needle exchange--Who will the PM believe?  Aug 30/06
BC Liberals "Bungle in the Jungle" (with addendum)  Aug 03/06
Unaccountability in Lotus Land (BC)  Jul 27/06
Is city hall in Port Moody and Rocky Pointe restaurant development in trouble?  Jul 20/06
ROBBINS advances complaint to HAD Oliver (Conflict Commissioner) over West Van MP Joan McIntyre and BC Liberal Agenda Committee  Jul 17/06
Coquitlam City, BC (avec Maillairdville), BC's bellwether on softwood lumber deal  Jul 12/06
It is what it is- Life on Earth-ROBBINS MAC  Jul 09/06
ROBBINS and U.S. partner McFarlane on Harper et al in BC  Jun 27/06
BC Liberal Government Transportation plans and BC Ferries come under Fire!  Jun 15/06
Does the democratic deficit encourage terrorists?  May 24/06
ROBBINS on tobacco, drugs and alcohol- plus CPC budget + crime  May 09/06
Of BC Teachers and 'softwood'  May 04/06
Chinese head tax, China's 'spying' and God Save the Queen  Apr 27/06
Ted Hughes Report- BC Children and Families-What would Bubbles do?  Apr 15/06
How will changing fortunes in Alberta's political world affect BC?  Apr 08/06
British Columbians who support federal Liberals tell ROBBINS who they want for leader  Mar 29/06
Tri-City, BC is provinces microcosm on Transportation issues-ROBBINS  Mar 27/06
BC Health Poll-BC'ers cautious about 2 tier-BC Liberals losses R Greens gains.  Mar 10/06
Re-release: Has BC's booming real estate market been infected by fraud?  Mar 03/06
ROBBINS letter to U.S. Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez Re: Softwood Lumber file  Feb 27/06
Information and Notice on Libel and Slander (including the Internet)  Feb 20/06
Emerson-by ROBBINS  Feb 14/06
BCers want ALL Senators elected-1/3 support BC Conservative Party  Feb 07/06
British Columbians desperate for Accountability from government  Jan 19/06
Port Coquitlam citizens OK Wal-Mart-says ROBBINS NewTrend poll  Dec 22/05
BC Pollster ROBBINS has very different #'s than Strategic Counsel of Ontario-who is accurate?  Dec 09/05
Conservative's take lead in BC-ROBBINS NewTrend Poll reveals  Dec 06/05
CANADIAN ELECTION IN BC-ROBBINS reveals potential election bombshells!! (includes BC regionals by Ipsos)  Dec 01/05
Poco's New Trend Optical Poll finds something 'fishy' in the City of Port Moody  Nov 23/05
ROBBINS nails Vancouver, Surrey and Coquitlam elections-named best pollster  Nov 22/05
Vancouver civic election-looks to close to call  Nov 15/05
Surrey Mayor Poll  Nov 11/05
In depth research in Coquitlam pre civic election (Vancouver suburb pop. 130k)  Nov 08/05
Is Coquitlam the worst run city in all of British Columbia?  Oct 24/05
BC lower mainland residents see $500,000 'fine' against BC Teachers as unjust as support for BC Teachers increases  Oct 23/05
ROBBINS poll calls Teachers strike 'on the money'  Oct 20/05
BC Government loses application on teachers' strike  Oct 13/05
BC Teachers Strike-Forget the media, find out what parents really think  Oct 08/05
Is Christy already turning crispy?  Sep 24/05
BC Teachers and GAS  Aug 24/05
BC's Pine Beetle 911 Emergency  Aug 14/05
The Fantastic Foresight of former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm  Jul 11/05
Coquitlam Mayor and BC Liberal supporter Kingsbury in trouble in Coquitlam  Jun 22/05
British Columbians tell Campbell government-don't sell anymore of our stuff and MLA's mind your backyard.  Jun 12/05
The democratic deficit through voting erosion  May 24/05
Once again ROBBINS only news agency to foresee election (BC) result  May 21/05
BC NDP Leader Carole James KO's Campbell 'cold' in all station TV debate  May 06/05
ROBBINS calls BC Election close-Ipsos Reid claims BC Liberals have big lead  Apr 26/05
BC Liberals hold statistical lead over NDP (Province) plus six suburbs  Apr 08/05
ROBBINS polls without spin reveal BC Liberals in trouble in Prince George  Feb 24/05
Budget bounce for BC Liberals in Port Moody Westwood (abridged version)  Feb 16/05
Pollster ROBBINS leads way on billion dollar BC movie negotiation  Jan 16/05
BC New Democrats take decisive 'finite structural' lead over BC Liberals  Nov 15/04
BC Teachers are currently the class of professionals in the Province  Nov 06/04
BC Liberals use taxpayer money for election advantage  Oct 22/04
ROBBINS helps save Vancouver City $700,000 on 'ward system'  Sep 11/04
BC wants an Elected Senator, Ranta and BC Conservatives have tough road, Campbell's BC Liberals cornered!  Aug 09/04
Carole James vs. Gordon Campbell-ROBBINS assesses the competitors  Jul 28/04
Coquitlam City Municipal government goes good-fellas  Jul 19/04
Province wide Poll-Re-release (compare these numbers to current events)  Jul 19/04
The Hastings Park slot machine debate  Jul 18/04
Re-release- Great Canadian bombshell on the increase of slot machines in Coquitlam  Jul 17/04
One quarter of Canada's largest municipality believe roads are more important than health and education  Jul 02/04
Marijuana-BC's new grass cow!  Jun 21/04
Survey of BC Liberals-Jimmy Pattison-and response to RAV in BC Liberal strongholds(?)  Jun 11/04
Coquitlam residents choose river over jobs  May 31/04
Of BC LIberals-to have and to have not-Proportional Representation-and College Professor and THE MORATORIUM ON OIL AND GAS  May 17/04
Vancouver RAV-more coyote ugly politics in BC  May 13/04
Robert Picton legal defense-re-release  Apr 30/04
RAV-the unfolding of another political con job by the BC Liberals  Apr 29/04
Richmond RAV-re-release  Apr 27/04
Who watches 'what' news in Surrey-Parking Stall taxes-The importance of being independent  Apr 19/04
Majority of Tri-City respondents want Skytrain down Lougheed corridor  Apr 18/04
Women don't like gambling-men do.  Apr 01/04
Voter satisfaction in BC and Canada  Apr 01/04
Re-release of consumer poll-indentifying how British Columbians make choices.  Mar 31/04
Why Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals will never see 40% again-A scientific examination  Mar 21/04
What do British Columbians think about the honest and integrity of politicians-find out the truth!  Mar 17/04
Re-release of native land claims-prior to BC Liberals wasting $10 million.  Mar 10/04
Of ICBC/BC Hydro/or BC Rail-which would you sell first?  Mar 06/04
BC Women think Jesus is just all right with me  Feb 26/04
BC' February 2004 love affair with Prime Minister Paul Martin  Feb 26/04
Why is Gordon Campbell's personal valet named to head Vancouver/Whistler IOC.  Feb 18/04
British Columbians don't want another 'frog' on the lily pad  Feb 17/04
A ROBBINS love letter says Dear John to Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals  Feb 13/04
Road Safety  Feb 03/04
The Best Premier BC never had: Will the BC Rail story be Sweet Revenge for Gordon Wilson?  Feb 02/04
Of Health Care wages and Doctor's demands  Jan 31/04
Premier Campbell's Maui Owee  Jan 13/04
Water is rising on sinking BC Liberals-The Media Gator is Rising-its about time!  Jan 09/04
Premier Campbell and Murray Coell-untimely vacations-PM Martin and good friend Christy Clark injured over raid  Jan 06/04
The Police raid the legislature-and we don't mean Sting  Dec 30/03
BC Public lacks confidence in the establishment-drug test politicians, lawyers, doctors, teachers, and bureaucrats who handle money  Nov 22/03
CA Merger Boom or Bust  Nov 05/03
BC Education Poll-Re-release  Oct 15/03
Assessment of political parties in BC  Sep 25/03
Who should make the laws in Canada  Sep 21/03
September Poll-Canada wide on Marriage  Sep 08/03
3rd Quarter Mega Poll  Aug 31/03
Time For Judgement On Misjudgement  Aug 25/03
Homosexual vs. Heterosexual Marriage  Aug 10/03
British Columbia Survey   Aug 08/03
We love BC, but one half of us believe Gordon Campbell and ICBC are corrupt  Jul 30/03
Large Sample Western Provinces Survey-shows Decline of Canadian Alliance!  Jul 27/03
British Columbia survey of social issues and CA + Reform BC  Jul 27/03
June 2003-Hello Campbell's at 32%-mainstream has him at 47%-what gives  Jun 22/03
BC Liberals strongarm Port Cities in the GVRD  Jun 17/03
BC ridings North and East of Hope  Jun 09/03
Kamloops and Kamloops N. Thompson on Coquihalla  May 14/03
The Citizens Assembly-A $10,000,000 distraction  May 11/03
Surveys Without the Spin  May 10/03
Prince George survey  Apr 15/03
Nanaimo and Nanaimo-Parksville Survey  Apr 13/03
Of Peace River-The Okanagan  Apr 07/03
Paul Martin-the measure of the man in BC's Okanagan  Apr 06/03
Campbell ducks courtdate in Maui-watch the numbers slide!  Mar 18/03
The relationship between Education/Health funding in BC and the 2010 Winter Olympic Bid  Jan 01/03
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Canada Polls
RSR Poll -Trudeau Liberals lead continues  Apr 08/14
News Release-RSR Survey reveals Justin Trudeau and Liberal Party of Canada likely to win next general federal election in 2015 - Red Machine takes over GTA in Toronto=while Conservative support collapses  Feb 15/14
Who will engage Sochi, Russia 2014 Winter Olympics, Interest Rates, Gay Canada  Jan 06/14
RSR Survey ending 2013. Trudeau Liberals gather support while Harper Conservatives stumble  Dec 15/13
RSR National Survey - Confidence in Stephen Harper?  Nov 25/13
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ROBBINS June 2013 Federal survey - Leaders and Parties, Fiscal Policy, The Charter of Rights and Freedoms  Jun 05/13
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Justin Trudeau Liberals sparks three way race in Canadian politics - ROBBINS large sample-The Most Accurate Pollster in the World  May 19/13
ROBBINS National Survey of Canadians on: Voter preference, US. energy policy (Keystone), Canadians on the export or sale of Alberta crude oil.  Mar 25/13
Breaking News - Federal Poll Audit - 3 Major Parties locked in 3-way  Feb 15/13
Stephen Harper-Rob Nicholson-and James Moore - the Queen v Canada's disabled  Feb 09/13
Workers Compensation Board - Provincial - Federal Government - No Church in the Wild  Dec 29/12
Florida Governor Jeb Bush writes to Pollster Robbins about 4 month old Jacob Robbins-Canada's new Ambassador to the U.S.  Nov 02/12
Major Alberta Provincial Poll - Support for Enbridge pipeline through BC under 50% in Alberta  Oct 16/12
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) The 2012 Quebec Provincial Election Survey - The Elephant in the Room  Aug 25/12
ROBBINS - Grand Design featuring Stephen Hawkings - Professor Higgs and little ole Canada on Canada Day  Aug 01/12
Major Canadian poll - Who'll Stop the Rain? Ode to Canada's War Veterans, Environment, and Same Sex Couples  May 26/12
(Check out this prediction)ROBBINS comprehensive (massive) poll of Canadians pre-election-see Ipsos Reid (mainstream) as well. See how accurate we are!  May 11/12
ROBBINS NewTrend - Federal New Democrats No. 1 with Canadians - first time in history of country.  May 03/12
Only 33% of British Columbians support Enbridge Pipeline - A complete contradiction of Ipsos Reid  Apr 06/12
Glen P. Robbins - The Tragic story of how the Government of Canada treats its War Veterans - after Afghanistan  Mar 22/12
Amazing ROBBINS polls: For Jack Layton: Official ROBBINS Canada poll-Confederation 2011, 13,929,093 - A Higher Power  Mar 12/12
ROBBINS New Trend - Vancouver, British Columbia - the New(s) Center of the Country - The Pipeline continues...  Jan 26/12
Re-Release: Global Warming solutions Made in Canada? Stephen Harper and Gordon Campbell  Jan 07/12
The sale of BC Rail, BC Liberal corruption, 3 P drug trafficking? and government Insider Trading  Nov 01/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster and ROBBINS Sce Research say: Harper Conservative Majority in downward slide  Oct 19/11
Re-Release from Victoria--Glen P. Robbins Pollster asks: Do you support Gordon Campbell’s BC Liberal Green initiative to spend 1 billion dollars on the introduction of Hydro thermostats for ‘inside’ BC homes?  Oct 17/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster - Manifesto for the Occupy World Movement  Oct 17/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster Re-Release Jack Layton-New Democrats-On a Political Rocket--Canadians move left (and against taxes)  Oct 15/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster says: Public Opinion in Canada - Canada's Conservatives and New Democrats on Values and Principles (U.S. Obama pop in Canada)  Sep 18/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster says: BC political parties in relation to Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative merger  Sep 16/11
Glen P. Robbins - Polling the Aftermath of the HST - prior to the announcement of the vote (original August 10, 2011) look at the accuracy  Aug 26/11
Canada Day Poll 2011 by Glen P. Robbins Pollster - Le Sondage de Jour de Canada 2011 par Glen P. Robbins  Jun 30/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster says: Thank You - Alanis Morissette - A love letter to Canadians  Apr 30/11
Jack Layton 4 Prime Minister of Canada? Imagine voting 4 someone U liked?  Apr 28/11
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) over The Province of Ontario - It's either Cherry Red or Midnight Blue.  Apr 11/11
Major Canada RSR ROBBINS Poll / The Most Accurate Pollster in the World - The End of the 1st Week of the 41st federal election in Canada  Apr 01/11
Federal Election Poll 2008 voters from Greater Vancouver.   Mar 29/11
Glen Robbins - ROBBINS Sce Research poll of BC lower mainland residents on Seniors supplments in the Harper budget  Mar 23/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster - ROBBINS Sce Research National Poll of Federal Party support  Mar 22/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster - Poll of Canadian federal leaders and party in the Province of British Columbia  Feb 26/11
ZEUS America and ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Conservative Party vs. Liberal Party  Jan 31/11
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) gets (2006) Canadian Federal Election on the $$$ - most accurate pollster in the World  Jan 02/11
Glen P. Robbins Pollster on Vote split myths, damage after Hurricane Christy, and environmental reality  Dec 17/10
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) - Remembrance Day poll - Canada in Afghanistan  Nov 12/10
ZEUS ROBBINS - Canada Poll - Federal Liberals - Conservatives Dead Heat  Oct 22/10
ZEUS ROBBINS--Province of British Columbia, Canada in state of crisis of legitimacy.  Sep 26/10
Glen P. Robbins Pollster ZEUS September poll of Canadians - The ART of being human  Sep 01/10
ZEUS ROBBINS - Conservatives dead in TO - 3 out of 4 see Census issue as Unimportant  Jul 28/10
Glen P. Robbins Pollster and ZEUS - Canada Day Poll - Mainstreet's Exile  Jun 30/10
ZEUS - ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) pre -G8/G 20 Federal Canada Poll - Paddle to the Sea  May 26/10
Glen P. Robbins Pollster Ottawa - Vancouver politics -- Life and Times at the Lorraine Motel  May 04/10
All about GG - The Michaelle Jean Story  Apr 21/10
ZEUS - 1st quarter 2010 Federal Leader and Party results--British Columbia  Mar 30/10
glen p robbins/patriot -Document for Canada- A scientific poll of 1,184 Canadians  Mar 11/10
ZEUS - Glen P. Robbins presents: A Valentines Day Federal public opinion poll for Lovers of politics includes:  Feb 03/10
The Last and Only Poll on the Vancouver-Whistler 2010 Olympic Games--The news is good in Vancouver!  Jan 22/10
Prime Minister Harper, Lieutentant Governor Jean, Prorogue II, and 2010 Olympics  Dec 30/09
Glen P. Robbins Christmas poll --Stephen Harper/Party labels/Afghan torture/Carbon footprint  Dec 22/09
ROBBINS re-release from May 05, 2007 -- READ this and realize why WE are the BEST pollsters in the World  Dec 11/09
ZEUS/ROBBINS Fin vs. Diana -More B.C. political soft core porn (ed: ZEUS/ROBBINS nails another election result-incredible!)  Nov 06/09
ZEUS poll - Central Canada - 2010 Vancouver Pandemic Olympics? Bank of Canada's Marc Carney --  Nov 03/09
Conservatives slipping in ZEUS/ROBBINS poll  Oct 26/09
ZEUS poll-Prime Minister Harper and Conservative government at majority level.  Sep 07/09
ZEUS poll- Vancouver-Whistler 2010 Winter Olympic Games  Jul 20/09
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998)Canadians on leaders and party, gratititude, and self employment EI  Jul 06/09
ROBBINS--Sce Research America---Canadians on Social Issues  Jun 06/09
ROBBINS: Canada Poll on Employment Insurance  May 19/09
"A Mother's Day Message from Glen P. Robbins  May 10/09
ROBBINS on Stanley Cup Finals  Apr 28/09
ROBBINS-Canada pre-Budget poll 09  Jan 23/09
ROBBINS-CANADA Christmas Poll (2008) (R.C.C.P.2008)  Dec 27/08
Corky Evans by ROBBINS  Dec 19/08
Canada's Constitutional Crisis--Governor General Michaelle Jean and ROBBINS  Dec 02/08
ROBBINS-speaks for ALL Canada--"Most accurate pollster in the World"  Nov 27/08
BC party pop., PM Harper (econ), Olympics, Taxation  Nov 23/08
A quick poll of one   Nov 10/08
Jean Charest by ROBBINS  Nov 07/08
How a Conservative win--is actually a loss.  Oct 14/08
The final week of the Canadian election?-Cons (35%), Libs (27%), NDP (21.5%), Bloc (09%), Green (8.5%)  Oct 09/08
The Canadian Federal Election--the English debate  Oct 02/08
Canada's 40th election-----The French Debate--  Oct 01/08
Cons (37%), Libs (26%), NDP (23%), Bloc (07%) Greens (6.5%)  Sep 30/08
The Canadian Federal Election--Week #3.  Sep 25/08
Canadian Federal Election--week Two.  Sep 19/08
ROBBINS-- '711 Poll of Canadian election'.  Sep 12/08
Plato's poll---ROBBINS establishes starting line for Canadian election.  Aug 28/08
Public Opinion in Canada--sea to shining sea  Aug 01/08
ROBBINS CANADA--Summer Poll  Jun 23/08
ROBBINS OBAMA--ROBBINS most accurate pollster in the WORLD  Jun 03/08
Canadians see Quebec as 'distinct society'  Apr 07/08
Human Rights win over The Five Ring Circus  Mar 28/08
re-release-another ROBBINS winner//Stephen Harper-Stephane Dion and the Canadian Woodshed  Mar 18/08
ROBBINS-please note on this excellent CanWest article-Cadman-the time when the mainstream news became meaningless.  Mar 05/08
Vancouver 2010 Olympic security questions concern citizens at home and abroad  Feb 26/08
Vancouver Metro-Poll IV-2010 Winter Olympics-  Feb 18/08
Vancouver Metro-Poll III Omnibus  Jan 29/08
Vancouver Metro-Poll (V-MP) Omnibus II  Jan 24/08
Vancouver Metro-Poll (V-MP) Omnibus  Jan 04/08
Van Rassel rules private property at Burke Mountain-fresh water guardian?  Dec 14/07
ROBBINS over Bali  Dec 02/07
The Toronto Maple Leafs, Cellular phones, and PM Harper's anti-crime Bill  Nov 20/07
Canadians on entrenched private property and reasonable accommodation.  Oct 30/07
Harper looks unstoppable, he's to the 20, the 15, the 10, the 5..  Oct 10/07
Look at the Polls that were most popular for Sept 07 (Can)  Oct 01/07
BC poll reflects PM Stephen Harper/Bruce Allen big winners  Sep 27/07
Canada's Prime Minister Harper's- 9-11 to Yuma  Sep 16/07
ROBBINS tragically hip over Ontario 2007  Sep 01/07
ROBBINS tells it like it is for Canadians: Accountability/Courts/Politics  Aug 12/07
Federal Conservative Party member Jim Van Rassel retains pollster Glen P. Robbins to cover 2010 Games  Aug 08/07
ROBBINS CanaBUS poll  Jul 26/07
British Columbians want Canadian government to 'take over' 2010 Olympics  Jul 20/07
Harper popular as PM, Canadians easily support Afghan extension  Jun 29/07
British Columbia small business speaks to compensation and Tax $$ Abroad  Jun 18/07
ROBBINS over Made in Canada  Jun 11/07
ROBBINS Re-Release of December 2003 polling Question regarding BC Railgate  Jun 07/07
Harper Government/ DFO set to put the brakes on Burke Mountain and other city development  May 29/07
ROBBINS on Afghanistan-a real poll  May 27/07
Liberals, Bloc, Greens flounder, while Harper waits!  May 14/07
ROBBINS Top 13 Hits 4 April 007  Apr 28/07
Harper Government continues moving forward with majority of Canadians-ROBBINS  Apr 11/07
ROBBINS comments on Vancouver Sun, Innovative Research, Dominion 'Vimy' poll  Apr 09/07
Conservative Pollster ROBBINS warns of BC’s Olympic size five ring circus  Apr 01/07
ROBBINS right on Quebec election-Guarantees Harper/Conservative majority government  Mar 28/07
Harper Conservatives at majority level/Canada set to rescue Conrad Black from U.S. 'kidnappers'  Mar 15/07
Comprehensive ROBBINS ranking of TOP Ten NHL Teams-using the ROBBINS Beautiful Mind formula  Mar 10/07
Conservative changes to Income Trusts (Finance Minister Flaherty) supported by provincial governments  Mar 09/07
HARPER'S PARTY- A Majority government on the way?  Feb 21/07
Lower Mainland British Columbians on Harper, Dion and Kyoto  Feb 02/07
Harpers march  Jan 08/07
Tories maintain lead over Liberals post Stephane Dion election.  Dec 06/06
Elizabeth May and Greens win big for 2nd in London by-election-The ROBBINS 'told ya so' train keeps chuggin along!  Nov 28/06
A Tory Quebec   Nov 27/06
Greens on the rise Canada Wide  Oct 24/06
BC Canadians approve Conservative Made in Canada environment  Oct 10/06
BC 'Bellwether' Poll of federal policy priorities  Sep 25/06
Canadians 'split' on softwood lumber-Tories on cusp of majority government  Aug 15/06
Venus and Mars (BCers on Israel and Lebanon)  Jul 21/06
Stephen Harper/Al Gore/Equalization/Aboriginal/Same-Sex  Jun 07/06
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's popularity on the rise!  Apr 05/06
ROBBINS endorses new Ipsos Reid National poll as   Dec 03/05
British Columbians on Kyoto, Natural Disaster preparedness and terrorism  Nov 24/05
Pollster ROBBINS 'The Don Cherry of Canadian politics' First out post Gomery-Ipsos and others follow  Nov 03/05
Despite Gomery-Is the federal Liberal vote 'a little soft' in Central Canada?  Oct 28/05
Prime Minister Martin makes 'gutsy' choice for Governor General  Aug 18/05
Quebec is going, going, gone from Canada  Jun 19/05
ROBBINS contradicts all eastern pollsters-shows Conservatives on top-Liberals in the tank  May 29/05
Is Belinda Stronach Canada's 21st century Cleopatra  May 21/05
Federal Conservatives increase position in Quebec, Liberals fading!  May 16/05
Kyoto important to 3 out of 4 in BC!!  Apr 01/05
Western Canadians believe Charter is for individual rights not group minority rights  Jan 28/05
Gay rights not important to Canadians-Canadians want lower EI premiums, proper military funding, and health care resolved  Dec 16/04
NHL Players Association Rope a Dope NHL Owners  Dec 14/04
(Alive) Hockey Night in Canada (maybe)  Nov 14/04
Hockey fans want 'cap' on minimum wage and average calibre players  Nov 05/04
NHL Hockey-message from fans-players and owners-get it together-NOW  Sep 12/04
Health Care crisis in Canada-the problem is the politics, and the politicians  Aug 30/04
Can Chuck Cadman play at the top-on his own?  Jul 12/04
Alberta's King Ralph  Jul 07/04
Voter turnout-numbers on English/French debate/Conservatives growing  Jun 16/04
Conservative MP-Stockwell Day-the Chuck Norris of foreign policy  Jun 13/04
Canadians 'think' they do not follow polls-This sample see potential Conservative-NDP majority  Jun 10/04
The Changing of the Guard in Ottawa  Jun 06/04
ROBBINS throws a bulls-eye predicting Port Moody Westwood-and the New Westminster-Coquitlam recount exactly  Jun 03/04
Where the rubber hits the road-What would a Prime Minister from Quebec know about WWII?  Jun 01/04
A very interesting election 2004 Poll  May 30/04
Trust and the Canada Health Act  May 04/04
Belinda Stronach-a new chromosome in federal politics-these numbers you gotta see!!  Mar 16/04
More dough for the CBC-Free trade isn't working-Stunning prediction of federal election outcome by ROBBINS   Mar 13/04
Residents in rural regions of British Columbia and Alberta sick of immigrants from the Middle East, India, Pakistan or China  Jan 31/04
Wag The Dog-Are Canadians in denial?  Jan 20/04
Who should make the laws in Canada  Sep 21/03
Four Western Provinces re Social Survey  Aug 08/03
Big Western Survey  Jul 27/03
Never mind Kyoto-their papering an environmental toilet called Canada  Jul 06/03
Canadians Fear Asian gangs, East Indian politico's and terrorists more than Bikers  May 30/03
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US and the World Polls
Canadian pollster Glen P. Robbins advises U.S. President Barack Obama on The Keystone Pipeline issue  Feb 25/14
Major RSR poll --Israel and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry - Keystone pipeline  Jan 28/14
ROBBINS Sce Research - The State of California, United States of America: Edward Snowden; Russia, Canada + 2014 Winter Olympics, Canada's cuts to War Veterans  Aug 20/13
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) - The Most Accurate Pollster in the World - The George Zimmerman - Trayvon Martin case  Jul 22/13
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Most Accurate Pollster in the World nails its 3rd presidential election in a row -within 1/10 of 1%   May 24/13
Only 43% of Americans support Keystone Pipeline  Apr 08/13
Vancouver, Canada - Glen P. Robbins of ROBBINS Sce Research congratulates U.S. President Barack Obama - announces nearly precise popular vote prediction - another 'bold' 'early' prediction from the Most Accurate Pollster in the World -   Nov 07/12
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Magnificent United States Presidential Poll 2012  Oct 17/12
Glen P. Robbins - Clint Eastwood performance at Republican national convention - A political Masterpiece  Sep 01/12
ROBBINS only pollster on the planet to get U.S. Election correct  Jul 09/12
Please look at this early insight into the Republican race: ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Mitt Romney vs Rick Santorum - the battle begins  Mar 09/12
Barack Obama v Mitt Romney - ROBBINS predicts second term for Barack Obama  Feb 16/12
ROBBINS America - Big Numbers for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush  Jan 26/12
Democrats on the Pipeline and Republicans - Newt Gingrich - Toughest Challenge  Jan 17/12
ROBBINS Sce Research 15th Year - New Years 2012 Poll of Republican nominees  Jan 04/12
Once Upon a Time in America  Nov 01/11
Worldwide Barrister Glen P. Robbins puts International on legal NOTICE  Oct 12/11
Glen P. Robbins - U.S. President Barack Obama, Republicans Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin (U.S. Debt Crisis) - Of Undefeated and Undecided  Jul 19/11
Glen P. Robbins To: United Nations Human Rights, White House (U.S. President Obama) and Canadian Human Rights  Jun 18/11
(re-release) U.S. ZEUS/ROBBINS -- 10th year Anniversary - Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu -  May 28/11
Obama ROBBINS----The public opinion poll that changed the World--  Jan 06/11
Re-Release ROBBINS - most accurate pollster in the World predicts big $$$ for Passion of The Christ  Jan 02/11
ROBBINS - proof why we are the most accurate public opinion pollster in the World  Jan 01/11
Letter to Florida Governor Jeb Bush about 3 month old Jacob Robbins in Childrens Hospital Miami  Oct 17/10
ZEUS America: Barack Obama - Another Day on the Job/The Education of America  Aug 17/10
The United States of America vs. British Petroleum - American Revolution II  Jun 11/10
Proof that ROBBINS Sce Research is the most accurate pollster in the World  May 16/10
ZEUS-ROBBINS Barack Obama and Tiger Woods Back in (the) Black  Apr 30/10
A Letter from ZEUS Canadian Ambassador-- Glen P. Robbins to U.S. Secretary of State – Hillary Clinton  Apr 01/10
ZEUS poll -- Major poll on U.S. health care debate  Mar 20/10
ZEUS--Olympic-Size Bombshell Poll -- Live from New York and California  Feb 08/10
ZEUS/ROBBINS -- from Aghanistan to Tiger Woods -- love of country  Dec 10/09
ZEUS/ROBBINS- Major Afghanistan poll-United States voters  Dec 08/09
Zeus poll--ROBBINS Obama---American Opinions on current U.S. foreign and domestic policy.  Sep 13/09
A letter to Ms. Suaad Hagi Mohamud from Glen P. Robbins  Aug 24/09
ZEUS poll- U.S. Health Care and the Economy- RSR- the most accurate public opinion pollster in the World  Aug 10/09
ZEUS poll-U.S. President Obama on foreign and domestic policy to date  Jul 11/09
U.S. citizens R of the opinion 9-11 terrorists came from Canada-support offshore oil and gas  May 03/09
Is NAFTA and trade relations between U.S. and Canada in jeopardy with Obama presidency?  Apr 28/09
ROBBINS-Barack, Michelle, The Queen et al--(G20-09)  Apr 05/09
British Columbia, Canada has voted and an informed public is 'against' 3P's 'pilfering the public purse'  Mar 22/09
U.S. President Barack Obama--The U.S. Auto Industry--ROBBINS polls--  Mar 02/09
Americans support Barack Obama's "Buy America"  Feb 02/09
Welcome President Obama---Hello Hillary---ROBBINS All America Polls (RAAP)  Jan 10/09
Hillary Clinton as U.S. Secretary of State wins approval in U.S., England, Australia, Scotland and Ireland  Nov 20/08
Barack Obama President-elect--ROBBINS   Nov 04/08
ROBBINS-U.S. Presidential Race--08-Final Countdown--most accurate pollster in the World.  Oct 28/08
ROBBINS--Democrat Barack Obama is the next President of the United States--most accurate pollster in the World  Oct 13/08
Obama, McCain, Palin and...Biden   Sep 14/08
Obama, McCain--heading through the backstretch-ROBBINS  Sep 01/08
McCain leads Obama by 2%--ROBBINS-most accurate public opinion pollster in the World.  Aug 13/08
Obama, McCain, Clinton-ROBBINS most accurate public opinion pollster in the WORLD (R)  Jun 26/08
ROBBINS OBAMA--ROBBINS most accurate public opinion pollster in the WORLD (R)  Jun 03/08
Will it play in Peoria?  Apr 15/08
ROBBINS CASCADIA- Obama-Richardson-Gore   Apr 05/08
Obama-Pelosi popular ticket  Mar 20/08
Obama-Clinton-The ROBBINS hypothesis continues   Mar 10/08
Obama Clinton, Is This It?  Mar 04/08
Gangs of New York 2-President of the United States 08-09-  Feb 26/08
Clinton, Obama, Gore (re-release from Nov 6, 2007)-Obama even with Clinton with Gore in race  Feb 21/08
ROBBINS (re-issue-McCain most popular in U.S.) on Iraq, Iran, and the ROBBINS List of potential 2008 Presidents  Feb 20/08
ROBBINS on The US Presidential Recession (re-release originally published Jan 24, 08)  Feb 20/08
ROBBINS on Obama (Democrats) (Re-release from August 6, 07)  Feb 18/08
Interesting piece on CNN Political Ticker; Mass. Senator Kennedy on Hillary Clinton's Health Care Plan  Feb 18/08
ROBBINS sees America (circa) 2008-Clinton, Obama, McCain remain  Feb 17/08
I Pythagoras, Obama Clinton II  Feb 11/08
The Republicans 'veiw' on the Presidency  Feb 02/08
American politics: An honest reflection  Jan 18/08
ROBBINS U-2 of Republican 'supporters'  Dec 07/07
Springsteen- An American philosophy reborn to run  Oct 09/07
U.S. politics keeps on rockin the free world  Oct 06/07
Across the Universe  Sep 22/07
Americans in Northwest say let Conrad Black go to Canada under his bail  Jul 31/07
Americans with unique Iraq perspective-Clinton/Thompson All that Jazz  Jul 20/07
Conrad Black likely to survive conspiracy 'yet'.  Jul 16/07
ROBBINS over America-Comprehensive poll of Presidential race including French President Sarkozy  Jul 15/07
Vancouver 'citizen' writes the 'Truth' about Vancouver's deplorable East Side  Jun 13/07
ROBBINS determines 'music' for US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton  Jun 12/07
ROBBINS over American-A very fine picture of the candidates  Jun 07/07
ROBBINS over Washington State, Oregon, and British Columbia-Cascadia/Environment  May 28/07
ROBBINS tests 'new dynamic' in U.S. foreign policy in Iraq/region  May 22/07
ROBBINS on U.S. politics and that old Imus thing-  Apr 22/07
ROBBINS give the odds for Stanley Cup Finalists!  Apr 08/07
U.S. China Trade/Attorneys General firing/Amnesty/Hillary-Trump-McCain  Mar 23/07
The Story of a 'Brit' and a 'Jew'  Mar 21/07
Why I am standing by Conrad Black  Mar 19/07
ROBBINS in America; Canada's PM Harper trumps Al Gore (away game)  Mar 04/07
ROBBINS 'The Secret' Flys the blue sky over Pelosi, Clinton, Obama, Gore and McCain  Feb 11/07
ROBBINS ranks NHL Teams from top to bottom  Feb 10/07
Glen P. Robbins and ROBBINS ASK over the United Kingdom  Jan 06/07
ROBBINS reveals most frequent visitors to robbinssceresearch site by country:   Jan 03/07
ROBBINS ASK goes RAW over Democratic United States  Dec 31/06
ROBBINS ASK Top 'SWEET SIXTEEN' Rock 'N' Roll bands in the World  Oct 28/06
ROBBINS on Rolling Stones, Beatles, U2, Led Zeppelin,The Who,AC DC, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet-All World Rock'n'Roll Poll  Jul 23/06
Pollster Glen P. Robbins on his evolution of the art and science of public opinion polling  Jun 30/06
President Bush uses little known law to protect massive area off Island of Hawaii!  Jun 18/06
ROBBINS cites U.S. progress on war in Iraq (Washington State voters)  Jun 17/06
Americans in Washington State want life sentences for child rape, better protection on streets and Internet  Mar 22/06
U.S. President George W. Bush "Back in the saddle" with NEW ROBBINS poll  Dec 23/05
The United States-Defenders of Freedom or Imperialists-Does it come down to Iraq?  Oct 09/05
Americans say PU to Pew Research-Americans on Canadians  Jun 22/05
AMERICAN PIE-Should Bush and Blair turn Africa Boomtown?  Jun 06/05
Is George W. Bush the Buddy Holly of U.S. Presidential history  May 22/05
"Western" Canadians want U.S. President George W. Bush's style of leadership  Mar 02/05
When does a $7 million dollar polling firm become a $70 million one?-pick the right U.S Presidential candidate!  Sep 03/04
American men, both Democrats and Republicans get hard-nosed on Iraq  Aug 09/04
Democratic men less convinced about Kerry than Republican men are about Bush  Aug 05/04
Does Laura Bush have greater sex appeal than Theresa Heinz.  Jul 30/04
Democrats in John Edwards home and in Ohio don't like Bush-bashing  Jul 26/04
The Truth about real heroes, the Farenheit 911 backfire-and U.S. problems with Mexicans  Jul 09/04
Man on Fire  May 25/04
The vast majority of Americans believe Iraq will be better off!  May 16/04
Just ask Arizona-afterall John McCain lives there!  May 07/04
The greatest American heroes of the last fourty years-find out who they are!  Apr 23/04
Democrats more afraid of outside world than Republicans  Mar 06/04
Canadians believe that Michael Jackson is a child molester  Feb 07/04
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