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Glen P. Robbins writes letter to Canada Revenue Agency over $80 Reassessment Appeal
  Jan 25, 2012

January 25, 2012
Glen P. Robbins 1355 Honeysuckle Lane, Coquitlam, BC V3E 2N6
Sheryl Large, Canada Revenue Appeals Burnaby-Fraser Tax Services Office 9737 King George Boulevard P.O. Box 9070 Stn. Main, Surrey, BC V3T 5E1 Fax: 604 587 2672
Attention: Sheryl Large
Re: Your Response to 2010 Notice of Objection
I have read and reviewed your letter of January 20, 2012 depicted as some type of Appeal review relating to the above captioned
Your explanation is completely unclear. I don’t know if this is by design or not.
A proper Appeal of an Objection prior to taking someone’s money should state clearly and specifically what amounts were featured in the original assessment, and what numbers were used in the reassessment which provoked the additional charge of $80.00.
You fail miserably to do this. Before you help yourself to tax payer money based on a reassessment, I believe it is your duty to be crystal clear as to why you believe you are entitled to this money and lawfully explain why, in a way, that any reasonable person could easily decipher and would expect.
Your so-called Appeal fails to do any of this. In fact, at one point you direct me to “Please refer to the 2010 Income Tax and Benefit Guide on our website for further information.” Your organization created the mistakes which apparently necessitated this reassessment. The onus ought not to be placed at my feet for your mistakes. A proper Appeal decision would clearly establish the “before” picture of the assessment and the after picture of the “reassessment” along with the documentation clearly defining why an additional $80 is being charged by your money collecting organization. I do not personally know you, for all I know this could be a planned type of money grab without merit. Your correspondence isn't clear, so prove me wrong.
Suggesting that if I am not happy that I pursue the matter to the Tax Court of Canada for an amount of $80.00 is patently ridiculous. Why would anyone want to go to effort and trouble of this nature – unless of course that is what you are expecting?
I suspect that your employer has likely pulled this same stunt with hundreds of thousands of Canadians in order to gouge money back from coming tax returns, or alternatively you have been instructed to gouge this money to make up for interest lost from the BC HST debacle. If you had confidence in your work, you would have made your Appeal decision in order to prove your basis for taking monies from Canadians like myself, after making the mistake in the first place.
I am willing for the purposes of saving time, willing to negotiate a settlement payment of $10.00 to the Stephen Harper Government in order to pay for the time you apparently invested on behalf of Canadians into this so-called Appeal.
Glen P. Robbins Per Ita Robbins (with signature)
Copy - Canadian Press

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