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RSR ROBBINS Research - British Columbia Politics March 3, 2014
  Mar 03, 2014

Question #1
Which of the following leaders and party in British Columbia do you currently support?
Mike Farnworth and BC New Democratic Party    38 %
Christy Clark and BC Liberal Party    34 %
Andrew Weaver and BC Green Party    15 %
Rick Peterson and BC Conservative Party    6 %
Question #2
BC Supreme Court Justice Susan Griffin, ordered that Christy Clark, then as Education Minister, brought changes to the law in 2002 that stripped teachers of collective bargaining rights, and has awarded the BCTF millions of dollars in damages as a result. Based on this, what you have read or heard, or your general opinion on the subject do you support the Justice's order for BC Teachers?
Yes    57 %
No    24 %
Question #3
CBC News reported that the NDP unveiled court transcripts in the legislature during question period it claims shows the B.C. government's chief negotiator admitting under oath the province was trying to provoke a full scale teachers strike in 2012, an accusation Christy Clark denies. The NDP says Christy Clark is not telling the truth. In your opinion if Christy Clark is proven to have not told the truth and was the catalyst trying to provoke a teachers' strike - should she resign as premier of the province?
Yes    59 %
No    18 %
Question #4
CKNW on line reported on February 13, 2014 that court transcript evidence which led to accusations that the BC Liberal was trying to provoke a teachers strike, was provided to BC NDP officials via BC Court Services, the administrative arm of the courts, when apparently they should not have been, according to the lawyer for the BC Court, who said the judge had sealed the transcript evidence. Given that the court proceedings are a matter of public record and this case does not involve a minor child or a family matter should the judge have the authority to keep this court transcript evidence under seal and away from the public?
Yes    23 %
No    72 %
Although BC NDP Mike Farnworth, finance critic for the BC New Democrats just announced his leadership bid today, this survey undertaken prior to his announcement, shows he is headed off on solid footing. His NDP (decided) support is nearly (43%), while Christy Clark's BC Liberal decided support in the lower mainland is (38%).
Two thirds of decided BC Voters support BC Supreme Court Justice Susan Griffins order in favour of the BC Teachers over the BC Liberal government.
Over 7 in 10 decided BC Voters are of the opinion that Premier Christy Clark should resign if she is found to have not told the truth surrounding he and or her party's efforts to incite a strike with BC Teachers.
Three out of four BC Voters do not believe that BC Supreme Court Justice Susan Griffin should have the authority to "keep transcript evidence from the public" when it relates to significant public dollars and when the case is unrelated to matters concerning minor children or family matters.
This is an RSR Survey of 1,080 BC Voters residing in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. This RSR Survey was conducted February 17th through March 1, 2014. This survey features a margin of error of 3% plus or minus, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence.

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