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BC Education Poll-Re-release
  Oct 15, 2003

A computerized and telephone random survey of 2,025 British Columbians relating to pay increases for BC schoolteachers. This survey was undertaken between October 10-15, 2001. It features a margin of error of 2.25%, 19 times out of 20 @ 99% competency.

Question #1
Do you have a child in Kindergarten to grade 12?
No    65.19 %
Yes    34.81 %
Question #2
In this round of negotiations the teachers are asking for a 34% increase, do you think this is reasonable or unreasonable?
Reasonable    32.59 %
Unreasonable    67.41 %
Question #3
Which of the following most accurately reflects a reasonable pay increase?
Total 0 to 5% over 3 years    9.63 %
Total 6 to 10% over 3 years    21.48 %
Total 11 to 15% over 3 years    25.93 %
Total 16% plus over 3 years    42.96 %
In this survey it is obvious that BC schoolteachers are not being offered a reasonable pay increase. Although there is a correlation between respondents with kids in K-12, and higher pay for teachers, it is not direct. There are many respondents without children in schools who also see the need for a pay increase for schoolteachers.
Premier Gordon Campbell and Education Minister Christy Clark have no idea how detrimental the fall-out is on the community when the teachers are mistreated with respect to pay increases.

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