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  Jul 23, 2014

Methodology - This is an RSR ROBBINS AMERICA telephone poll of 3,350 U.S. 'voters', conducted from July 7-18, 2014. This poll was conducted from land line and cellular telephones to respondents on land lines and cellular telephones in the following States in the United States of America: Texas, New York, California, Florida and Ohio.
Responses were obtained on a best effort basis to correspond with outcomes from the presidential election 2012, and where this did occur to an acceptable standard, statistical adjustments were made.
Responses were obtained on a best effort bias to correspond with population totals, and where this did not occur statistical adjustments were made. Respondents were categorized under ethnic background: Caucasian/Caucasian Latino; Latino: African American; Asian/Other, as well as to Gender. Respondents were considered 'voters' if they indicated they voted in the 2012 election or normally voted in presidential elections.

Question #1
We offer two candidates for President of the United States, Hillary Clinton (Democrat), and Jeb Bush (Republican). Of these two, if the 2016 election for President of the United States were held today, which candidate would you choose?
Hillary Clinton (Democrat)    46.36 %
Jeb Bush (Republican)    40.83 %
Can't (Won't) Answer    12.5 %
(Undecided)    11 %
Question #2
Which of the following response choices best reflects why you personally believe so many illegal child immigrants are flooding into the United States from Central America?
Increased drug wars and poverty in Central America    12 %
President Obama's aggressive deportation policy since 2008    10 %
Barack Obama's liberal policies    33 %
A desire for freedom and the American way of life    25 %
Meet up with illegal immigrant parents already in the country    4 %
Improvement in the United States economy    13 %
Question #3
Given the present circumstances in Iraq as you understand them to be, do you believe war efforts in that country under former president George W. Bush were worth the cost and effort in human life and injury in terms of either (a) U.S. security interests; or (b) stabilizing the Middle East?
Yes    38 %
No    56 %
Question #4
How would you assess President Barack Obama's job performance at this point in time?
Good    38 %
Adequate    27 %
Poor    35 %
Once again, Hillary Clinton, as she did in 2007-2008, prior to the surprise political ascent of Barack Obama - is taking off at warp speed in popularity among American voters. In five major United States representing a significant percentage of the Electoral College (on a decided basis), Mrs. Clinton is supported for President by (40%) of respondents in Texas, (57%) of respondents in New York State, (50%) of respondents in the State of California, (45%) of respondents in Florida and (42%) in Ohio.
A conspicuous (54%) of 'decided' women respondents support Mrs. Clinton - who, of late, has been everywhere on major news, public broadcasting (Charlie Rose), and in interviews, often related to her recent book. Her opponent in this poll, Jeb Bush has been quiet.
Former Secretary of State Clinton easily doubles Jeb Bush - former Florida Governor - with African American voters and leads by 3/1 with Latino voters.
Jeb Bush leads with Caucasian male respondents.
An averaging of historical vote outcomes dating back to 1992 - minus the Ross Perot factor (1990's) by 50% - would reflect a net modest leader for Republicans. This information reflects the significance of this poll outcome and Hillary Clinton's plausible political fortunes, if she finally decided to run for President. The further significance is that any fleck of a hint that Mrs. Clinton is interested in the job might improve Democratic fortunes in upcoming mid term elections.
The issue of child illegal immigration is at the forefront of domestic politics in the United States at this time. In this RSR ROBBINS America poll we provided a series of six (6) response options, each with different implications for interpretation. On a random statistical basis, exclusive of undecided (0%) each response option would attract (16.66..%) of responses.
Options (#1) (Increase drug wars and poverty....) and #4 (A desire of freedom and the American way of life) total (37%), more than (10%) above random. Each of these options either directly or indirectly promotes the positive nature of the American way of life, freedom and opportunity.
Another set of two response options - (#2) (President Obama's aggressive deportation policy since 2008) and #3 (Barack Obama's liberal policies) involves negative connotations towards President Obama's policies - through different perceptions. One response choice suggests both that the current problem is a response to an overly aggressive deportation policy, while to others it reflects a response to a perfectly appropriate policy. The other response option of the set (Obama's liberal policies) appears to be generally negative and includes negativity toward Barack Obama's health care reforms.
Given that the response option #2 (Obama's aggressive deportation policy) has some bipartisan attraction - it is not unreasonable to hypothesize that the first two set of response options is equivalent to the second set in percentile.
The final set of two response choices (Meet with illegal immigrant parents already in the country) and (improvement in the U.S. economy) suggests that there is a positive tone in total toward illegal children coming to America (on terms) - to (46-50%) relative to negative responses to efforts of President Obama at around (40%) or under, which is significant considering the importance of Latino votes in coming elections particularly in the States included in this poll.
Our #3 question linking U.S. foreign policy under former president George W. Bush to present circumstances reveals support just less than that of Jeb Bush in his capacity as candidate for the Republican Party in question 1.
Overall, Americans are more interested in supporting their way of life than imposing it at great cost on others (who seem to reject it anyhow). The matter of illegal immigrant children crossing the border to come to the United States in context of response outcomes to a question relating to historical troubles in the Middle East reveals how forthcoming solutions to the problem posed with illegal children will have more political influence in the weeks and months ahead than troubles in the Middle East.

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