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RSR Survey July 2014 - the Mediation continues: BC Teachers/BC Government, Kinder Morgan, Translink
  Jul 11, 2014

Question #1
Which provincial leader and party do you currently support (@100%)
John Horgan and BC NDP    36.72 %
Christy Clark and BC Liberals    34.57 %
Adam Olsen and BC Greens    20.49 %
Dan Brooks and BC Conservatives    7.56 %
Undecided    8 %
Question #2
Which federal leader and party do you currently support? (@100%)
Justin Trudeau and Liberal Party    32.24 %
Tom Mulcair and New Democratics    29.77 %
Stephen Harper and Conservatives    29.49 %
Elizabeth May and Green Party    6.66 %
Undecided    11 %
Question #3
Who do you currently support in the BC Teachers-BC Government dispute?
BC Teachers    43 %
BC Government    29 %
Neither    20 %
Undecided    8 %
Question #4
The BC Teachers are seeking benefits beyond wages which amount to over $200 million including such demands as $100 million for massage therapy. Do you support the BC Teachers demands for these additional benefits?
Yes    26 %
No    53 %
Question #5
BC Supreme Court Justice Susan Griffin has made an order in favour of the BC Teachers determining that changes to education legislation brought in back when Premier Christy Clark was Education Minister are unconstitutional. The BC Government has appealed this decision to the Court of Appeal BC. Which of the following choices best reflects your opinion on this subject?
I believe the Government of BC should honour and accept the decision of the Justice and drop the appeal    42 %
I believe the government should continue on with the appeal    27 %
I do not have an opinion on this/Undecided    30 %
Question #6
In the matter just referenced in the previous question regarding the court challenges a BC Business group representing apparently thousands of BC businesses has applied for intervenor status, meaning they should be heard by the court as they believe their interests are relevant to the case. In your opinion should the court grant BC business status in a court case involving the teachers/government dispute?
Yes    19 %
No    68 %
Undecided/No opinion    13 %
Question #7
TransCanada pipeline (Kinder Morgan) has applied to increase its pipe capacity through the lower mainland of BC to supply oil abroad. The expansion application seeks anywhere from 3 to 5 times existing capacity. Do you support this pipeline expansion?
Yes    37 %
No    54 %
Undecided/Can't Answer    9 %
Question #8
There are musings of promises of royalty splitting from pipeline or oil companies to BC's treasury in return for permitting of pipeline expansion in the province although there is nothing remotely concrete offered. In your opinion how much money, if any, should BC be offered to permit pipeline expansion to the extent applied for?
$100 million per year for 30 years    3.5 %
$250 million per year for 30 years    17 %
$500 million per year for 30 years    15.5 %
$1 billion per year for 30 years    10.5 %
More than $1 billion per year for 30 years    11 %
I do not support pipeline expansion for any amount of money    41.5 %
Question #9
At a public hearing in Port Moody, BC June 25, 2014, persons representing Kinder Morgan and the public attended. One person from the public raised the issue of the 2007 North Burnaby Kinder Morgan oil spill. Although some of this oil spill was on land and affected homes some oil went into the nearby inlet. Yet, according to Kinder Morgan no formal report was produced on the oil spill in the ocean including from the National Energy Board which just approved Enbridge. How do you respond from the choices offered to this information?
This concerns me greatly    42 %
This concerns me    33 %
I am not too concerned    23 %
Question #10
According to Kinder Morgan, insurance money for any potential spill disaster form a supertanker shipping oil will be provided for clean up as follows (estimated): $400 million from government and other, $1 billion from the insurer of the supertanker, any overruns from a tax on the oil industry by government. Is this satisfactory insurance protection in your opinion?
Yes    27 %
No    66 %
Undecided    7 %
Question #11
The Province of British Columbia wants the mayors to provide a referendum question for Translink relating to funding and to be voted on during the next municipal elections. In your opinion is a referendum question on Translink funding important to you?
Yes    23 %
No    65 %
Undecided    12 %
Question #12
If there is to be a Referendum question which of the following subject matters in your opinion would be the one on which to base the Referendum?
How to best fund Translink    15 %
A Referendum to settle the BC Teachers/BC Government dispute    23.5 %
A Referendum on Northern Gateway (Enbridge) and Kinder Morgan pipeline expansions    47 %
Undecided    12.5 %
John Horgan and BC New Democrats are most popular among all major provincial and federal parties at this time with nearly (37%) decided support. Second place goes to Christy Clark and BC Liberals (34.5%), third to Justin Trudeau and federal Liberals (32%), and fourth is a tie between Stephen Harper's Conservatives and Tom Mulcair's federal New Democrats (27.5%)decided support.
Justin Trudeau attracts support from all provincial parties with an estimated one in four BC New Democrats and BC Liberals supporting his federal party. Nearly one in two BC Greens supports Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party. Nearly three in four BC Liberals supports Stephen Harper, while less than two in three BC Conservatives support the federal Conservatives. Tom Mulcair is supported by just less than three in four BC New Democrats and less than one if five BC Greens.
Support for BC Teachers continues to remain higher than support for the BC Government, however the big lead teachers had just two weeks ago has softened.
The subject of increased benefits for teachers beyond wages including substantial resources for massage therapy draws the anger of the public and a drop in support for teachers. On this subject support for teachers plummets by one third, and support for the BC Government increases by (75%).
Nearly (70%) of decided respondents are of the opinion that the BC Government should drop its appeal as it adds to the image of government being heavy handed on the issue and lacking sophistication and finesse in negotiation.
Three in four respondents do not support intervenor status for BC Business in the dispute.
Basically, 6 in 10 decided respondents do not support the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion through the lower mainland, while 4 in 10 do.
In terms of royalties to the BC Treasury in return for granting pipeline expansion, (80%) of respondents who oppose the pipeline remain steadfast in that opinion, while most other 'opposition' demands the highest amount of response dollars.
Respondents are clearly not impressed when confronted with the 2007 episode involving Kinder Morgan and an oil spill in North Burnaby, BC, particularly that concerning an apparent lack of an official report on that portion of the spill that affected the ocean.
A Translink Referendum is not a priority.
If there were to be a Referendum, according to these respondents it ought to be based on the issue of pipeline expansion.
Methodology: An RSR Survey of 1,103 respondents conducted between July 4th and 11th, 2014. This survey features respondents from the lower mainland of the province and specifically: Richmond, Delta, Vancouver City, North and West Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Surrey, Langley and Langley Township. This survey features a margin of error of 3.0%, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence.

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