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Province wide Poll-Re-release (compare these numbers to current events)
  Jul 19, 2004

A random telephone survey of 1,580 respondents within the electoral boundaries of British Columbia, relating to Premier Gordon Campbell's approval/disapproval rating, of general support for party choices in the province, and public opinion support for Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Bid. This survey was undertaken between February 13-19, 2003 and features an error rate of 3.5%, 19 times out of 20, 98% competency.

Question #1
In the last provincial election in British Columbia, which political party did you cast your vote for?
BC Liberals    57. %
NDP    22 %
Green Party    13. %
Unity BC    03. %
Other    05 %
Question #2
If an election were held tomorrow in the Province of British Columbia, which of the following political parties would you be the most certain to vote for?
NDP    29. %
BC Liberals    32. %
Green Party    10. %
Unity Party    08 %
Uncertain    21 %
Question #3
Do you approve of Gordon Campbell's legislative program to date?
Yes    31. %
No    69 %
Question #4
If your MLA decided to leave his/her political party and sit as an Independent in the BC Legislature, would you support him/her?
Yes    39 %
No    61 %
Question #5
If you were provided with the opportunity to vote in a Province wide binding referendum on the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic bid, how would you cast your ballot?
Support    62. %
Oppose    35 %
Undecided    03 %
Question #6
If a new middle of the road political party were formed in British Columbia, would you consider voting for it?
Yes    37 %
No    63. %
Premier Gordon Campbell and his BC Liberals continue to scrape along the bottom, as the population is quickly losing confidence in their ability to govern. BC voters want a more dynamic legislature which is difficult when the Opposition has only two members, and the government denies them research monies. British Columbians support the Olympics in the majority, but are tired of partisan politics in the province and the 'mood swings' that accompany them.

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