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RSR - We asked 100 Conservatives
  Aug 01, 2014

This is an RSR ROBBINS special event introduction of our survey of 100 Canadians who have voted for the Conservative Party of Canada in every general election since 2004 (loss to Paul Martin of Liberal Party of Canada). Numbers from each province closely reflect population distribution. There is no margin of error ascribed to this survey owing to the small sample size - though we maintain that it is a worthwhile 'snapshot in time'.

Question #1
Do you expect that the Conservative Party of Canada under Stephen Harper will win the next federal general election anticipated sometime next year?
Yes    72 %
No    24 %
Question #2
Do you expect that the Conservative Party of Canada will win a 2nd majority government? (from those who answered "Yes" in Q 1)
Yes    52 %
No    36 %
Question #3
In your opinion should Canadians with outstanding student loans, who have graduated, be granted relief from interest charges?
Yes    62 %
No    24 %
Question #4
In your opinion who makes a better candidate for judicial appointment?
A Man    56 %
A Woman    21 %
It doesn't matter - man or woman    11 %
Question #5
In the event that Stephen Harper ceased to be leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, which of the following persons, in your opinion, would make the most suitable replacement to lead the party?
Peter McKay    23 %
John Baird    23 %
Jason Kenney    16 %
Lisa Raitt    11 %
James Moore    3 %
This RSR Survey of 100 Conservatives provides us with some insight into the mind of the hardcore Conservative Party of Canada voter/supporter.
On a decided basis, 3 in 4 Conservatives across Canada believe the Conservatives will win the next election with Prime Minister Stephen Harper leading the way.
Question 2 reveals the bad news for the Conservatives. (52%) of those respondents who believe the party will win the next election, also believe the party will win a 2nd majority. On a decided basis only 4 in 10 Conservatives believe they can win a 2nd majority, a presumption that the party is in decline as evidenced from its staunchest supporters.
There is talk that the Conservatives will provide tax relief for Canadians as evidence that the financial climate is improving, and the corresponding opportunity to ballyhoo this on prudent Conservative financial restraint.
Nearly 7 in 10 Conservative supporters are of the opinion that interest relief should be granted to those students who have graduated (from whatever post secondary program they were in), and who have student loan debt (plus interest).
Conservative leader Stephen Harper may have the confidence of 3 in 4 voters/supporters, however nearly 3 in 4 of these supporters were willing to pick one of five fellow Conservative Cabinet Ministers as replacement.
Peter McKay tops the list of replacements along with John Baird. Mr. McKay the Attorney General of the country has been alleged to have made comments disparaging to women judges. The story goes that he suggested woman should be at home with children.
The fact is that Conservatives in this RSR Survey by a wide majority prefer male judges. This support for this judicial appointment gender preference is high among Conservative woman (43%). The anecdote underneath makes no apology - men are better suited for the job.

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