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RSR - The City of Burnaby - Corrigan Country- Derek Corrigan-Nov election, Kinder Morgan, Justin Trudeau, Teachers/BC Liberal dispute, Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Woman
  Aug 28, 2014

Question #1
Do you support the re election of mayor Derek Corrigan this November 2014?
Yes    63 %
No    25 %
Question #2
Who do you support in the BC Teachers/BC Liberal government back to school dispute?
BC Teachers    50 %
BC Government    23 %
Neither    17 %
Undecided/Other    10 %
Question #3
Do you support the Kinder Morgan oil pipeline expansion through the City of Burnaby?
Yes    19 %
No    68 %
Question #4
Is it fair to say that you are a committed supporter of Justin Trudeau in the upcoming federal general election?
Yes    31 %
No    34 %
Question #5
Which BC political party do you support most right now?
BC New Democrats    44 %
BC Liberals    27 %
BC Greens    20 %
BC Conservatives    5 %
Undecided/Other    4 %
Question #6
With the huge success of the ice bucket challenge as fundraiser for ALS, would you consider a similar fund raising exercise to support the cost and expense of funding an inquiry into the 600 murdered and missing aboriginal women in Canada?
Yes    78 %
No    15 %
Burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan headed to another landslide victory in municipal elections to be held this November 2014.
Nearly twice as many Burnaby residents support BC Teachers over BC Liberal government in school dispute.
An overwhelming majority of Burnaby residents are against the Kinder Morgan oil expansion through their city.
Just less than one half of decided Burnaby residents are committed supports of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.
BC New Democrats have firm lead over governing BC Liberals, while BC Liberals have slim lead over BC Greens among Burnaby residents.
A huge majority of Burnaby residents support a campaign to raise money privately through the free enterprise of charity to go toward the establishment of an inquiry into the murdered and missing aboriginal woman in Canada, the first of its kind in Canadian history.
Methodology- An RSR survey of provincial voters 2013 who are "seriously considering" voting in the November 2014 civic election in Burnaby, British Columbia. This survey has a Margin of Error of 4.64%, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence.

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