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RSR ROBBINS Int. predicts narrow victory for Scottish Independence-most accurate pollster in the World
1st pollster to make prediction in years  Sep 06, 2014

This RSR International poll travels to Scotland to ask residents if Scotland should be independent of the United Kingdom.
This is the first poll which appears to give the "Yes" vote the nod and potential victory on Referendum day September 18, 2014.
Support for "Yes" continues to be found in the younger age demographics with 52% v 41% supporting "Yes" in the 18-35 age demographic.
The 36-50 age demographic reflects support for "Yes" at 48% to 45% for "No".
Those Scotland residents age 51 and over support "No" 53-43% for "Yes".
The demographic group comprising the age demographic of 18-50 constitutes (55%) of the polls respondents. Asked on the basis of a scale of 5-10 the likely certainty of their voting in the Scottish Independence Referendum (S.I.R.) these respondent averaged close to 8 with an associated voting in national elections at 47%.
The likely turnout for the Referendum from the age demographic from 51 on up is under 7% with a voter turnout from elections declared in this poll at over 54%.
Based on this additional information - on a concluded basis, the "Yes" side would achieve 51.1% of the vote and the "No" 48.9%.
If support from this poll holds to demographics and is applied on the basis of voting during elections, than the result of the Referendum based solely on these polling suggestions would be a very narrow win by basis points by the "Yes" side.
This is an RSR International original poll of 1,067 Scots living in the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh Scotland. The poll was conducted by telephone between August 27, 2014 and September 4, 2014 (ending AM Vancouver time).
This poll features a Margin of Error of (3%) 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence.

Question #1
In your opinion should Scotland become a country independent from the United Kingdom?
Yes    48.13 %
No    46.66 %
Undecided    5.2 %

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