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RSR ROBBINS - Daily polls on BC Teachers/BC Liberal government dispute - 1st 600 are in - all others 500 respondents @ September 12, 2014
  Sep 12, 2014

Question #1
Whose side do you support in the BC Teacher/BC Liberal government education dispute? (Sept 10, 2014 -800 resp.)(Current margin of error at 800 resp is 3.46%)
BC Teachers    43.5 %
BC Liberal government    28.5 %
I do not support either side    25 %
Undecided/Other    3 %
Question #2
The BC Supreme Court awarded the Teachers a large settlement for education which was not paid but appealed by the BC Liberal government to the BC Court of Appeal. In your opinion if the court hears the appeal and makes a decision would this decision likely or unlikely help to resolve the dispute? (Sept 16, 2014 800 resp.)(MOE 3.46%)
Likely help    48 %
Not likely help    23 %
Undecided/Other    29 %
Question #3
Should the BC Liberal Education Minister resign over his failure to find a resolution in time for school? (September 16, 2014 800 resp.)MOE 3.46%
Yes    60 %
No    28 %
Question #4
Should the BC Teachers Federation President resign over his failure to find a resolution in time for school? (September 16, 2014 600 resp.)3.4% MOE
Yes    28 %
No    48 %
Question #5
Should Premier Christy Clark resign over her failure to find a resolution to the BC Teachers-BC Liberal government dispute? (September 16, 2014 800 resp.)MOE 3.46%
Yes    56 %
No    25 %
Question #6
Should BC NDP Opposition leader John Horgan resign over his failure to find a resolution to the BC Teachers-BC Liberal government dispute? (September 16, 2014 800 resp.)MOE 3.46%
Yes    18 %
No    72 %
Question #7
Some teachers are reporting that some of them are receiving notices from mortgage lenders for non payment. In your opinion should banks and finance companies grant special relief to teachers while the strike is on--adding overdue amounts to the term with penalty? (September 16, 2014 800 resp.)MOE 3.46%
Yes    60 %
No    19 %
Question #8
The BC Teachers Federation executive in solidarity with the striking teachers has elected to go without pay. In an effort to settle, should Premier Christy Clark and Education Minister Peter Fassbender forego their salaries as well? (September 16, 2014 800 resp.)MOE 3.46%
Yes    51 %
No    35 %
Question #9
Mediation to date has failed, would you support final arbitration in this dispute? (September 16, 2014 800 resp.)MOE 3.46%
Yes    78 %
No    20 %
Question #10
If an election were held in BC today which party would you support if the election were based solely on the education dispute? (September 16, 2014 800 resp.)MOE 3.46%
BC New Democrats    42 %
BC Greens    26 %
BC Liberals    23 %
BC Conservatives    8 %
Undecided/Other    16 %
Question #11
Would you support a snap election in British Columbia to settle the BC Education dispute ongoing for over a decade? (800 resp. September 16, 2014) 3.46%
Yes    54 %
No    40 %
Question #12
To increase voter turnout would you support a lottery be held with each person casting a ballot eligible to win? (September 16, 2014 800 resp.)3.46% MOE
Yes    45 %
No    50 %
Question #13
A known associate of Christy Clark who received a $30,000 raise to $280,000,000 per year. This raise was criticized by NDP education critic Rob Fleming on the basis that it was patronage of sorts. The person receiving the raise sued for defamation in a civil suit. Should the BC Government be paying for her legal services? (Sept 16, 2014 800 resp.)3.46%
Yes    2.5 %
No    96 %
Question #14
Do you have more confidence in (a) arbitration, or (b) the BC courts? (September 16, 2014 800 resp)3.46% MOE
Arbitration    53 %
BC Courts    33 %
Question #15
Premier Christy Clark is planning to go to India on provincial business during the strike and while the BC Legislature gets ready to sit in early October, 2014. In your opinion is this a good idea right now? 800 respondents 3.46% MOE September 16, 2014
Probably not    70 %
Why not?    26 %
Question #16
In your opinion is the BC Liberal government too broke to pay additional monies to fund health and education in the province? (800 Sept 16, 2014)3.46%
Yes    33 %
No    60 %
After first 400 random respondents throughout British Columbia provide some insight into how they perceive the BC Teachers-BC Liberal government dispute. We have added a number of additional questions some with 300, 200 and 100 respondents @ September 6, 2014.
There is more support for BC Teachers than the BC Liberal government double. Respondents who were sitting on the fence are moving toward the BC Teachers.
The matter of the BC Supreme Court decision favouring the BC Teachers raises the interest of more respondents with slightly more believing that it would "Likely" help a resolve and nearly as many believing it is "Unlikely". This factor has not been well considered by media save for the CBC and continues to be a noteworthy factor, again, ignored by the press.
Education Minister Peter Fassbender is in trouble. Many more British Columbians in the first leg of this daily poll are of the opinion he should be gone - he was responsible for getting school started and he failed. A slight bump against and for Fassbender - but his credibility is clearly shot at 400 respondents (and a lot of mainstream media help).
This survey isn't great news for BC Teachers rep Jim Iker who has a 50-50 split going on whether or not he should be gone. Jim Iker BCTF President' 'support' is increasing by day.
Premier Christy Clark is off to a disastrous start with more than half wanting her resignation following her news conference. More than (60%) of decided respondents are calling for her resignation - including we many respondents who are angry she did not legislate teachers back to work. (see BC Supreme Court case). Those respondents who believe Christy Clark should resign has remained consistent.
About one third of respondents believe John Horgan should resign while two thirds do not. Those that think he should resign are angry at the BC NDP as much as BC Liberal government, or perceive his as labour having influence over the BCTF and "sitting back playing politics". At 300 respondents 'suppport' for John Horgan is increasing.
60% of decided respondents are of the opinion that mortgage lenders should give BC striking teachers a break on unpaid mortgage payments.
About 60% of British Columbians believe Premier Christy Clark and Education Minister Fassbender should take no pay - similar to BCTF executives in solidarity with BC Teachers.
Final arbitration in the education dispute is supported in polling so far at a rate of nearly 80% decided.
Early polling shows the BC NDP way out in front of the governing BC Liberals in public support based on the education issue. The BC Greens are ahead of the BC Liberals in this poll and in this context.
British Columbians are split on a snap election being called in the province after 100 respondents.
British Columbians are split on introducing a lottery at election time to induce more people to come on the basis you are eligible for the lottery prize(s) if you vote.
Over 90% of British Columbians do not believe the BC Government should be paying the legal fees in a government workers civil suit against a BC NDP critic. (Who in their right mind thought this would fly?)

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