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RSR ROBBINS short poll of Coquitlam residents on mayor, none of the above, should mayor be paid >$200,000 per year from public, taxes for education and Translink?
  Oct 07, 2014

A random sample of 155 Coquitlam residents relating to potential candidates for city mayor, democratic reform to include none of the above on ballits, should a Tri City mayor earn more than $200,000 per year from the public wallet, increase to homeowner bills for education, for Translink. This RSR ROBBINS poll features a margin of error of 8.28%, 19 times out of 20, @ 95% confidence.
As you may or may not be aware, there are municipal elections being held this coming November throughout the province. We are asking you a few questions on this subject that will not take more than a minute or so of your time. Asked -150, Agreed 123 (1st round), Asked 35 (Total Asked 185) Agreed 32 (Total Agreed 155)

Question #1
Based on the following persons and profiles which one would you most likely select for mayor of Coquitlam, British Columbia (represented as decided to 100%)
Former BC Liberal MLA, former councillor Coquitlam, two time mayor Coquitlam, Richard Stewart    40 %
Former mayor Coquitlam, former federal Liberal member of Parliament, citizen court judge, and current Coquitlam city councilor Lou Sekora    36 %
Longtime Coquitlam resident 27 year small business owner New Trend Optical, optician and democratic reform advocate Jim Van Rassel    23 %
Undecided/Can/t Answer    22 %
None of the Above    17 %
Question #2
Would you support the democratic electoral reform of placing None of the Above on the ballot of elections as part of voter choice?
Yes    44 %
No    31 %
Question #3
In your opinion should a Tri City mayor be paid over $200,000 each year from the public's wallet?
Yes    0 %
No    73 %
Question #4
Would you be willing to pay an additional $100 per year on your municipal tax bill to be paid directly to education services in the Province of British Columbia?
Yes    38 %
No    31 %
Question #5
Would you be willing to pay an additional $100 per year on your municipal tax bill to be paid to help offset Translink costs?
Yes    23 %
No    54 %
In this RSR ROBBINS poll of civic politics in the City of Coquitlam, BC our first question offers random Coquitlam residents three options for mayor. Both Richard Stewart and Lou Sekora have extensive civic experience in politics, at the provincial and federal levels. Both have been elected mayor of Coquitlam. Richard Stewart is the current mayor of the city.
Jim Van Rassel, a long time resident and successful small businessman as well as a vocal democratic reformer is included as the third choice.
Respondents are offered the can't answer undecided choice as well as the None of the Above choice. Voter turnout is 20 per cent. Respondents who agreed to take the poll represent over 80% of those offered. The percentages allocated to each of the 3 political choices is grossed to 100%.
Coquitlam mayor Richard Stewart possesses a small lead over Lou Sekora well within the margin of error of this small sample poll. Jim Van Rassel places third, but there is enough support here (for a third candidate) that could make a difference between Richard Stewart and Lou Sekora assuming only these 3 persons ran for mayor.
It is clear that voters would like the choice of None of the Above on the ballot. Many respondents believe it is their democratic right to select none of the candidates and to exercise their vote that way. Moreover, many respondents find it a concern that they do not have this choice, and this concern forms part of a sentiment that it is done on purpose (not including such a ballot designation).
Not one respondent believed that a Tri City mayor should earn over $200,000 per year from the public wallet.
Cities and Municipalities could probably get away with an additional $100 being charged on municipal taxes for education costs following a very public BC Teachers BC Liberal government contest. The same opportunity is not available to Translink.

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