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RSR ROBBINS Most Accurate pollster in the World- Poll on State of the Union Address, breakdown of voter preference and Super Bowl -
  Jan 29, 2015

Question #1
Did you watch live, or watch a recording of, or witness news reports, or otherwise hear, read or talk with others about or relating to President Obama's State of the Union address of January 20, 2015?
Yes    39 %
No    61 %
Question #2
What is your personal impression of the State of Union address as a result of any knowledge or understanding of its contents including any impression it had on others whose opinion you respect? (From the respondents who answered “Yes” in question #1).
It was a positive address    36.48 %
It was a positive address which will affect positive change in America    33.82 %
It was not a positive address because it was not realistic    18.17 %
It was a negative address America needs action more than words    11.67 %
Question #3
(All respondents-voters) From the response choices provided how would you characterize your political party or ideological allegiance these days?
I am a social democrat    6.8 %
I am a liberal democrat    14.2 %
I am a democrat    18.5 %
I am a republican    18.9 %
I am a conservative republican    10.5 %
I am a moderate republican    11.5 %
I support the Tea Party    3.2 %
I support the environment    4.8 %
I am independent    7.4 %
I am undecided    4.2 %
Question #4
(All respondents-voters) From the following response choices which in your opinion is most responsible for problems in the World today?
Class difference and money    30.6 %
Race    26.5 %
Religion including particularly differences between Christian, Muslim and Jewish people    41 %
Question #5
(All respondents-voters) Is it your intention to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday February 1, 2015 involving last year’s Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks and multiple Super Bowl winners New England Patriots?
Yes    62 %
No    18 %
Question #6
Which team are you cheering for (from the 62.34% who intend to watch the Super Bowl)?
Seattle Seahawks    48.06 %
New England Patriots    34.12 %
Of the 130,000,000 American voters from the 2012 Presidential Election in the United States an estimated 52,000,000 ‘watched live, or watched a recording of, or witnessed news reports, or otherwise heard, read or talked with others about or relating to President Obama's State of the Union address of January 20, 2015’.
Seventy per cent (70%) of respondents from question 1 had a positive impression from the State of the Union Address.
Back to the full pool of respondents in question 3, where we asked each to define their political party or party allegiance or ideological allegiance (40%) are democrat, (43%) are Republican or Tea Party, just less than (5%) are loyal to the environment, while (7.5%) are independent.
In question 4 we asked American voters which was most responsible for the World’s problems from three response choices including: (1) Class difference and money-30.6%; (2) Race-26.5%; (3) Religion including particularly differences between Christian, Muslim and Jewish people-41%.
The audience from the Super Bowl should include 80,000,000 Americans who are voters.
Seattle Seahawks are the current favourite among American voters – but the Undecided is significant.
President Barack Obama got a lot of positive traction from the State of the Union address. There appears to be a dead heat among voters for their party preference with (39.5%) supporting the Democrats and (41.5%) supporting the Republicans. Slightly more than (3%) support the Tea Party and nearly (5%) support the Environment. The number of independent is lower than expected at (7.5%) which might be explained by the numbers of choices within each main party response grouping.
A high number of voters say they are going to watch the Super Bowl. Will there be a record viewing audience for the Super Bowl XLIX at the University of Phoenix this year?
This is a targeted RSR ROBBINS survey from lists of voters from the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election. We interviewed 1,224 respondents in total from January 21st, 2015 to January 28th, 2015. The margin of error based on this number is 2.81%. The margin of error increases for questions 1 and 2 to 4.38% based on a population of 130,000,000. Our interviews were conducted in the following States: California, Florida, New York, Ohio and Texas.

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