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Glen P. Robbins Further Arguments (addendum) Re: Supreme Court of Canada appeal of Justice Barnes order(s) under Federal Court of Canada T-445-15
  Oct 17, 2014

1. Honourable Mister Justice Barnes directs in docket entry 2015-08-17 that he has read the file: “The Applicant's Notice indicates that the motion is to be heard in Vancouver and there is nothing in the file to justify the transfer of the case to the Ottawa Registry.” The application does not ask that the matter be resolved in writing and generally speaking, an appeal from a Prothonotary's Order should proceed with an oreal (sic) hearing.” “The file should be returned to Vancouver and the appeal should be set down for an oral hearing to be heard by the assigned rota judge.”
2. The written representations in this file and another involving Glen Robbins and the Department of Justice reference circumstances and cases from the BC Superior Courts of British Columbia including BC Supreme Court Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson. Glen Robbins did not introduce these erroneous matters.
3. In the 2015-10-22 entry on court docket Memorandum to file from the Vancouver local office dated October 22, 2015 the Court (again Barnes J.) instructs the Registry not to accept documents from Mr. Robbins pertaining to the Supreme Court of Canada for filing and the material should be returned to Mr. Robbins.”
4. The document material refers to criminal forgery of an ORDER MADE AFTER APPLICATION by BC lawyers Ronald Bakonyi legal counsel for Cambridge Mortgage and Robert Ellis legal counsel for BMO Bank of Montreal. This forgery of judicial order is later promoted by Michael Kleisinger of the Law Society of B.C. Thereafter the Law Society of B.C. collaborates with Chief Justice Hinkson ex parte to a 'quicky trial' under BC Supreme Court docket S111171 before the Supreme Court of Canada 35302.
5. The Law Society of B.C. the Chief Justice of the BC Supreme Court(s) and the Government of British Columbia have also failed to inform Glen Robbins that the entire issue which has prompted this forgery and fraud was amended by Royal Assent. Glen Robbins could have amended his Supreme Court of Canada documents under docket 35302 had he known.
6. Glen Robbins did not trust either the lawyers for the Department of Justice nor the Registry based on the history of T-445-15 and further, would not have been able to pay the $400 for court transcripts and desired an oral hearing. The cost of the transcript was a bar to a fair hearing.
7. In the case where BC lawyers Ronald Bakonyi and Robert Ellis had forged an order of Justice Fenlon date filed May 31, 2015 under file No.: H130330 they had also gone before the justice and lied to her about the true nature of the Grauer J order involving Glen Robbins and the Law Society of BC. Glen Robbins SCC leave submissions under T-445-15 affirmed reasons why he did not trust the situation in Vancouver. The Federal Court Rules permit wide latitude for filing and for these efforts.
8. Judge Barnes should never have appeared on the rota in Vancouver after making the order for it to be heard in the first place. There is an apprehension of bias given Judge Barnes long involvement with lawyers insurance in the Province of Nova Scotia. Notwithstanding the obvious bias inherent with Judge Barnes pitching and catching, it is odd that based on a judicial bench of 43 Judges he would magically appear as the judge to hear the case.
9. Elizabeth Lyall counsel for the Law Society of BC like Judge Barnes has a long history with legal insurance, and Chief Justice Hinkson has a long history of involvement as a lawyer with the Law Society of B.C. An unattractive circumstance all round.

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