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Letter to Federal Court Registry as requested Re Robbins et al v Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  Dec 14, 2014

Glen P. Robbins
Federal Court of Canada Registry, 90 Sparks Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A OH9; fax: 1 613 952 7226, 1 613 947 2141, 604 666 8181 (Vancouver)
Regarding: T-761-15, Glen P. Robbins v Her Majesty in Right of Canada (R.C.M.P.)
Attention: Carly Registrar
I am writing pursuant to my telephone call with you of last week as it concerns Court Number T-761-15, and more specifically, to the most entry and to my desire to appeal this should it be necessary to do so at later date.
I informed you that a delay of this appeal is necessary as a consequence of two pending applications for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. The first application to the SCC was based on the subject matter contained in T-761-15. The 2nd is also materially related based on Orders obtained by two B.C. lawyers Ronald Bakonyi of Bakonyi and Company on behalf of Cambridge Mortgage Investment Corp and Robert Ellis of Ellis Roadburg legal counsel for the Bank of Montreal.
I informed you that on May 31st, 2013 Mr. Bakonyi and Ellis filed an ORDER MADE AFTER APPLICATION in the name of Justice Fenlon predicated it asserts on a May 9, 2013 hearing following application under BCSC docket H130330. Applications are made by way of Rule 8 in British Columbia. No Application was ever made and no Order was ever given, it is a forgery of constitutionally appointed provincial justice. I enclose the affidavit relating to the forgery in the name of the justice by the two BC lawyers.
This forged/fraudulent order was later introduced by Mr. Justice Smith April 24, 2014 at vacant possession hearing (ex parte). A writ of possession was taken out with affidavit evidence from the BC Court of Appeal (conclusion of appeal). This affidavit evidence included an Order of the Court of Appeal Justice Wilcock in an unrelated matter. The style of cause of that matter featured my name when I was not party to the action to which the vacant possession and writ were given.
A photostat of both of those applications including the style of cause is provided to the registry.
I was informed by you (registrar) that a copy of this letter would be placed on file and noted in the docket for the edification of third parties wanting to go on line and so as to not prejudice our position with conclusions which might otherwise be drawn. I will include a copy of this letter on polling website ROBBINS Sce Research under the BC category along with the letter pertaining to the application for leave to the Supreme Court of Canada under T-445-15. I believe there is jurisdiction to appeal directly to the SCC considering the Memorandum of the Chief Justice of the Federal Court under this file No.
I confirm the rather conspicuous deficits in court procedure buried somewhat in the most recent entries which can be identified at date 2015-07-22 “Order dated 22-JUL-2015 which should be considered against the preceding Order of higher authority of Madame Justice Gagne made June 30, 2015.
I will include this letter on file under ROBBINS Sce Research out of an abundance of caution to me.

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