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Glen Robbins to seek criminal charges against lawyers Ronald Bakonyi (Cambridge Mortg) and Robert Ellis (BMO Bank) Forging a Judicial Order - Michael Kleisinger and BC Sup Court C Justice Hinkson - illegal conspiracy - Van crn counsel
  Dec 16, 2014

MOON Media - Researchers for Glen Robbins have now discovered at BC Court of Appeal an Order Made After Application (which never took place) and with no date anywhere which has what purports to be the signature of Justice Lauri Fenlon. Either this signature was forged or the Judge colluded with perpetrator Ronald Bakonyi (Hungarian) BC Lawyer and signed her name to a document to an event which never took place. Justice Fenlon is a former employee of Elizabeth Lyall of law firm Fasken Martineau (see ads at Canuck games). Elizabeth Lyall is the senior partner hired by Law Society of BC in the Glen Robbins v Law Society of BC matter. (see Glen P. Robbins Canada.Com). There is no question fraud and forgery have been proven - now the second part - what the Supreme Court of Canada calls unlawful conduct conspiracy. I will link the law firm - Justice Fenlon - Law Society of BC - BC Attorney General - right to the Chief Justice (Hinkson). If we can drop Hinkson will be 2nd Chief Justice taken downtown.
November 17, 2015 Glen P. Robbins et al 5573 Eglinton Street, Burnaby, BC V5G 2B4 Supreme Court of Canada 301 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1A OJ1 Fax: 613 996 9138
Re: Proposed additions to leave to appeal applications of April 20, 2015 and September 24, 2015
With regard to the above captioned I have not yet served BMO Bank of Montreal or the Government of British Columbia specifically the Attorney General for British Columbia.
I intend to submit an additional filing as evidence with preponderance of that evidence from the lower court case BCSC H130330. I also intend to firm up submissions with respect to accusations of unlawful conduct conspiracy involving lawyers, justices and BC Law Society, including particularly BC Supreme Court Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson as well as Chief Justice for British Columbia Robert Bauman.
This evidence will include affidavit of Glen Robbins asserting that John Motiuk his lawyer in BCHRT matter. This can be seen through a copy of the Statement of Claim filed under Docket No.: and more readily through its presentation at But for Mr. Motiuk being 'decertified' (spring 1999) undertook not to practice law 1999 and became non practising member January 1, 2001. Mr. Motiuk's lawyer Christopher Hinkson directed him not to inform me of his problems with the law society, it is highly probable that this BCHRT complaint would not have become the monster it did resulting in a loss of my multi million dollar publishing business and portrayal on Google for over 3 years as a pedophile. Mr. Motiuk did not inform me until just weeks before the hearing and after our application to sever had been dismissed. He was clear to tell me it was on his lawyers instructions on a deal he was making for leniency at the Law Society of BC.
I also note that Robert Bauman CJ was replaced (conveniently) by Hinkson CJ in November 2013 at or about the time I had written to the BC Mortgage Brokers indicating that I intended to commence a class action against it as a consequence of the fraudulent mortgage involving our family of which there is no doubt, and the understanding that the deregulating of the industry was promoting thousands more. The BC Law Society has a stake in ensuring that their lawyer members who have participating in hundreds if not thousands of these fraudulent mortgages has a interest in the matter.
Bauman CJ is a former partner with law firm Bull Housser and Tupper and his former client is the Real Estate Board of British Columbia (Vancouver) (Fraser Valley). Bauman CJ received my letter proposing to commence the class action against the BC Mortgage Brokers. I attempted to add these entities as well as BC Consumer Protection which operates under the authority of the BC Attorney General. All of the responses of these entities to be added as parties is predicated (conveniently) on the vexatious orders garnered through what I assert were acts in support of the unlawful conduct conspiracy.
I enclose a copy of the court docket grid and ask you to turn your attention to item 32 Order Made After Application. This relates to the Order for Conduct of Sale. I enclose both the Order and the Appeal filed by Ita Robbins and Frana Matich. The Order was given by a Master. The order indicates that no attended. In fact I attended to this hearing and was told by the Master that he would hear me based on the forged Order filed May 31, 2013 from an Application was never made nor Order that was ever given.
No mention is made of attendance to this hearing on December 9th, 2013 because it is a weak link in the chain. One can see from submissions already provided that the vacant possession hearing and hearing of appeal of Masters decision references (Smith J.) the forged order. However, it also references the vexatious order of Hinkson CJ. This does not occur at the point of Conduct of Sale and I will be contacting transcript contractors to obtain a copy of this where Master Tokarek points to the forged Order of May 31, 2013.
In context given Michael Kleisinger's threats of contempt charges on the Grauer J order through the period following the filing of Enduring Powers of Attorney by Ita Robbins in my name October 4, 2010 (provided under SCC 35772) to January 2014 with the sudden change of tact to seeking the vexatious brand under BCSC S111171 we can see that this was clearly damage control colluded between the Chief Justice Hinkson's 'old stompin ground' as a lawyer and his rushed order for trial. On transcript record of trial March 21, 2014 Hinkson CJ indicates it will take months to render a decision because of all of the evidence filed. Sue Smolen of Vancouver Trial Scheduling later confirmed likely 90 days or into the summer for a decision. In fact Hinkson CJ defies his own position at trial and releases his decision in time for the applications by Ron Bakonyi including for vacant possession.
I intend through evidence submissions in the next 30 days to provide a paper trail beyond which I provide today as well as affidavit. As the saying goes the plot thickens.
We have now discovered documents filed at BC Court of Appeal and elsewhere which refutes this order. Naturally, not only was Justice Fenlon's interpretation of the Grauer J order (purposeful or not) an incorrect one, Her Honour clearly indicates in document signed and used in Submissions in the neo judge shopping by Mr. Bakonyi that she only intended her decision for the May 9, 2013 the only one in which she had authority. The May 31, 2013 forged Order in Fenlon J's name was obviously colluded between Bakonyi, Ellis and Kleisinger on behalf of the Law Society of BC.
There is plentiful evidence of Bauman CJ's public disclosures that the legal profession was in trouble in its current state. Our case and my participation in it would have blown the lid of the fraudulent mortgage problem which my experts tell me could turn a pending real estate “softening” into a meltdown.

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