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Glen P. Robbins writes to department of Justice (Ottawa) and Justice Minister Wilson Raybould on BC lawyer forgery/fraud Cambridge/BMO and judicial unlawful conduct conspiracy
sent by registered mail to Honourable Wilson Raybould personal and confidential  Dec 18, 2015

Glen P. Robbins
Department of Justice Canada, 284 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A OH8
Attention: (per) Jody Wilson Raybould
Re: Provision of envelopes involving mail fraud and linked to forgery (fraud) judicial order
Please find two envelopes from Vancouver lawyer Ronald Bakonyi. These envelopes are addressed to Glen Robbins, Frana Matich and Ita Robbins. Please also find enclosed an order of Mister Justice Christopher Grauer dated October 3, 2011. Note particularly the top of page 3 of the Grauer J. order para (6) .... “Accordingly the Law Society should leave him (Glen Robbins) alone.”. “It is for the Court to decide in its DISCRETION whether it will grant him an audience.” At para (7)
“That the court has such discretion (right of audience) quite apart from anything in the Legal Profession Act is not in doubt.”
We enclose in addition to the lose court filings from H130330 the two leave to appeal applications made to the Supreme Court of Canada dated April and September 2015. The latter document particularly outlines very well the history of the limited jurisdiction of the LPA in context of the two different meaning of court in the provincial registry sense, and Court in the sense of the Constitutional Court.
These envelopes enclosed constitute mail fraud as we believe they are orders for costs related to H130330. The two volume leave submissions were served upon the Vancouver courthouse BC Supreme Court registry, the Administration, and Justices: (1) Chief Justice Hinkson, (2) Justice Fenlon, and (3) Justice Arnold Bailey. Chief Justice Bauman has not been served as yet
It is our position that original order nisi was obtained by fraudulent misrepresentations of the Grauer J order (transcript enclosed in submissions) which we also believe Fenlon J was established to pretend to be deluded about. Please note Glen Robbins position on the transcript that an Enduring Power of Attorney would be obtained. This occurred through lawyer Ross Davidson October 2013. In the subsequent application for Conduct of Sale which falsely declares that “no one attended” on behalf of Ita Robbins and Frana Matich (Glen Robbins attended with Enduring Power of Attorney registered at Land Title), the Master refused to hear Glen Robbins based on the erroneous forged order of Mssrs Bakonyi and Ellis.
We believe this forgery ultimately caused the events which followed and further believe the Law Society of British Columbia, the Attorney General of British Columbia and Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson worked diligently to preserve the effect of the forgery (fraud).
Subsequent to the envelopes sent by Ronald Bakonyi we ask that you first edify yourself of the ORDER MADE AFTER APPLICATION court stamped May 31st, 2013 (upper left hand corner) and note firstly the 'half hearted' reference to Glen Robbins, the nature of the Court Order – the use of “in this matter” and following “Oral Reasons for Judgment” filed at BC Court of Appeal registry which designated that Glen Robbins “appeared” when all other documents reference that he has not “appeared”. The lawyers Bakonyi and Ellis have not only drafted a forged order from submissions which they (and the Justice) had to know were false, they thereafter abused their superior access to justice to manipulate and change other Order representations to suit each new fraudulent activity they undertook with a more than cooperative set of justices intent on preserving the widespread and massive mortgage broker (now unregulated in BC) fraud in the province.
Please be advised that which is provided herein will serve as evidence to support the criminal allegations to formally follow in conjunction with submissions to the Supreme Court of Canada.
In the interim, we intend to defend ourselves from the further criminal actions of these lawyers or their agents hereinafter.
Sincerely, Glen P. Robbins

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