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Glen P. Robbins writes PETRONAS Chairman Tan Sri Modh Sidek Hassan Re: BC Corruption
  Feb 02, 2015

Glen P. Robbins Burnaby, British Columbia
PETRONAS Energy, Government of Malaysia,
Find enclosed a number of examples of our organization's work at These include: (1) Deadly accurate predictions of last (3) U.S. Presidential contests, including nominations, (2) The most recent prediction of election of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party of Canada; (3) Election of former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
We have been accurately (and quietly) making accurate prediction in all facets of political and public policy in B.C., Canada and the United States.
Our website consistently attracts national governments and other organizations.
I also enclose correspondence relating to private property matters involving fraud, forgery of judicial orders and (what I believe) are criminal actions at the highest level of governments and the superior courts in this province inclusive of some justices. You will note one of our letter publications from Kari Simpson which following our publication saw the resignation of former chief justice Donald Brennar. This matter involved untoward conduct in a clear case of fraudulent conveyance by another justice.
It is our position that the BC Liberal government is corrupt, and that some in the judiiciary appointed by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper are no better as is clear by positions advanced in correspondence.
Canada has no proper method of ensuring a proper accountable judiciary.
The details of circumstances I have provided to you as well as other material provided online at prove sufficient for any reasonable person to arrive at the following likely conclusions:
(a) The Province of British Columbia is running a false economy with no sure ties to material laws or standards insofar as mortgage and lending business is concerned. They are ignoring the Bank Act of Canada, Chartered Banks are ongoing participants in mortgage fraud or are supporting other proxie lenders in the same actvity. Mortgage lending is now self regulating in the province, while all mortgage standard are the responsibility of the Canadian federal government under the Interest Act (Canada).
(B) Potentially thousands of British Columbians have had their private homes subjected to fraudulent mortgage rates which breach criminal interest and in simple accounting terms are equivalent to charge card rates of interest.
(C) The BC Superior Courts are protecting the criminal activity in order to support their friends in government and the legal community which is prospering in the hundres of millions in these unconscionable agreements.
(D) Greater Vancouver's reat estate market (including the ties to mortgage fraud, relationship to mortgage fraud in Toronto, Canada, and to the major chartered banks with the full knowledge of the Government of Canada, the complicit involvment of the BC Liberal government including ties to the Toronto Stock Exchange (see BC Province newspaper December 15, 2015), is also well known to be vulnerable to the massive Asian land holdings.
It may be perfectly well known to those with knowledge that these aforementioned foreign investments in property often depicted as Asian land holdings are primarily chinese in nature. However, and this statement is advanced with the greatest respect to you, your organization, government and people, foreign investments that affect economic instability or calamity from a particular region of the world do not necessarily find distinction as to nation in the minds of many.
Your proposed investment in British Columbia has the potential to be seriously stigmatized by these potential challenges which are very real on the basis that it is foreign investment. The challenges your company faces notwithstanding these possibilities in our province are not scant.
I note that your "Vision and Mission" statement on your corporate website proclaims your corporate (and government) "Mission" is to "contribute to the well being of society" and that your values "are embedded in your (sic) sense of duty and responsibility in upholding your (sic),,,contributing to the well-being of people and nations where you (sic) operate."
I would be grateful if, in the coming weeks PETRONAS would publicly announce that it won't be moving forward in British Columbia "any time soon" with your LNG proposal.
Glen P. Robbins

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