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Glen P. Robbins deconstructs conspiracy fraud featuring: Law Society of BC, Ron Bakonyi, Robert Ellis, Cambridge Mortgage, Peet and Cowan Financial, BMO, John Motiuk, Chris Hinkson Lauri Fenlon, Michael Kleisinger, BC Attorney General
  Feb 10, 2016

Glen P. Robbins
Law Society of British Columbia 845 Cambie Street, Vancouver, B.C., V6B 4Z9 Fax: 604 669 5232
Attention (also): Board of Governors, Attorney General (Benchers), Lay Benchers, Executive Directors
Please be advised that the two letters received sent by Law Society of B.C. (“LSBC”) dated January 27, 2016 and January 28th, 2016 (from Ms. Drozdowski (“Ms. D”) were actually received February 1st, 2016 (the Jan 27th, 2016 letter), and February 5th, 2016 (the Jan 28th, 2016 from “Ms. D.”).
The January 27th, 2016 letter asserts that “LSBC” will require until March 10, 2016 to obtain information due to volumes etc etc. We provided our letter to Privacy Commissioner January 31st, 2016 enclosed (with other communication) engaging the efforts of the Privacy Commissioner. This occurred prior to our having possession of the January 27th, 2016 letter.
Our January 31st, 2016 letter engaging the Privacy Commissioner clearly stipulates there are few letters from Michael Kleisinger of “LSBC” to Glen Robbins @ 1355 Honeysuckle Lane, Coquitlam, B.C. which would make the claim of volumes with respect to these letters nonsense.
I intend to file criminal complaints to Senior Crown Counsel after extensive investigation and research. These criminal complaints are focused on your current members Ronald Bakonyi (Cambridge Mortgage Investment Corp “CMIC” and Peet and Cowan Financial Services) as well as Robert Ellis (BMO Bank of Montreal), Michael Kleisinger in compliance, your Executive Director, and others including Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson and Madame Justice Fenlon (Arnold Bailey J).
I enclose letter to Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu seeking criminal libel charges and dated June 13, 2010 posted online at No investigation was undertaken. No response was ever provided. At the time of this submissions I was not aware of Christopher Hinkson's relationship to John Motiuk, nor was I aware that John Motiuk declared mentally ill (bi-polar and not on medications).
Paragraph (5) of the Reasons of Judy Parrack under the BCHRT matter (Reasons included) reveals that it is the Tribunal which considers joining the complainants. The decision to ultimately do so is not based on application of the complainants. Rule 28 of the BCHRT stipulates: “To apply for an order from the Tribunal, a participant MUST.....”; (2) Tribunal MAY request submissions (2) when the applicant...”
BCHRT matters are quasi criminal. A respondent must be given every opportunity to defend him or herself. There is no evidence of an application by any party on the joinder question. But for the breach of this procedure, the complaints would have been heard separately.
Given the extraordinary relationship between 5 essentially similar complaints allegedly occurring over a year and one half period for “staring” the Tribunal lawyers would appear to have assisted the complainants, and considering that Glen Robbins legal counsel John Motiuk was under investigation with events at BCHRT at nearly precisely the same time as events were taking place at BCHRT an air of suspicion exists about the coordination of both events between and among the Law Society of BC, Chris Hinkson QC John Motiuk's legal counsel and the lawyers at BCHRT.
The fact that BCHRT undertook the combing of complaints in a quasi criminal matter without lawful application in place is highly prejudicial and suspicious. Tom Patch's eventual reference to Jennifer Tannis's defamation statement that Glen Robbins is a pedophile in her testimony should never have been included in Mr. Patch's Reasons.....along with his own linking statement that Glen Robbins treated his business (and the Tannis business) as a “sexual playground” would appear to give ground to a criminal conspiracy involving the BC Attorney General, BCHRT, Law Society of BC, Christopher Hinkson QC and John Motiuk (mentally ill lawyer).
We also believe the BC Attorney General is also complicit in the abetting of criminal conduct in matters pertaining to BCSC H130330, S111171, 149328, 150623. These matters involve the complaints included as against Ronald Bakonyi, Robert Ellis, Ross Davidson, & Michael Kleisinger of “LSBC”. There are about 20 sections of the Criminal Code included in our complaint for filing in the next week, with 3 or 4 most primary. Leave to Appeal applications filed at S.C.C. (and served on “LSBC” and others some time in late September 2015) have been returned by me.
Madame Justice Fenlon, Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson, Justice Arnold Bailey are also included in the criminal complaints to be filed and included in complaints made to the Canadian Judicial Council (and elsewhere).
They will be included as supporting documentation in the criminal complaint and the forthcoming complaints about lawyers to “LSBC”.
When and if necessary, another leave application will be made to the Supreme Court of Canada. As one can see (please obtain copies of an April 2015 and September 25, 2015 leave application Glen Robbins, Ita Robbins and others) the orders sought have no relationship to those dealt with under 35772 and 35302. Nevertheless, a new leave application will winnow down the subjects from which to seek leave.
Glen Robbins has already determined from Federal Court of Canada that when and if justices are sued with grounds they are parties in their own name.
My wife and I (and another person) are filing Law Society of B.C. complaints against more than a half dozen lawyers including Ronald Bakonyi, Robert Ellis, Michael Kleisinger, “LSBC Executive Director, Lauri Ann Fenlon (as lawyer and officer of the court) and Chris Hinkson Q.C as lawyer and officer of the court, as well as Ross Davidson of Davidson and company and Sarah Nelligan of Lawson Lundell.
Complaints will also be filed against lawyers Lindsey Lyster, Tonie Beharell, Judy Parrack, Heather McNaughton, and Tom Patch with respect to matters pertaining to my then counsel John Motiuk and matters pertaining to BC HRT 2000 26. I enclose Preliminary Decision Disclosure of Documents. A complaint will also be filed against John Motiuk.
Lawyers and Judges/Justices are not protected by immunity where bad faith and fraud occur. The Criminal Code is clear about the “knew or ought to have known” conditions requisite in most sections of the Code.
In the matter of Christopher Hinkson QC in his (then) capacity circa 1999 & 2000 as John Motiuk's legal counsel I take the position that solicitor client privilege must be deemed to be waived given John Motiuk's confession to Glen Robbins that he was made by his lawyer to sabotage his defence (no participating in joinder process of submissions (April 1999 with certificate issued by LSBC), not informing Glen Robbins, and then participating at BCHRT document submissions (November 1999) when he knew that he was unauthorized to practice law.
The evidence and admission of Hearing Manager that Chris Hinkson QC was John Motiuk's legal counsel throughout the period 1999-2000 would suggest that Chris Hinkson QC was the lawyer John Motiuk was referring to. Solicitor client privilege does not extend to criminal acts.
I am also writing pursuant to the letter from “Ms. D” of January 28, 2016 wherein she establishes her view of focus.... “We will provide our response once we have retrieved and reviewed any records responsive to your request and determined which records my be disclosed to you.”
Respectfully, we do not want you to be responsive but compliant and do so within the time required and established for you in correspondence sent to you beginning with the January 31st, 2016 letter to the Privacy Commissioner.
We would also ask that all information pertaining to Christopher Hinkson Q.C. (Mr. Motiuk's representative at “LSBC” matter) also be provided in documents and not excluded.
Christopher Hinkson “knew or ought to have known” that his client John Motiuk was mentally ill and still effectively conducting a legal practice he had no business conducting while mentally ill.
I note that the Supreme Court action filed in my name relating to the BCHRT matter remains open and undefended was served on current Premier Christy Clark May 8, 2001. Christy Clark was my MLA at the time and became Education Minister. She agreed to fix the BCHRT situation after acknowledging the criminal defamation.
In return, I had also provided her during the writ period of the 2001 election with membership lists from Unity BC, Conservative Party BC, and Reform BC which lists Christy Clark knew or ought to have known were before the courts. These lists were provided to her constituency assistant at her offices in Port Moody BC, and also provided to Gordon Campbell's constituency assistant who attended to Christy's office at the same time.
We need to answer the question did Chris Hinkson QC, use or manipulate (like the RCMP and terrorist case) John Motiuk, who he had to have known was mentally ill, to assist with the BC Attorney General and lawyers at BC HRT who would have lost their case if joinder had not been permitted. (I note that no actual administration of an application is made in the joinder matter).
Had the women lost their case the BC Human Rights Commission and BCHRT would have suffered embarrassment. The BC Human Rights Commissions was shut down not long after this case involving John Motiuk and Glen Robbins was concluded. There was ample motive for the Government of BC at 1999 & 2000 to have elected to plot to ruin Glen Robbins reputation to save its own
This information is also important to our pursuit of Criminal Code complaints against Christopher Hinkson (person) in his capacity as Chief Justice of the BC Supreme Court under BCSC matter S111171 originally filed as Law Society of B.C. v Glen P. Robbins which traveled through 2 levels of B.C.C.A and to Supreme Court of Canada docket 35302.
In February March of 2014 Christopher Hinkson CJ gave ex parte order to Michael Kleisinger of “LSBC” to proceed to Trial based on a Rule 8 application (not petition or notice of claim) under S111171 which had been decided by the (5) judges at Supreme Court of Canada and dismissed.
This is clearly an abuse of power, abuse of the court rules, abuse of office, and the promotion of maladministration of justice by the chief justice.
We would also like to obtain any letters or correspondence sent from Christopher Hinkson QC to Glen Robbins between January 1999 and January 2001 to Glen Robbins then residence at 1355 Honeysuckle Lane, Coquitlam, B.C.
Later Christopher Hinkson QC applied this order of April 10, 2014 under S111171 to Ita Robbins and Frana Matich in any entirely different case (BCSC 149328) (March 20th, 2015) and then when it was discovered he was filed an order which included parties unrelated to the matter he filed another order dated March 25, 2015 under BCSC 149328 which order was back dated from April 2015.
We are desirous of establishing any link between Christopher Hinkson QC's counsel of John Motiuk circa 1999 and 2000, Glen Robbins notice of filing default judgment in BCSC 012600 to BC Attorney General who had failed to file a statement of defence in the matter.
Sincerely, Glen P. Robbins
Justice Minister (Attorney General) Canada Attorney General British Columbia BC Cabinet/Christy Clark. Canadian Judicial Council Office of the Prime Minister of Canada. Privacy Commissioner(s) Ombudsperson, Other parties public disclosure Canadian Press
Enclosures: Stamp filed submissions to S.C.C. Dated April & September 2015; letters to Privacy Commissioners (others) dated January 31st,12th 2016; December 14th, 2015; Decision of Hearing Panel John Motiuk; Letter to Occupant of 1355 Honeysuckle Lane, Coquitlam, BC January 15, 2016; Letter to Kahn, Zack and Silverman J. dated Jan. 20Th, 2016 Re: Canadian Logistic; Jan. 18Th, 2016 S.C.C. Preliminary Decision Disclosure of Documents (Joinder history) BCHRT

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