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A Made in America RSR ROBBINS poll targeting Super Tuesday Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton Super Poll I
  Mar 01, 2016

Question #1
Which of the following 'political type(s)' best describes you? (Decided response to 100% (+)
Democrat    22.5 %
Liberal    19.5 %
Independent    19 %
Republican    17.5 %
Conservatives    22.5 %
Undecided    14.5 %
Question #2
Which of the following two candidates for President of the United States do you support more at this point in time?
Donald Trump (Republican)    38 %
Hillary Clinton (Democrat)    35.5 %
Question #3
Which of the following two candidates for President of the United States do you support more at this point in time? (adjusted to reflect totals for national ethnic /gender)
Hillary Clinton (Democrat)    37 %
Donald Trump (Republican)    36.5 %
Question #4
If you were going to watch a television broadcast featuring either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton speaking to supporters, which would you expect to be more entertaining?
Donald Trump (Republican)    52.5 %
Hillary Clinton (Democrat)    42 %
Question 1- Over two months percentage of “American Voters” who self describe as “Democrats” has increases from (20.5%) to current total of (22.5%), Liberal self describers has dropped from (22%) to (19.5%), Independent's have increased from (14.5%) to (19%), Republicans from (24.5%) to (17.5%) and Conservatives from (19.5%) to (23.5%). These numbers are on decided basis with amounts from two months ago featuring Undecided as to self describing (11%) to (14%) currently.
After adjusting for before and current Undecided amounts, Democrat self describers have increased just less than (10%), Liberals have decreased just less than (10%), Independents have increased (30%), Republicans have plummeted (30%), and conservatives have increased (15%).
Donald Trump performs best among Conservatives < (70%) and Independent (60%), with one in two Republicans supporting him. Over (80%) of Democrats support Hillary Clinton, while (60%) of Liberals, < (30%) of Independents support her. Nearly (2%) of Democrats support Donald Trump, while (one half percent) of Republicans support Hillary Clinton.
Donald Trump beats Hillary Clinton straight up before adjustment for ethnic/gender totals and his narrow lead exceeds the margin for error. When ethnic and gender adjustments are made to reflect national demographics (not applicable voting trends to those totals)) Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump.
Donald Trump is strongest among “Conservatives” and “Independents” but has only moderate support with “Republicans”. Hillary Clinton does well with “Democrats” and pretty well with “Liberals” but is being beaten badly by Donald Trump among “Independents”.
Hillary Clinton realizes an (8.5%) overall advantage over Donald Trump among African Americans and Latino Voters, while Donald Trump crushes her among Caucasians, particularly white males (61%-37%). Much of this latter disparity in Trump's favour is realized through the rising number of Independents supporting Donald Trump by more than double similar support for Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton is seen as the establishment candidate from the Democrat side of the ledger, while Donald Trump is seen as the outsider being supported by Conservatives and Independents.
Bernie Sanders may have done just enough to slow Hillary Clinton if he is able to hang onto support of a large chunk of Liberals. This will not matter if the Republican establishment exercises its threat to reject Donald Trump.
Based on our RSR ROBBINS question of popular support including only Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton we can see based on exclusively on who respondents support more for President of the United States and based on Voter turnout of 130,000,000, that these two candidates occupy some type of support of slightly more than 96,000,000 Voters or about 48,000,000 million Voters each with 66,000,000 required to win.
Based on these numbers (on Decided basis) it appears that – all things being relatively equal- that “Independent” and “Ethnic” voters will decided who the next President of the United States will be 2016.
This is 'A Made in America RSR ROBBINS' poll of 2,032 U.S. “Voters” commencing February 23, 2016 to February 29, 2016 involving 2032 respondents. The Margin of Error is 2.17% plus or minus predicated on population of 130,000,000.

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