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Poli-Judge Glen P. Robbins urges PM Justin Trudeau to fire BC Supreme Court Justice Chris Hinkson and justice Lauri Fenlon for gross abuse of office and connection and complicity with fraud and theft > $ 1,000,000
  Apr 20, 2016

Justin Trudeau, Office of the Prime Minister, 80 Wellington St., Ottawa, Ontario K1A OA2, Fax: 613 941 6900
Privy Counsel Office Room 1000, 85 Sparks Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Fax: 613 957 5043
Canadian Parliamentary Press, Room 350-N, Centre Block Ottawa, Ontario, Fax: 613 995 5795
Canadian Judicial Council Ottawa, Ontario, Fax: 613 288 1575
Re: Request urging PM Trudeau to fire BC chief justice Chris Hinkson, & justice Lauri Fenlon.
With regard to the above captioned request I enclose my letter of April 13, 2015 (sic) which should read 2016 with appropriate reference to letters and court filings of Michael Kleisinger of Law Society of BC. You will also see letters to and fro with FOI of Law Society of BC.
For you convenience and in the public interest this letter can be viewed at
The local BC Ombudsperson is the step subsequent to complaints made to the Law Society of BC. I note for your edification that the law society is in fact not a registered society but rather a corporation as is General Motors, Kinder Morgan & Goldman Sachs.
I have also included material relating to the publishing of letter of Kari Simpson pertaining to former BC Chief Justice Donald Brennar. Soon after we published this letter the chief justice retired.
Please also note that I will be provided my “Reasons” in the Google v Equustek matter recently approved for appeal hearing by the Supreme Court of Canada. My Reasons will be published in the interests of Canadians.
Sincerely, Glen P. Robbins

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