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Glen P. Robbins issues press release directing that BC Conflict Commissioner Paul Fraser should step down - conflict with CRA tax donations
  May 02, 2016

MOON Media – Press Release: Burnaby, British Columbia – May 2, 2016
Glen P. Robbins on behalf of the public interest in British Columbia is directing that BC's Conflict Commissioner Paul Fraser, in the hearing of complaint filed against BC premier Christy Clark by BC NDP MLA David Eby, step aside, on the basis that there is a perceived conflict of interest in his involvement in this case, or any other case involving donations in the Province of British Columbia, sufficient that Paul Fraser should “step down altogether”.
"BC's Conflict Commissioner is Paul Fraser of law firm Fraser Milne Cosgrain. In an article published by the Globe and Mail newspaper May 22, 2012 Mr. Justice George Strathy of the Ontario Superior Court said that "a full trial is required in a lawsuit launched against...Trinity Capital Corporation. The suit blames law firm Fraser Milne Casgrain "for endorsing the tax shelters"". "The Canadian Revenue Agency has been warning against such shelters for years.”
Glen Robbins also makes note that BC Liberal President Sharon White was a lawyer who specialized in tax shelters for many years. Glen Robbins concludes that the BC Conflict Commissioner was appointed in 2008, and because of this matter involving Christy Clark, and the involvement of his law firm in the Ontario litigation relating to dubious offshore tax schemes the common subject matter of dubious tax receipt structures involving inflated donations, the issue of corporate and union donations generally, and the matter of hidden wealth globally, and now Christy Clark's participation in receiving benefits from those donations directly related to corporation donations to her party, raises concerns about the ability of Mr. Fraser to be impartial.
For these reasons and in these circumstances I believe Mr. Fraser must immediately step aside in the public interest.
Glen P. Robbins

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