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RSR ROBBINS - The poll that changes the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election - Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Democrat, Republican, Independent
  May 19, 2016

Question #1
Which political party brand best describes you today?
Democrat    39 %
Republican    26 %
Independent    22 %
Question #2
Which of the following persons running to be President of the United States do you currently support?
Hillary Clinton    28 %
Donald Trump    39 %
Bernie Sanders    29 %
Question #3
Which candidate in your opinion would you characterize most as a Washington Insider
Hillary Clinton    48 %
Donald Trump    15 %
Bernie Sanders    4 %
Question #4
Would you seriously consider supporting a third party candidate for President?
Yes    31 %
No    51 %
Unusual happenings in U.S. Presidential election:
The percentage of American Voters who call themselves Republicans is low and much lower than those who refer to themselves as Democrats. However the number of respondents who refer themselves as Democrats but also support Bernie Sanders and a third party candidate popularity also diminishes this Democratic label lead to equal status to Republican Party label popularity.
All things considered slightly more than one half of all respondents are unequivocally styled as Republicans or Democrats.
If Bernie Sanders supporters who call themselves Democrats and who also support a third party candidate are included in totals for Independent and Undecided this total is (44%).
According to these numbers, if all Democrat branded respondents who currently support Bernie Sanders went over to Hillary Clinton she would have at best about (40%) of American Voter support, or about that which is equal to Donald Trump currently.
If Independents who currently support Bernie Sanders all left to go to join Donald Trump's Independents he would have enough to win the presidency.
If Donald Trumps Independents all went over to Bernie Sanders then Bernie would have about (40%) of overall vote.
Theory going forward:
Donald Trump's efforts to have Republican Party establishment endorse him may cause him more harm than benefit. What remains of those Voters who call themselves Republicans overwhelming support him already. The Independents and Undecided (on label) support him to (30%) of overall.
(60%) of Bernie Sanders current support comes from respondents who do not call themselves Democrats but Independent or are Undecided. Bernie is not safe within the Democratic Party and has no real choice but give up or run as Independent candidate for American Independence Party (ROBBINS).
(30%) of respondents who call themselves Democrats support Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton realizes little support from Independent and Undecided in this field. She has a problem where the solution is not in her control. Without the Bernie Sanders supporters she will come up short on overall totals.
A protracted fight between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders may send Independents over to Donald Trump and advance his support in the direction of (50%).
Hillary Clinton's best bet is to provoke Bernie Sanders into voicing the prospect of a challenge as an Independent to see how many Democrats will cross over to her and let him fight it out with Donald Trump for Independents while she gathers up more establishment voters or those Independents who might be simply flirting with the idea of being Independents.
Hillary Clinton support by political type (overall percentage): Independent (1.5%), Republican (1/2%), Democrat (25%), Undecided (1%)
Donald Trump support by political type: Independent (9%), Republican (25%), Democrat (1.5%), Undecided (3%)
Bernie Sanders support by political type: Independent (12%), Republican (0%), Democrat (12%), Undecided (4%).
Just less than four in 10 respondents self identify as “Democrats”. Hillary Clinton has the support of nearly two thirds of these, while Bernie Sanders attracts (31%) and Donald Trump attracts nearly (4%) of Democrat Party supporters.
Slightly more than one in four respondents self identifies as a Republican. Donald Trump attracts (96%) of these respondents while Hillary Clinton attracts about (2%) of them.
More than one in five self identify as “Independent”, (40%) of Bernie Sanders supporters call themselves “Independent”, while (40%) say they are Democrats, and the remainder are Undecided.
(72%) of Independents and Undecided (from question 1) characterize Hillary Clinton most as “Washington Insider”. (21%) characterize Donald Trump as Washington Insider, while (5%) ascribe this characterization to Bernie Sanders.
(62%) of those who call themselves Republicans see Hillary Clinton as Washington Insider, while (17%) of Democrat supporters see Hillary Clinton as Washington Insider. (23%) of Democrat supporters see Donald Trump as Washington Insider, while (9%) of Republicans see Bernie Sanders as Washington Insider.
(42%) of Donald Trump supporters support a third party candidate, while (71%) of Bernie Sanders supporters support such a candidate. Only (3%) of Hillary Clinton supporters support a third party candidate.
An RSR ROBBINS poll of 2,013 respondents between May 6th & May 17, 2016 - who refer to themselves as Voters. The Margin of Error to this poll is 2.18% 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence. RSR ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Most Accurate Pollster in the World.

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