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Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump in California, Texas, New York, Florida & Ohio - RSR ROBBINS - The Most Accurate Pollster in the World-
  Jun 03, 2016

Question #1
Of the following two response choices seeking the Office of President of the United States who do you prefer and would you give your support?
Donald Trump    44.88 %
Hillary Clinton    42.37% %
Question #2
Which of the following political-legal scenarios troubles you most?
Secretary Clintons email issues - private server potential for security problems    52 %
Donald Trump's vocal disagreement with U.S. Judge of Latino background and Trump University    29 %
Secretary Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump in California 47% to 41%. Donald Trump leads with Caucasian respondents (54%) to (42%). Hillary Clinton leads with Latino voters (53%) to (19%) for Mr. Trump. Hillary Clinton leads (58%) to (36%) with African Americans and (45%) to (32%) with Asian American respondents.
Donald Trump leads Ms. Clinton (50%) to (34%) with Caucasian respondents in Texas. Mrs. Clinton leads Mr. Trump (47%) to (25%) with Hispanics and (50%) to (30%) with African Americans. Mr. Trump leads Secretary Clinton (50%) to (34%) with Asian respondents.
New York
Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton (53%) to (45%) among Caucasian respondents in New York State. Mrs. Clinton leads (58%) to (32%) among African Americans and (47%) to (25%) among Hispanics.
Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton (51%) to (42%) among Caucasians respondents. Hillary Clinton leads (42%) to (26%) among Hispanics and (52%) to (47%) among African Americans.
Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton (58%) to (41%) among Caucasian respondents, (32%) to (29%) among Hispanics, and (56%) to (39%) among African Americans.
Overall, Hillary Clinton wins California but not by an amount many might have expected given the Democrats historical lock on the State. Clinton (47%), Trump (41%) (Undecided 12%). Caucasian Undecided is (3%) while Hispanic Undecided is (28%), African American (10%) & Asian American (18%).
In Texas (10%) of Caucasian respondents are Undecided, while (13%) of Asian Americans are thus - and (28%) of Hispanics are Undecided along with (20%) of African American respondents Trump (51.7%) Clinton (38%).
In the State of New York (2%) of Caucasian voters are Undecided, (18%) of African American voters are Undecided and (25%)* of Hispanic respondents are Undecided (*low number of respondents adjusted). Clinton wins New York by 100,000 "Voters"
In Florida under (10%) of Caucasian respondents are Undecided, while (32%) of Hispanic voters are Undecided.
In Ohio only (1%) of Caucasian respondents are Undecided, while (33%) of Hispanic respondents are Undecided. (17%) of African Americans are Undecided.
Clinton beats Trump in California but fails to meet even (50%) support in the the process. If she isn't careful she could lose the State.
Donald Trump is crushing Secretary Clinton in Texas and that isn't a surprise.
New York and Florida are close with Hillary Clinton leading in New York and Donald Trump in Florida, the latter with a higher Undecided.
Donald Trump is crushing Hillary Clinton in Ohio with a (1%) Undecided among Caucasian respondents. Incredible.
Donald Trump's Liberty Brigade are right where you would expect them to be at this point in time among respondents in the largest U.S. States. What is most important about this RSR ROBBINS poll is that is shows Caucasians are overwhelmingly supporting Donald Trump over Secretary Clinton and there is an incredible low Undecided among these respondents.
The other significant outcome is that although Donald Trump is not doing well with Latino voters, Hillary Clinton is not getting the rest, the Undecided is massive.
Donald Trump is getting his share of African American voters - can Obama make a difference here or will he push some Undecided Latinos to Donald Trump or away from Hillary Clinton in the process.
Donald Trumps calculus in going hard against Latino's :the Wall" "the Wall" - is solidifying support among Caucasian voters while discouraging Latino voters put off by the treatment and further put off by their victimization in the press.
Hispanic people who are proud of their country love it no matter and don't want to be talked down to. There is a very high Undecided among young Hispanic respondents (under 40).
If Hillary Clinton were equal to Donald Trump in Ohio she would be less than 1 percent behind him, but as such, although it is early, indications appear that Ohio is going to Trump.
This is a random telephone sample of 1,030 U.S. citizens conducted June 2-5, 2016 who say they normally Vote and are interested in the presidential election. The Margin of Error is at or about 3.13% plus or minus.

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