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RSR ROBBINS - Major poll on BC issues - the starting gun to Election 2017
  Sep 22, 2016

Question #1
Which Federal party do you currently support? *(shown as decided) (adjusted for gender & age)
Federal Liberal Party    35.7 %
Federal New Democrat Party    28.2 %
Federal Conservative Party    27.1 %
Federal Green Party    8.3 %
(Undecided/Can't Answer    8 %
Question #2
Which BC political party do you currently support? *(shown as actual)
BC New Democrats    38.3 %
BC Liberals    34.8 %
BC Greens    10.4 %
BC Conservatives    7.5 %
(Undecided/Can't Answer)    9 %
Question #3
A provincial general election is upon in less than one years time. Does the prospect of another Christy Clark government please you or trouble you?
It pleases me    25 %
It troubles me    71 %
Undecided    2 %
Question #4
In your opinion is John Horgan doing a good job?
Yes    33 %
No    22 %
I don't know who John Horgan is    29 %
(Other/Undecided)    16 %
Question #5
Christy Clark presently earns nearly $200,000 as premier of the province. She has received an additional $50,000 per year over the past 6 years, paid to her directly from her BC Liberal party for total earnings of $250,000 per year, or a total of $1,500,000 over 6 years. Over this same period of time the average BC family would earn about $400,000 or more than a million dollars less than Christy Clark. In your opinion is Christy Clark worth the amount of total pay she has received compared to BC Families average earnings?
Yes    20 %
No    77 %
Question #6
The BC NDP complained to B.C.'s Conflict Commissioner that the $50,000 Christy Clark receives from the BC Liberal Party is in conflict to her earnings as MLA, Premier and BC law. In your opinion should Christy Clark be permitted to keep the additional $300,000 paid to her $50,000 per year times 6 years from her BC Liberal Party or should she ordered to return it to the BC Liberal Party in order to maintain public confidence?
Christy Clark should be able to keep the additional $50,000.    4 %
Christy Clark should return the money to the BC Liberal Party    48 %
Christy Clark should resign today    49 %
Question #7
BC's current Conflict Commissioner described the extra $50,000 paid to Christy Clark by her political party for attending fundraising events featuring high paying donors as an “allowance” from the party. The law provides that the only allowance Christy Clark is entitled to is $19,000 per year paid to those MLA's not from Victoria for attending the Legislature in the Capital Region and not $50,000 as she received. It is noted that the Conflict Commissioner's son is employed by Christy Clark's office. In your opinion was the Conflict Commissioner properly doing his job in this investigation of Christy's conflict of earnings based on the information provided?
Yes    14 %
No    75 %
Question #8
Should Christy Clark be forced to pay taxes on the $50,000 she received from her political party each year for 6 years for a combined total of nearly $300,000, or should she not have to pay personal income tax?
She should NOT have to pay taxes on the money for helping her party    0 %
She should have to pay taxes on the money    94 %
Question #9
Do you have a generally positive or generally negative impression of overall government's ability to properly handle your tax dollars?
Generally Positive    35 %
Generally Negative    57 %
Question #10
High paid public officials claim their pay is valid on the basis of comparison to private business opportunities. Which of the following statements BEST reflects your response to this?
I believe public officials doing difficult jobs should be paid the private market rate    29 %
I believe if people want the private market rate they should leave public employment and work for a private company    60 %
Question #11
In your opinion based on the response choices offered in the previous question should an elite group of government officials, bureaucrats and executives in Crown Corporations be paid more than the premier of the province?
In some cases “yes”    39 %
In most cases “no”    51 %
Question #12
Do you support the construction & expansion of additional pipelines by Kinder Morgan and major shareholder Goldman Sachs through the lower mainland of British Columbia in order to carry Alberta oil “to tidewater” on the BC Coast for delivery to China.
Yes    31 %
No    69 %
Question #13
The RCMP contract with BC Government is about to expire. Would you support the renewal of the agreement or would you prefer an entirely new provincial police force with legal provisions making police accountable to elected city council in your community.
Renew RCMP contract    30 %
New Provincial police force with direct accountability to the people through municipality and city    58 %
Question #14
Much has been discussed of late in the news regarding Greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island's overheated real estate market. In your opinion is there something wrong with the condition of Greater Vancouver's real estate market? (Vancouver Island, Greater Vancouver (to Hope BC) respondents only).
Yes    72 %
No    19 %
Question #15
From the following response choices who do you believe are BC's worst drivers (Lower Mainland only)
Men driving large 4 x 4 trucks-    34 %
Asian drivers    34 %
Bad drivers exist across an entire spectrum    30 %
Question #16
Would you support a legal injunction & legal moratorium made by Royal Assent of the B.C. provincial government on foreign purchase and ownership of land title in the Province of British Columbia for a period of two years?
Yes    65 %
No    26 %
Question #17
Generally speaking, as a British Columbian, what is your opinion of your personal and or your families tax burden?
Overtaxed    68 %
Undertaxed    13 %
Taxed just right    15 %
Question #18
Would you support a government project to construct a bridge of some type to connect the lower mainland of British Columbia with Vancouver Island at a cost of $15 billion with a per crossing cost of $90 to users with much shorter time to cross?
Yes    42 %
No    38 %
Question #19
Do you support the regulated sale of beer and wine at local BC beaches and lakes so long as it served responsibly?
Yes    33 %
No    64 %
Question #20
Currently provincial superior court justices are vetted by a small group of lawyers and the Attorney General of the Province of British Columbia with recommendation made to the Prime Minister's Office for appointment. Does British Columbia require a better method of selecting justices?
Yes    72 %
No    27 %
Question #21
Currently the Prime Minister of Canada appoints people to the Canadian Senate. Which response choice reflects your current opinion of the Canadian Senate?
More ordinary qualified citizens and less political friendly appointments should be made    51 %
The Canadian Senate should be abolished    49 %
Q #1
On a decided basis the Federal Liberal Party is about even from 2015 federal general election totals with actual support (32.5%) for Federal Liberal Party, (26%) for Federal New Democrat Party, (25%) for Federal Conservative Party. On a net basis the Federal Liberal Party has lost a little support since the last federal general election in October 2015.
The 'leaderless' federal New Democrat Party 9 brand is up (8.9%) from 2015 election totals, & the leaderless federal Conservative Party brand is down slightly over the same period when decided totals are considered.
Based on ethnic demographics of (1) Caucasian, (2) South Asian, (3) East-Asian (including China) & (4) Aboriginal voters federal Liberal support is garnered as follows (based on overall or 100%): (1) (35%), (2) (48%), (3) (39%), (4) (52%).
Federal New Democrats attract ethnic voters as follows: (1) (28%), (2) (23%), (3) (21%), (4) (27%).
Federal Conservatives attract ethnic voters as follows: (1) (28%), (2) (21%), (3) (35%), (4) (3%).
Q #2
The BC New Democrats attract (40%) of Caucasian vote in the Province of British Columbia, (48%) from the South Asian community, (35%) from the Chinese and East Asians, & (56%) among BC aboriginals.
The BC Liberals attract (34%) of Caucasians, (39%) from the South Asian community, (50%) from the Chinese & East Asians & (13%) from BC Aboriginal voters.
The combined federal/provincial Liberal brand average overall is (35%) while the combined federal/provincial average NDP brand is (35%).
The combined federal/provincial 'Liberal brand' average using federal Conservative numbers (the BC Liberals have historical ties to federal Conservatives) for the 'BC Liberal' side of the averaging is just less than (31%).
If the BC Liberals do not dominate the Chinese Asian vote in the 2017 provincial general election they are likely to lose. If the BC NDP can attract South Asian (Indo Canadian) supporters to vote for them in spring 2017 (particularly those in highly populated Indo Canadian communities like Surrey, BC) their election opportunities improve.
BC New Democrats are well placed to challenge long (long) time BC Liberal government for a majority of seats in the BC Legislature with one year to go to BC provincial election. The BC NDP (Decided) numbers attract traditional high support on Vancouver Island (49%), and in Vancouver and Burnaby City (45%)* (*Decided numbers)
The Vancouver Suburbs garner (44%) support for the BC New Democrats. Surrey reflects BC NDP totals just below (41%), while Langley City and Fraser Valley decided support is just below (35%) support.
BC NDP support in the South Okanagan/North and Interior is (35%).
BC NDP support in Richmond/Delta is in the mid (30%), while support for BC Liberals is in the mid (40%) to (50%).
BC Liberal decided support remains below (30%) usual with support in Vancouver Island (26%). Support is also softer than usual for BC Liberals in Vancouver City (38%) and Vancouver Suburbs (35%) (inclusive of Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge).
Support for BC Liberals in Surrey BC is (44%), while decided support in Langley City and Fraser Valley is (46%). BC Liberal support in the South Okanagan/North and Interior is (41%).Slightly less than one in three Federal Liberals support BC New Democrats, (14%) support Green or Independent, while (49%) of Federal Liberals support BC Liberals. The Federal Liberals are balkanized in the provincial context.
(76%) of Federal Conservatives support BC Liberals, while (20%) support BC Conservatives
(95%) of Federal New Democrats support BC New Democrats, while (5%) support BC Greens.
(80%) of Federal Greens support BC Greens – (17%) support BC New Democrats
Q #3
“Pleases me” by ethnic background (21%) Caucasian); (19%) Indo Canadian); (34%) East Asian/Chinese); (14%) Aboriginal).
Q #4
By ethnic background “good job” = “Yes” ((37%) Caucasian), (19%) South Asian), (14%) East Asian Chinese, (24%) Aboriginal,; “good job” = “No” (19%) Caucasian), (18%) South Asian (Indo)), (21%) East Asian (Chinese), (2%) Aboriginal).
Q #5
“Yes” Christy is worth the pay ((16%) Caucasian, (9% South Asian), ((27%) East Asian), (3%) Aboriginal). “No” (75%) Caucasian), (74%) South Asian), (34%) East Asian), (90%) Aboriginal).
Q #6
'keep the money' ((2%) Caucasian, (3%) South Asian (Indo Canadian & Iranian), (9%) East Asian-Chinese), (0%) Aboriginal. 'return the money' ((46%) Caucasian, (38%) South Asian), (26%) East Asian-Chinese, (49%) Aboriginal. 'resign today' ((45% Caucasian, (48%) South Asian), (33%) East Asian-Chinese, (40%) Aboriginal.
Q #7
'Conflict Commissioner' doing his job' ((11%) Caucasian), (8%) South Asian), (17%) East Asian-Chinese), (0%) Aboriginal). 'Conflict Commissioner' not doing his job' ((70%) Caucasian, (72%) South Asian (Indo Canadian/Persian) (45%) East Asian-Chinese, (95%) Aboriginal.
Q #9
Generally Positive- ((31%) Caucasian, (28%) Indo Canadian, (36%) East Asian-Chinese...... Generally Negative-((63% Caucasian, (57%) Indo Canadian, (43%) East Asian-Chinese, (92%) Aboriginal
Q #10
Believe public officials should be paid market rates: ((31%) Caucasian, (19%) Indo Canadian, (31%) Asian-Chinese, Aboriginal (26%)
Q #12
“Yes” support: Vancouver Island (17%), Vancouver City (12%), Vancouver Suburbs (28%), Fraser Valley (32%), Southern Interior (36%), Northern Interior and Kootenays (33%)
Method: An RSR ROBBINS Survey of 1,812 British Columbians conducted June 5, 2016 to June 24, 2016. The Margin of Error claimed is 2.16% plus or minus - Caucasians were sampled in amounts higher than actual, while minority outcomes were adjusted to better reflected actual demographics for each.

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