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RSR ROBBINS - The Platinum Standard U.S. Presidental poll July 2016
  Jul 09, 2016

Question #1
Which political brand from the following offered is most attractive to you?
Democrat    20.14 %
Independent    18.09 %
Libertarian    15.76 %
Republican    15.47 %
Liberal    13.63 %
Conservative    12.81 %
Green    4.1 %
Question #2
Which of the following candidates for President of the United States from the following choices offered do you currently support?
Donald Trump    35 %
Hillary Clinton    31 %
Bernie Sanders    14 %
Gary Johnson    11 %
Jill Stein    3 %
Question #3
In your opinion which candidate for President of the United States, from the choices offered, most likely frightens America's enemies?
Donald Trump    84 %
Hillary Clinton    13 %
Question #4
In your opinion which candidate for President of the United States, from the choices offered, most likely frightens Americans?
Hillary Clinton    50 %
Donald Trump    48 %
Question #5
In your opinion which candidate for President of the United States, from the choices offered, will be best for the U.S. Economy?
Hillary Clinton    36 %
Donald Trump    45 %
Question #6
In your opinion which candidate for President of the United States, from the choices offered, will be best for U.S. National security based on both domestic Homeland security and Foreign policy considerations?
Hillary Clinton    43 %
Donald Trump    37 %
Question #7
Do you support a temporary ban on immigration into the United States for all Muslim persons from regions of the world where terrorism is prevalent?
Yes    51 %
No    43 %
Question #8
Given the ongoing problems occurring in the Middle East including the expansion of terrorism now impacting Western nations including the United States, and an assumed position that Americans are no longer comfortable exhausting 'blood and treasure' in the Middle East, would you support the concept of a Greater Super Israel which would serve to expand its power and influence throughout the Arab region?
Yes    35 %
No    44 %
Question #9
President Obama supports a free trade agreement known as TPP or Trans Pacific Partnership involving the United States, Mexico, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Viet Nam, Japan and others. The TPP would include an agreement where business disputes from within the United States might be resolved by courts unrelated to the U.S. Do you support the TPP given what you know or have heard about it including this description?
Yes    32 %
No    64 %
Question #10
Do you support a $15 Federal minimum wage?
Yes    52 %
No    35 %
Question #11
Which candidate do you practically see as the best to promote and support clean energy and the fight against climate change?
Jane Stein (Green)    11 %
Hillary Clinton (Democrat)    24 %
Bernie Sanders (Democrat)    31 %
Donald Trump (Republican)    19 %
Gary Johnson (Libertarian)    7 %
Q #1 - Traditional center left brands, Democrat, Liberal and Green attract (38%) of support. Traditional center right brands, Republican, Conservative and Libertarian attract (44%). Libertarians can be social libertarians but the brand is more often associated with more freedom (particularly from government). It should be noted that Libertarians in this poll were split on a $15 minimum wage. Random is at (14.3%) in this question meaning Democrat, Independent, Republican & Libertarian are the only brands above random.
Q #2 - Of five candidate response choices the best known Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders attract (81%) of the raw total and (87%) of “Decided” totals. Given that Undecided/Other/Can't Answer was not offered, it is assumed that (7%) of respondents did not make a response choice. Of the three best known candidates only Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton achieve response support above random at (93%) “Decided” where random is (18.6%) or random at (20%) of (100%). We see Donald Trump's support at base (32.67%) plus extrapolated support at (49.63%) and average (41.5%), and Hillary Clintons' base support at (29%) and extrapolated support at (44%). By taking averaging these numbers with aggregate numbers from base and extrapolation and dividing the total for both Trump and Clinton we arrive at a final support score as between the two at Trump (45%) and Clinton (42%).
Q #3 - Obviously Americans believe that Donald Trump “likely frightens America's enemies” by a super majority. Is this a good attribute for Donald Trump or is too much? Liberal (94%),Republican (86%), Democrat (84%) Green (82%), Conservative (78%), Independent (74%), Libertarian (63%).
Q #4 - This question is noteworthy given its ambiguity over “frightens” Americans, anecdote suggests it could range from economic to strategic, yet these outcomes seem somewhat contradictory to question 6. This question uses the more emotional word “frightens”, while question 6 is framed in more traditional political vernacular. In any event, “frightens Americans” Hillary Clinton Democrat (5%), Liberal (11%), Independent (57%), Green (63%), Libertarian (72%), Conservative (83%), Republican (92%). The (16%) Liberal/Democrat & (63%) Green is not positive for Hillary Clinton as it suggests there is a chunk of a minority of Sanders supporters Clinton needs but will not get. The fact that (57%) of Independent Americans are “frightened” by the former Secretary of State (above the average) and Donald Trump's support among Independents nearly 2 to 1 over Hillary Clinton, given Independents are the 2nd most popular brand in America right now, must be disconcerting to the Clinton campaign.
Q #5 - “Best for the economy” Donald Trump Conservatives (86%), Republicans (84%), Independent (65%), Libertarian (63%), Green (11%), Democrat (7%), Liberal (3%). A clear majority of more than 6 in 10 Americans including Independents and Libertarians believe Donald Trump will be “best” for the U.S. Economy. This question alone may ultimately be the deciding factor in Donald Trump winning the White House.
Q #6 - Hillary Clinton will be “best” on “both domestic Homeland security and Foreign policy”: Democrat (81%), Liberal (80%), Green (61%), Libertarian (36%), Independent (29%), Republican (11%), Conservative (14%). Question 4 puts matters of this nature in a context of what is “frightening” a very negative emotional word. The question follows the introduction of the word “frightening” in context of Americans enemies which seem (of late) to be more ISIL and terrorists generally. In the context of competence by inference (“will be the best”) Clinton hands down beats Trump.
Q #7 - “Yes” to “temporary ban on immigration into the United States for all Muslim persons”: Conservative (82%), Republican (74%), Independent (53%), Libertarian (51%), Green (32%), (27%) Democrat, (17%) Liberal. “No” to “temporary ban in immigration in the United States for all Muslim persons”: Liberal (78%), Democrat (63%), Green (55%), Independent (31%), Libertarian (29%), Republican (24%), Conservative (11%).
Q #8 - “Yes” Conservative (60%), Republican (52%), Libertarian (41%), Independent (29%), Democrat (23%), Liberal (16%), Green (3%). “No” Liberal (74%), Democrat (70%), Green (68%), Independent (48%), Libertarian (48%), Conservative (29%), Republican (28%)
Q #9 - “Yes” Democrats (44%), Republicans (36%), Independents (32%) Conservatives (29%), Liberals (21%), Libertarians (10%), Greens (06%). “No” Greens (74%), Libertarians (72%), Liberals (68%), Conservatives (67%), Republicans (55%), Independents (51%) Democrats (53%).
Q #10 - “Yes” “$15 dollar Federal minimum wage”: Green (79%), Liberal (79%), Democrat (77%), Independent (57%), Libertarian (48%), Republican (31%), Conservative (27%). The $15 Federal minimum wage is a winner attracting a strong majority of Green supporters who would need to reconcile this desire with the reality of the types of jobs they would accept, with resource and many other blue collar jobs not good for the environment. The Liberals are high with Democrats in majority territory but not a super majority. The interesting numbers come from Independents and Libertarians as well as the high minority of Republicans & Conservatives in support of the $15 Federal minimum wage.
Q #11 - The center left holds the bulk of support for environmental concerns including clear energy and the fight against climate change, not a strong issue for Donald Trump.
RSR ROBBINS Methodology: A sample by survey using proprietorial methodology of RSR ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) as well as standard telephone contact with respondents from lists for representation of final outcomes in this public opinion poll/survey.
This is a declared public opinion poll/survey of RSR ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) representing 2,012 American "voters" & featuring a Margin of Error of (2.18%).
The probability of Donald Trump having a lead over Hillary Clinton is estimated at (90%) based on probability. Given the lower limit of Donald Trump's lead is < 0, it is reasonable to conclude that although Donald Trump has a lead in support over Hillary Clinton among American "voters" at this time, there is not an exceptional difference in support for each. This poll/survey occurred between June 28, 2016 and July 7th, 2016

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