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Water is rising on sinking BC Liberals-The Media Gator is Rising-its about time!
  Jan 09, 2004

This random telephone survey is based on responses from 320 British Columbians within 14 distinct regions throughout the province. The survey was conducted between January 7-9, 2004. Respondents were pre-qualified to the extent that we know who they voted for in the 2001 BC provincial general election, and who they voted for in the Federal general election in 2000. The voting patterns were reasonably consistent with outcomes for both those elections. Fifty respondents in this survey were pre-qualified as non-caucasian. This survey has a margin of error of 3.5%, 18 times otu of 20 @ 98% competency.

Question #1
By convention, the government is responsible to the parliament which is 'the people'. In this question it serves to mean the people of British Columbia. It is convention that Minister's resign when their Ministry comes under suspicion, even if they personally have done nothing wrong. In your opinion based on what you have heard to date do you expect that one or more BC Liberal Cabinet Ministers will resign over the raid on the BC Legislature?
Yes    54 %
No    24 %
I'm not sure    21 %
Question #2
BC politics over the past decade has featured many disturbing events relating to questionable decisions and actions by many different political actors. With this statement in mind, is it your opinion that the police raid on the legislature is the lowest you have seen politics get in BC?
Pretty close to the lowest    38 %
I've seen it worse than this    39 %
It can't possibly get worse than this    07 %
It will likely get worse than this    16 %
Question #3
In your opinion, based on what you have heard to date, which BC Liberal Minister or Ministers do you expect will resign over the matter of the raid on the legislature?
Gordon Campbell    21 %
Christy Clark    13. %
Judith Reid    04 %
Gary Collins    23 %
None    22 %
We'll need to wait and see    25. %
Question #4
In federal politics, if an election as expected, is held in the spring of 2004, will you seriously consider voting for Jack Layton and the federal NDP?
Yes    16 %
No    38 %
Undecided    13 %
I've never heard of Jack Layton    33 %
Question #5
In your opinion who is better equipped to deal with "BC's challenges' with the United States?
Paul Martin    87 %
Premier Gordon Campbell    13 %
Question #6
Let's talk about lawyers for a moment. Currently, lawyers in British Columbia are permitted to perform both plaintiff and defendant work in personal injury cases. Consider for a moment that you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident. Your injuries are severe whiplash and a broken arm. You hire a lawyer with ABC law firm. Later you find out that ABC law firm, which has six full time lawyers receives $1,000,000 for defense work performed for ICBC. In your opinion can the lawyer you have hired represent you to the very best of his ability?
Yes    28 %
No    67 %
Undecided    05 %
Question #7
With respect to the preceding question, is your hypothetical lawyer, in your opinion, acting in a conflict of interest?
Yes    70 %
No    28 %
Question #8
Within the whirlwind of political and legal speculation by the media over the raid on the legislature, if you had $100. that you had to bet, which of the following choices would you select as your best bet for the main reason that serious crime and drug investigation police officers raided the BC Legislature?
Drug and laundered money are being invested in private companies which in turn will conduct business with the BC Liberal government on things like RAV, the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Bid and other infrastructure projects in 'off-book' transactions whic    82. %
drug and laundered money is being used to buy federal liberal memberships    08 %
BC government employees and political aides are receiving money or bribes to expedite paperwork for land speculators on land purchases in British Columbia, including land near new infrastructure and development sites assoicated with RAV, the 2010 Winter O    10 %
Question #9
The federal liberals under Paul Martin have 'sold' 36,000 memberships in BC. If the average membership due is $10. this would amount to a total of $360,000. At even $100. per membership this would amount to $3,600,000. The drug industry in British Columbia alone is reported to be 7 billion dollars annually. Is it fair to say that the reason serious crime and drug enforcement police officers raided the BC Legislature has nothing to do with Prime Minister Paul Martin, Deputy Minister Christy Clark, her brother Bruce, or her husband Marke Marissen?
Yes    62 %
No    38 %
BC Premier Gordon Campbell has not helped either himself or his government since returning from his Maui holidays. The number of respondents expecting a resignation is increasing. Deputy Minister Christy Clark is in political no-man's land and doesn't appear to have a strategy. Judith Reid may be hiding the elephant. She has yet to be tested, this can't be good for the BC Liberals.
Although respondents in this survey don't buy the idea that the federal Liberals membership problems are the main reason behind the raids, and don't believe Paul Martin will be hurt, his BC organization is hemorrhaging. Will this eventually affect him?
BC respondents (with little hesitation) indicated that they believed crimes are in transportation and in Mega-projects like RAV and the Olympics. Where else would you put 7 billion dollars of dirty dough? There has to be a Major Bank in this drug deal. Which one is it?
The Royal Bank of Canada carries the bulk of BC's debt.
If Mega-projects are the new way to launder green grass while green trees aren't doing well, will the Supreme Court of British Columbia become the 'rinse cycle'? When Regional Environmental Manager Dick Anderson shot himself and two colleagues in Kamloops in October 2002, they all went to their graves with a lot of secrets about underworld involvement in the dumping of millions of dollars of waste material and other corruption in the environmental industry. Solicitor General Rich Coleman, a former RCMP, Attorney General Geoff Plant, Premier Gordon Campbell and Finance Minister Gary Collins are all well aware that laws were being broken, but went to great lengths to ensure their friends, associates, and donors got away with the crimes. On of these BC Liberal friends actually tried in Criminal Courts, a BC Liberal donor got off on a legal technicality, the suspicious outcome of an ultra vires hearing (trial within a trial-translation-good excuse to get their friend off). The Crown promised an Appeal, but because Attorney General Geoff Plant is their boss, they were ordered not to Appeal.
On the BC Rail deal expect to see Attorney General Geoff Plant's good friend and Special Prosecutor Benardino follow the same script. The Dumoulin boys go all the way to PowerCorp the former employers and current business partners of Prime Minister Paul Martin's Canada Steamship Lines, and well known Bombardier (who stands to make a few bucks in BC too).
BC politics could not be more corrupt than it is now.

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