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Glen P. Robbins to file Notice of Intervention to SCC in Google case - will include criminal complaints against LSBC members, lower court justice Lauri Fenlon and Chris HInkson CJ
  Sep 01, 2016

Filing Notice of Intervention to Supreme Court of Canada next week in International case Google v Equustek. Will produce submissions (published at evidencing that subject matter is common to own case here in BC involving the same lower court justice Lauri Fenlon, Chief Justice Chris Hinkson. Issues include judicial comity (international comity), freedom of speech, party status. The overarching submissions will tie both justices to clearly criminal activities undertaken by 3 members of the Law Society of BC, with the active participation of the two justices. Will also seek orders for adjournment (until response to criminal submissions are provided), and for recusal of SCC Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin on the basis that the Canadian Judicial Council (for judicial complaints) headed by her is made up of justices - and her husband is Executive Director of organization of cross country justices. Will provide opportunity for showcasing how little regard the courts from top to bottom have for ordinary Canadians.

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