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BC Liberals strongarm Port Cities in the GVRD
  Jun 17, 2003

A survey of 375 respondents within the City of Port Moody. This survey relates to Port Moody respondent’s opinions regarding subsidies to businesses in difficult economic times “in order to make those businesses more competitive” (macro-baseline), their opinions on potential tax increases in Port Moody to make port businesses in that City “more competitive” (micro), and what instruction the residents of Port Moody would give to their Mayor, Joe Trasolini and his City Council with respect to the proposed BC government policy as it would apply to the City of Port Moody. This survey was conducted between June 15-19, 2003 and features an error rate of 3.0%, 19 times out of 20 at 98% competency.

Question #1
In your opinion, should taxpayers be forced to subsidize businesses in order to help make those businesses become more competitive in a difficult economy?
Yes    3.5 %
No    96.5 %
Question #2
The BC Provincial government proposes to reduce taxes on port businesses so that they might become more competitive. As a consequence, City and Municipalities affected will be compelled to raise all other property taxes in order to cover the losses from port businesses.In your opinion, should property owners be compelled to pay higher taxes in order to make port businesses in the City of Port Moody more competitive?
Yes    16 %
No    84 %
Question #3
Which of the following responses best depicts the direction you would give your civic leaders on the question of increased property taxes to subsidize more competitive port businesses?
I realize we are in tough economic times so I am willing to pay my fair share to ensure that our port businesses remain competitive;    15. %
I don’t really think this is downloading of taxes is fair and reasonable, and I would like my civic leaders to contact the provincial government and negotiate a compromise on my behalf;    34. %
I pay enough taxes already, and do not want to pay more, and I want my Mayor and City Council to    51 %
Respondents in this survey were very eager to provide their opinions. They deliberated over the issue and their responses. The minority of respondents in Port Moody who responded “No” to question #1, were well aware they were adjusting their basic philosophy when considered the port businesses where they lived when an increased number responded “Yes” to question #2.
It is clear that the residents of Port Moody speak with one clear voice when they say “No” to business subsidies to Port Moody, port businesses. Those who provided commentary often said every business should receive the same treatment.
Respondents are split on the approach they would like their Mayor Joe Trasolini, and City Council to take in dealing with the provincial government on this matter. A bare majority wants their civic leaders to “fight like hell”, while a large minority percentage does not want such an aggressive approach.
Port Moody Mayor Joe Trasolini and his City Council have tough decisions to make on this file, as the majority of those who are instructing them to “fight like hell”, mean it.

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