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RSR ROBBINS - The Platinum Standard Oct 29, 2016 Poll of Americans (conc prior to recent bombshell FBI announcement)
Glen P. Robbins - Most Accurate Pollster in the World - 4 straight Presidential Elections.  Nov 12, 2016

Question #1
Which candidate from the two major parties and two other parties do you currently support for President of the United States? (based on actual gender composition of United States before decided)
Donald Trump    46.6 %
Hillary Clinton    45.4 %
Gary Johnson    4.1 %
Jill Stein    2.2 %
Question #2
What is your degree of your certainty to vote in this year's election, if 7 is the lowest degree of certainty and 10 is the highest degree of certainty (if you have voted then use 10) for the following candidates.
Donald Trump    91 %
Hillary Clinton    86 %
Gary Johnson    76 %
Jill Stein    80 %
Question #3
Which candidate from the two major parties and two other parties do you currently support for President of the United States? (based on factoring of 'certainty')
Donald Trump    49.12 %
Hillary Clinton    45.22 %
Gary Johnson    3.61 %
Jill Stein    2.05 %
Question #4
Of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, if you had to choose between them, who do you believe is more likely to create more and better paying jobs for Americans?
Donald Trump    49 %
Hillary Clinton    44 %
Question #5
Do you support a woman's right to have an abortion at ANY stage in the pregnancy?
Yes    47 %
No    47 %
Question #6
Of the following two proposals offered as response choices which do you support most?
Building a wall between Mexico and the United States to protect legitimate American citizens    44 %
Open Borders allowing for more immigration and refugees in the American tradition of welcoming newcomers    35 %
Question #7
Do you want a change in direction for America from traditional Washington D.C operation and function?
Yes    54 %
No    32 %
Question #8
Without passing judgment on the type or the quality of change negative or positive– which of the two main candidates for President do you believe is more likely to deliver noticeable change to Washington D.C.?
Donald Trump    54 %
Hillary Clinton    24 %
Question #9
Which of the following response choices best reflects your attitude toward the Middle East?
The United States has a strategic interest in being well situation in the Middle East including getting rid of ISIS and other terrorist groups at their source    35 %
The Middle East is a sinkhole & waste of American blood and treasure    31 %
America is better served by denying entry to the United States to groups from the Middle East and improving detection of persons within the United States who would help terrorist    24 %
Question #10
What type of Judge would you like to see appointed to the Supreme Court?
A Conservative Judge that upholds the Constitution of the county including the 2nd amendment (right to bear arms), and recognizes the “viability of life” in the 3rd trimester of life    49 %
An Activist Judge that realizes circumstances change with time – realizes that guns are killing too many Americans and supports a woman's right to choose    46 %
Question #11
Which of the following response choices best reflects your opinion of media and public opinion polls publicly involved in this presidential election?
I thought media coverage was awful    52 %
I thought media coverage was excellent    29 %
I have no opinion on media coverage    19 %
Question #12
What is your overall impression of Barack Obama's two terms in office from the response choices offered?
Good    47 %
Not so Good    49 %
Question #13
What is your overall impression of the success of Obamacare?
I am impressed    39 %
I am not impressed    53 %
Question #14
From the following response choices offered, what is your opinion of NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada (signed) by then President George Herbert Walker Bush?
Keep it as it is to ensure American economic interests are met    36 %
Rip it up to ensure American economic interests are met    32 %
Change it to ensure American economic interests are met    29 %
The race to the White House is nearly even. Donald Trump has (58%) of male voters supporting him today, including a clear increase in African American male voters. Mitt Romney achieved 52% of the male vote in the 2012 presidential election.
Mr. Trump has (36%) of women voting for him today, while Mitt Romney realized 44% support from women in the 2012 election. In this RSR Poll slightly more than (2%) of men are undecided, while nearly (4%) of women are undecided. Based on actual demographics for gender Donald Trump would appear to be equal to Mitt Romney's totals with less than 2 weeks to Election Day.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has (57%) female support – providing her a national percentage increase from Barack Obama's 2012 Election Day totals from female demographic. However (33.5%) of men support her, down from (45%) achieved by Barack Obama in 2012. Based on actual gender demographics for the United States in calculation of these RSR Poll outcomes measuring popular support, Secretary Clinton is placed in a net deficit position from Barack Obama's vote totals.
Donald Trump has (57%) support from Caucasian respondents, while Mitt Romney attracted (59%). Hillary Clinton has support of (36%) of Caucasian respondents, while Barack Obama achieved 39% in 2012. Here, Donald Trump has the advantage as Caucasians turnout to a noteworthy higher percentage than visible minorities/other ethnic groups do. Again, if voter turnout among Caucasians increases and African American – Hispanic Latino turnout decreases, Trump wins. If minority vote stays the same as it was in 2012 in this election, and Caucasian vote decreases, than Clinton wins.
Hillary Clinton attracts support of (74%) of African Americans, while Barack Obama achieved 93% African American vote, a loss of (16%) support equivalent to a national percentage loss of (2.08%) (based on 2012 turnout). Hillary Clinton attracts (60%) of Hispanic/Latino vote down from 71% achieved by President Obama in 2012. Hillary Clinton attracts (60%) of Asian support down from 73% achieved by President Obama, as well as (58%) of “Other” vote, equal to President Obama's totals in 2012.
A relatively high percentage of African American and Latino voters remain undecided. (9% percent of African American voters) and (12%) of Hispanic/Latinos remain undecided.
Donald Trump attracts (17%) of African American voters, up from the scant 6% achieved by Mitt Romney, and (27%) support from Hispanic/Latino voters equal to the 27% achieved by Governor Romney in 2012. Although all numbers are important in speculating about who might succeed at the actual polls, this number for Donald Trump is important. If Donald Trump achieves it – or trumps our totals – most assumptions made surrounding Democrats winning minority support may need to be reconsidered.
Based on raw totals in this RSR Poll Donald Trump has more than (1%) support than Hillary Clinton does. However based on decided outcomes, Hillary Clinton has a lead over Donald Trump equal to basis points.
Through the millennium age demographic of 18-29, Hillary Clinton attracts (45%) of respondents' support when Barack Obama achieved (60%) vote from this demographic. Donald Trump attracts (38%) when Mitt Romney achieved (37%). In the 30-44 age demographic Hillary Clinton attracts (46%) of respondents' support while Donald Trump attracts (44%). Barack Obama achieved (52%) vote in 2012 from 30-44 age group while Mitt Romney achieved (43%).
Hillary Clinton has lost support among Americans within the age demographic of 18-29 & 30-44, while Donald Trump has held what Mitt Romney achieved and a 'little bit' more.
Based on this RSR Poll it appears that if our suggested numbers are accurate, and Hillary Clinton does not win, it is primarily because of losses in the 'millennials' age group plus. If Donald Trump wins the popular vote it is because he held the Republican support among 'millennials'.
Hillary Clinton attracts (46%) of aged 45-64. Barack Obama achieved (47%). Donald Trump attracts (47%) while Mitt Romney achieved (49%). Hillary Clinton attracts (39%) of people 65+ (her own age), while Donald Trump attracts (54%) from people his own age. Barack Obama achieved 44% from the 2012 presidential election, and Mitt Romney achieved (56%).
Older demographics consistently vote in higher numbers than younger demographics.
Based on raw data from age demographics, Hillary Clinton is off (5%) or less nationally from Barack Obama's 2012 totals, while Donald Trump is at or near Mitt Romney's totals.
Barack Obama achieved 51.19% of the popular vote in 2012, while Mitt Romney achieved (47.32%). Gary Johnson (Libertarian) achieved 1% {.99%} of the vote and Jill Stein (.36%).
Caucasian voters participate to a higher percentile than minorities, most specifically African Americans and Hispanic/Latinos. Given the higher undecided among African Americans and Latino/Hispanics in this RSR Poll – and the consistent decline among all age demographics for Hillary Clinton, as well as the lower number of men who voted relative to actual demographic, the case could be made that the additional one percent Hillary Clinton might achieve based on decided outcomes, could be offset by a higher turnout of men (49%) to 47% from 2012.
In the 2008 US Election for President (Obama v McCain) 64.8% of Caucasian voters caste ballots, while 60.8% of African Americans, 31.6% of Hispanic/Latinos, 32.1% of Asians voted. Also in 2008 60.4% of women and 55.7% of men did (an adv of 3% nationally). According to Cornell University and the Roper Center For Public Opinion Research (47%) of men and (53%) of women voted in the 2012 Election.
Methodology: A digit dialing of 3,522 Americans originally determined to be likely voters, and later asked through question recital how certain they were to vote. No cell phone responses were obtained, average age of respondent was 43 and not 38 the actual average. *Our deadly accurate prediction in 2012 of Barack Obama's win over Mitt Romney weeks in advance and contrary to mainstream polls featured average age respondent of 47. Accordingly this poll better considers 2012 age demographic vote turnout to respondent in this RSR POLL.
The Margin of Error is declared at 1.71% plus or minus. Based on raw data the race for President of the United States is a tie between Donald J. Trump and Hillary R. Clinton. (This RSR POLL was conducted prior to the news of the FBI investigation made Oct 28, 2016).
This RSR POLL was undertaken between October 20 to October 27, 2016.

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