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Prince George survey
  Apr 15, 2003

A survey of 180 respondents in the Prince George Region comprised of 60 respondents each in Prince George North, Prince George Omenica, and Prince George Mt. Robson. This survey took place between April 13th –14th, 2003. It features a margin of error of 2.5% 19 times out of 20, at 98% competency rate

Question #1
For which political party did you vote in the May 2001 BC provincial election?
BC Liberals    63. %
NDP    14 %
Green Party    07 %
Unity BC    06 %
Question #2
If an election were held tomorrow in the province of British Columbia, for which political party would you cast your vote?
BC Liberals    31 %
NDP    18 %
Reform BC    23 %
Green Party    04 %
Question #3
Are you satisfied with the performance of Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals to date?
Yes    24. %
No    76 %
BC Liberal support is soft and dwindling in Prince George. There are numerous areas in the region where no support registers for them. This will get worse before it gets better if the BC Liberal’s do not take decisive action NOW. Reform BC has established itself as new challenger to the BC Liberals in this area. NDP support is slowly coming back within the region, however it is doubtful if the party can return to its higher levels of support by the next provincial election.
BC Liberal Independent Paul Nettleton made an astute decision to leave the BC Liberal caucus as he remains popular in his constituency. Many respondents in his constituency mentioned him by name when asked which party they supported. Nettleton pioneered the political protest against any privatization of BC Hydro, a position overwhelmingly supported not only in the Prince George area but all across the province.
Premier Gordon Campbell has lost the confidence of Prince George voters, particularly BC Liberal supporters who are now saying “the NDP has had a turn and they were no good…..the BC Liberals are having their turn…and they are no good…maybe it’s time for a completely different party to have a turn”.
Could this different party be Reform BC? To date in our “micro-surveys” of regions around the province, the Reform BC party is scoring huge popularity in the Peace River and Prince George region, with less discernable support in the Nanaimo area ridings on Vancouver Island.
In our three micro-surveys (seven ridings) to date, the Green Party and Unity are revealed to be only fractional considerations.

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