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RSR ROBBINS - Election 2017 Dedicated to the passing of my mother Rita Robbins Nov 17, 1921 - February 12, 2017
Not Fade Away - The Rolling Stones  Mar 15, 2017

Question #1
If an election were held in BC today which leader and party would you vote for?
John Horgan and BC New Democrats    42 %
Christy Clark and BC Liberal Party    36 %
Andrew Weaver and BC Green Party    8 %
(Dan Brooks) and BC Conservative Party    8 %
Undecided/Don't Know/Can't Answer    6 %
Question #2
Do you believe that BC school curriculum should be amended to include more education programs to deal head on with matters relating to racism, including Antisemitism and Islamophobia?
Yes    29 %
No    59 %
Question #3
Do you support Justin Trudeau's approval of the expansion of Kinder Morgan oil pipelines through the lower mainland of Vancouver for shipment by sea to primarily China?
Yes    36 %
No    50 %
Question #4
Do you support Justin Trudeau's proposition to legalize and regulate the sale of marijuana later this spring (2017) following BC's provincial general election, with the added position of 'Power Writer' and Pollster Glen P. Robbins of a (20% tax) on the sale of the product to be used exclusively to pay down government debt?
Yes    56 %
No    34 %
Question #5
Would you support a Parliamentary vote in Ottawa to amend the Constitution of Canada and abolish the Senate?
Yes    62 %
No    23 %
Question #6
Under Canada's former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, 45% of the Supreme Court of Canada bench were people of Jewish ethnic background. The population of Jewish people (by ethnic background) is 1%. In your opinion is this an appropriate designation of seats on Canada's top legal court?
Yes    11 %
No    76 %
Question #7
Are acts of hatred including vandalism, hate speech etc a major concern in your life today either directly or through awareness of the issue(s)?
Yes    20 %
No    66 %
Question #8
Should all Canadian judges at the federal and provincial levels be particularly and significantly well educated in matters relating to Canada's Constitution given that all are deemed to have constitutional authority?
Yes    70 %
No    28 %
Question #9
Does BC Premier Christy Clark have your full and complete confidence?
Yes    28 %
No    60 %
Question #10
Does John Horgan, leader BC's Opposition Party, the NDP have your full and complete confidence to be Premier of BC?
Yes    40 %
No    40 %
Question #11
Which concerns you more: A BC New Democrat government or a fifth BC Liberal government?
A BC New Democratic government    36 %
A fifth consecutive BC Liberal government    57 %
Question #12
What are your expectations for Vancouver's housing market in the near term to one year?
I believe Vancouver's housing market will collapse    22 %
I believe Vancouver's housing market will remain as it is- high values, but few sales    17 %
I believe Vancouver housing values will decline sharply    32 %
I believe there will be a modest correction downward for Vancouver's house values    16 %
I believe many more houses will sell at much higher prices    2 %
Question #13
Do you agree or disagree with this statement? I believe BC's housing market is in some trouble?
Agree    62 %
Disagree    33 %
Question #14
If British Columbia's real estate market implodes and residents here who purchased high value homes and took on great mortgages to do so -- go broke, and negligence can be proved to a standard acceptable for class action lawsuit, from the following response choices who would you believe to be the worst culprit (if any at all are culprits) [percentages shown are Decided]?
BC Liberal Government including BC Liberal Cabinet and Caucus    27 %
Both the BC Liberal and BC New Democratic Opposition    13 %
Banks, unregulated or poorly regulated lenders forcing sub prime mortgages in Toronto and Vancouver    11 %
Justin Trudeau's Liberals for failing to properly regulate Interest Rates across Canada    8 %
Real Estate speculators    7 %
Real Estate agents/lawyers/others in business    9 %
Foreign Investors    25 %
Question #15
Which of the following potential election issues concerns you most at this BC Election time?
Housing affordability/real estate matters in BC    36 %
Health Care (including Seniors health)    29 %
Education (including post secondary education)    27 %
Question #16
Which of the following potential election issues concerns you most at this BC Election time?
Trouble in BC's economy    28 %
BC Liberals political campaign contributions-    34 %
Christy Clark receiving an extra $50,000 per year from her party, contrary to law    32 %
Question #17
Which of the following potential election issues concerns you most at this BC Election time? [Percentages shown are Undecided]
Subsidizing Corporate Donations    22 %
Protecting the Environment    37 %
Creating more and higher paying union jobs    19 %
BC's welfare system/helping the disabled    21 %
Question #18
Do you support U.S. President Donald J. Trump's presidency to date?
Yes    21 %
No    62 %
Question #19
Do you believe U.S. President Trump will create the conditions where that country will create new high paying jobs?
Yes    54 %
No    39 %
Question #20
Who do you believe will prove the better negotiator?
Donald Trump    54 %
Vladimir Putin    42 %
Question #21
North Korea has developed capability to strike the North American continent with long range missiles. Would you support President Donald Trump and U.S. Military's decision to bomb North Korea's missile facilities directly?
Yes    42 %
No    51 %
Question 1:
John Horgan and his BC New Democrats have a solid (6%)lead. His personal numbers are good with room to grow while BC Liberal leader Christy Clark's are trending down along with the Liberal brand.
Where I believe we differ in this RSR ROBBINS Survey, from mainstream polls is on Vancouver Island support. We have the BC NDP at history highs of (50%), while pollsters for 308 site say it is in the very low 40 percentile.
We have a higher Undecided in the North and Interior (Kootenay) region of (17%). The BC Liberals are averaging (36%) with the BC New Democrats at (32%).
The very populous Lower Mainland (including Langley, and Fraser Valley) region reflects a (5%) lead for the BC NDP over the BC Liberals.
The BC New Democrats are dominating Vancouver and Burnaby City with near (50%) in both.
Question 2:
We thought we would fuse BC Public Education with a relevant political matter dealt with in the federal political realm. About one in three Decided respondents believe that racism, antesemetism, islamophobia should be given more attention, while two thirds do not.
Question 3:
Current support for the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion is at (36%) or nearly (40%) Decided. It has been at this level for a long time. Opposition is at (50%) and nearly (60%) Decided.
There is an increase in hard feelings in the North and Interior of B.C. about the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Many people do not understand why a proposal through an entire City and through a packed Port (Kinder Morgan) would be approved over the Enbridge proposal in the North of BC.
The Kinder Morgan approval is not helping the Liberal brand in the North and Interior, and Christy Clark did not distinguish her brand from the federal one following Trudeau's announcement with agreement that her five conditions (for approval) had been met.
Question 4:
Legalizing marijuana with the Glen P. Robbins proposal to charge (20%) tax on its sale to pay down Canada's debt gets some rave reviews in this RSR ROBBINS Survey.
More respondents who support BC Conservatives (53%) than those who support BC Liberals (47%) also support legalizing of marijuana with the Glen P. Robbins 'commonlawmaker (R)' touch of tax.
Question 5:
British Columbians are done with the Canadian Senate. It is coming to the point where it is difficult to take Canada seriously.
Question 6:
Our question on the Conservative Harper Supreme Court of Canada Judicial bench featuring 45% Jewish judges from a representative population of 1%.
It is intended to ask the question, did no one in Harper's Cabinet find this a little odd? Did the press report on it?
Was Canada's financial position in 2008 during the big bank meltdown and bottoming of interest rates so bad that some type of deal was struck with debtholders to ensure the justice system favoured banks and lenders over Canadians?
This question has an answer. In 2010 after much deliberation, the Liberal Government of Ontario made an arrangement with banks under revised court rules, permitting courts to kick out claims notwithstanding de minimus standard (for advancing claims to trial)on basis of a much lesser standard.
The Province of BC AG made no such change, they permitted the Law Society to enforce an underground economy in the province of fraudulent interest rates, sanctioned by BC lawyers and removed any barrier of scrutiny at Land Titles of Offices in the Province for registering mortgages.
With the removal of scrutiny over moneylenders operating in BC (Reg.) accountability went out the window, now all hell make break loose.
Question 7:
About one in five British Columbians who voted in the last provincial election and say they intend to vote in this one find racism a major concern in their life today. (Just less than one in four Decided).
Question 8:
British Columbians like things simple. If you are a judge with constitutional authority, wouldn't it make sense you actually knew the Constitution particularly well? The people get it, those responsible for selections don't appear to. Why not?
Question 9:
At this juncture as respondents are sure to labour, we come back with a Christy question and she doesn't do well. Only (28%) have full trust and confidence in Christy Clark.
Our Decided number for Christy is just under (32%), well below Angus Reid's numbers in the past weeks of (37%).
It will be interesting to test our (60%) resistance to Christy against polls and surveys to follow, particularly with one recent poll (different from a survey)suggesting a (24%) Undecided.
That poll was commissioned on behalf of PostMedia owners of the Vancouver Sun and Province newspapers.
(24%) Undecided -- what a great opportunity for those in the advertising business eh?
If BC Liberals find themselves in a no win position will they hold their dollars to keep powder dry knowing that campaign finance reform is coming, must come, and is one of many reasons why they might lose, and if the BC Conservatives make a seat breakthrough would challenge more Liberal inclined BC Liberals for Opposition with Christy Clark gone.
Question 10:
John Horgan has some pretty good numbers. It is true that as many British Columbians are against him as for him, but those for him are at (40%), which is nearly equivalent to party numbers in the winning zone.
John Horgan's Decided support is nearly (50%) provincially.
Question 11:
Question 11 really tells a story with only (36%) concerned about electing a BC New Democrat provincial government and nearly (60%) against the BC Liberals.
Question #12:
Without any doubt, a majority of British Columbians don't see any upside in Vancouver's real estate market.
Is today's concern over real estate - tomorrow's nightmare?
Well over (50%) are expecting a market collapse or a sharpe decline in real estate values.
Question 13:
Unlikely question 13, affirms what we had already established from question 12, that, British Columbians were pessimistic about the real estate market, and that this so called housing affordability issue, which I prefer to hybrid as housing affordability - largest real estate fraud in modern history..will be front and center stage in this 2017 BC Election.
Who would have guessed?
Question 14:
Question 14 provided insight into a more developed sense of blame, should the real estate market "implode". A push question but a fair one following canvass of the issue. The point here is that between the BC Liberal blame plus the Justin Trudeau Liberal blame, then add in foreign investors, voila, (60%) of blame.
Question 15 evolves the question of trouble in the Vancouver real estate market impacting on the entire province - to measure it in context of "concern" up against the two budget giants, health care and education. Here homeownership, lack of any regulation or oversight involving Canadian Interest Rates under the Canadian Interest Act - trumps both education and health.
The real estate problem has value to British Columbians. Hiding from it through an entire election process is going to seem really weird to people watching us, don't you think?
And people are watching our government..very closely.
Question #16:
We can see based on this question that Christy Clark and/or her party's perceived indiscretions, (about matters apparently within their newly developed discretionary capacity (based upon what authority no one is quite sure of-except the Conflict Commissioner apparently)), that the corporate political fundraising and Christy's extra $50,000 income from her more a concern to British Columbians than "Today's Economy", which has its own issues.
Question 17:
The environment gets a big bump in this grouping winning the most responses as subject of concern. When you take the concern with respect to corporate donations in combination with concern about social welfare and disabiity you have a total of over (40%) supporting these two. When you stitch one in five supporting union jobs you have (60%).
Which one of these three are the BC Liberals going to support - the Environment - after backing PM Trudeau's Kinder Morgan?
Are you able to see what is going on here, right now among the BC public?
An RSR ROBBINS Survey of respondents in the Province of British Columbia. This is not a random poll of people by vote bot, or through Internet - the scientific nature of which has room for debate. A Survey is a known list of people. There are many statistical factors which may go into the calculus of producing a Survey as a poll, but there is not a specific algorithm which a poll demands. The science apparently depends on one calculation.
Nevertheless, we have seen our surveys be more successful than some of the major powerhouse mainstream pollsters during the recent U.S. Presidential elections.
Our firm predicted President Trump's vote total the closest (by 4 basis point). Those closest to RSR ROBBINS were not close at all.
We are predicting our margin of error at (2%).
So based on on John Horgan and BC NDP total we assert the BC NDP is at (40%) to (44%) (raw).
All other questions we claim to (3.5%). Time Period is February 27, 2017 until March 11, 2017

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