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Letter to BC Chief Justice for BC Robert Bauman & CJ for SCC Beverley McLachlin - clear up BC mess
Original publish March 23, 2017  Sep 26, 2017

Glen P. Robbins Burnaby, BC, V5G 2B4
Robert Bauman Chief Justice for B.C. Supreme Court, Vancouver Registry, BC Court of Appeal The Law Courts 400-800 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2C5
Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, Supreme Court of Canada, 301 Wellington St., Ottawa, Ontario K1A OJ1 Fax: 1 613 996 9138
Attention: Chief Justice Robert Bauman
Re: Letter to Chris Hinkson (CJ) and others, Regarding: BCSC S111171 (H130330) (see also BCSC 149328)
Please find enclosed letter directed to BC Supreme Court Justice Chris Hinkson in relation to two lower court decisions, H130330 & S111171.
I have included this correspondence to Canada's Chief Justice following my own telephone call to Registry at or about the same time I was applying for Intervener status in Google v Equustek (36602) (referenced below), which suggested I do so. I do so in pursuit of the objectives of court rules stipulated by both levels of Court.
Please note I include a Stay of Execution Order drafted among myself, my wife Ita Robbins (and another). This order follows our application for stay of execution at hearing April 7, 2014 which was granted by Justice Kloegman extending from April 7, 2014 until April 30, 2014.
As the top justice of BC Superior Courts operating under Canada's Constitution and as a constitutionally appointed justice of those courts, you have an obligation, in the public interest, to ensure that a matter such as this one, engages your immediate attention.
I believe this obligation has been ignored by you, and believe it may be, or has already evolved to a legal matter involving malfeasance, breach of public duty and trust, agreement on and between persons holding positions of authority. Nonetheless I make overture to reason, so that you might take your head out of the sand and respond.
There is sufficient evidence of communications made between you and I prior to this, which I believe prevails to my advantage and to that of my family in any future debate surrounding good and/or bad faith.
My (our) allegations against the courts and against particularly justices including Mr. Hinkson (as he was prior to being appointed justice), also spill over onto a number of other justices including: (a) Lauri Fenlon, Barry Davies, and Nathan Smith (J's).
More seriously is the impact this will have on the confidence of all courts across Canada as it relates to submissions made by Ron Bakonyi on behalf of client Cambridge Mortgage Investment Corporation to the Supreme Court of Canada under Docket 35772 Ita Robbins v Cambridge Mortgage Investment Corporation.
As you may or may not know, Canada and BC's real estate market is in a precarious place. Of the many elements of reported malfeasance in that industry including money laundering associated with foreign investment, issues relating to purchase motivation of foreign investors (huge expensive empty houses/students with millions of $$, real estate shadow shadow flipping, purchase kiting among group of investors (pushing up values artificially and through collusion)).
One matter not yet reported, at least not widely, is the matter of criminal and unconscionable loans being made, not in compliance with federal laws pertaining to Interest Act (Canada), which loans are thereafter registered under a different Interest Rate at Land Title, and non disclosure of the preceding criminal rate. There is evidence that these loans were made possible by actions taken by the BC Liberal government (permitting mortgage brokers to be self regulating (like real estate brokers).
This de regulation was poorly reported (if at all). Our family case reflects a detailed history of this Interest Rate abuse, sponsored, and abetted I believe by the current government and your courts. To this end, I would advise your attorney canvass court records at Supreme Court of Canada.
The new American administration which has now raised Interest Rates twice with no response in kind from Canada. The Americans under Trump I believe will heavily scrutinize Canada's political and court authorized underground economy of Interest, a response in history which would appear to follow your luncheon speech relating to Law Society of BC 'troubles' including in the area of decreasing revenues.
This would appear to be consistent with comments made by S.C.C. Chief Justice McLachlin at Empire Club as it pertains to high legal fees, and to your predecessors comments regarding issues involving the Law Society of BC. It would appear that your solution was to permit lawyers to register mortgages at Land Title (who doesn't check them) which they know to include false (federal) Interest Rate declarations for mortgage registration in return for legal fees of $2,000 to $3,000 on regular property (fees which legally form part of Interest Rate Disclosure).
Mr. Bakonyi filed and served documents under confirmed affidavit of service relating to procedural matters (response, reply to response etc.) governed under S.C.C. Rules, where he fails to inform three Supreme Court of Canada Justices, namely Rothstein, Abella, & Moldaver that he has obtained orders under the lower court docket H130330 to which 35772 is directly related, while under a stay of execution order made April 7, 2014 by Justice Kloegman.
What would you say, and what would the Supreme Court of Canada say, if a person incarcerated for many years, was made that way, because of court sanctioned abuse of office, fraudulent court filings, contempt of court orders, using police and private sheriffs to negotiate under writ of possession enforced pursuant to vacant possession order (obtained under the stay).
How fast would all of these people be fired say in a place like the United States or another democracy that favours the rule of law, like France? How many would go to jail?
Why should this case be held to any less standard?
Under Supreme Court of Canada matter Google v Equustek (36602), I filed application for Intervener status. This was done to circumvent an Order obtained from Justice Wagner blocking any provision of unique circumstances (including the stay of execution matter), and based it would appear on the order of Justice Chris Hinkson. These filings can be obtained from
As you can see in enclosed letter, assertions are made against Chris Hinkson assisting Michael Kleisinger of LSBC to assist Ron Bakonyi in this historic legal fraud of property where nearly a dozen conscious breaches in administration of justice including contempt. But for Chris Hinkson's involvement along with Michael Kleisinger, Ron Bakonyi has no legal distraction for Judges Rothstein, Abella and Moldaver in Robbins v Cambridge.
What does this do for these S.C.C. judges reputations?
My application under Google included a dissertation on breaches to the updated Criminal Code of Canada undertaken by Ron Bakonyi for Cambridge Mortgage, Robert Ellis for BMO Bank, and Michael Kleisinger of Law Society of BC.
I also made allegations under the Code against Christopher Hinkson implicating Lauri Anne Fenlon as well. I also provided affidavit evidence including the court clerk notes relating to the stay of execution order, the language (which was clear enough) I also had PhD linguistic specialist comment for greater precision as this might concern both federal and provincial Interpretation Acts.
I would suggest you make an investment to the material filed in my application to 36602. The docket reveals by application, a response from Equustek and a Reply (a commencement, defense, and prosecution of the application). Although this application is dismissed by Brown J. of the S.C.C., he read it.
I am providing you with this courtesy prior to taking further steps to the Supreme Court of Canada.
I would also ask that you publicly disclose and provide me with information relating to any interest that you may have had in Bull, Housser & Tupper “law firm” while you were a BC Supreme Court Justice (or what might have been done with that interest), or if you have interest in Norton Rose Fulbright (which took over Bull, Housser & Tupper) including if that interest is held in trust etc.
I inform you that an Officer with Office of Freedom of Information is currently investigating the Finance Ministry for failing to provide me with all records of payments made by Government of British Columbia (over the past (6) six years) to any and all lawyers and law firms in the Province.
Glen P. Robbins Enduring Power of Attorney for Ita Robbins

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