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Of Health Care wages and Doctor's demands
  Jan 31, 2004

A random telephone survey of 105 respondents in Victoria, Vancouver, and Kamloops. This survey was undertaken January 30 and 31st, 2004. The margin of error is plus or minus 6.5%, 16 times out of 20 @95% competency.

Question #1
Who would you choose to do the cleaning and otherwise providing like services in your community hospital?
The existing Union worker at $20. per hour    72 %
Privatized lowest bidder    26 %
Question #2
BC doctor's would like an additional 300-400 millions dollars or they might go south to work in the United States. Should we pay this money?
Yes    39. %
No    61 %
Question #3
in your opinion, which of the following choices would be what you as a taxpayer in British Columbia would be willing to pay our doctors?
100 million    22. %
200 million    17 %
300 million    15 %
400 million    07 %
Nothing/Zero    39. %
Question #4
Is Health Care Minister Colin Hansen doing a good job for you?
Yes    34 %
No    45 %
Undecided    21 %
Despite what the respondents say in this poll, Gordon Campbell and his BC Liberal Team are going ahead with drastic cuts to health care services. Most British Columbians aren't comfortable with low wage earners keeping their hospitals safe, clean and sterile.
British Columbians are willing to pay doctors a reasonable raise, I wonder why they don't seem to want to take the money? Is there something we are not being told about the BC Liberals government's arrangement with their wealthy friends in the medical profession?
BC Liberal Health Minister Colin Hansen may be one of the few bright lights left on the BC Liberals Team. If anyone can bring Hansen down, Premier Campbell can do it!

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