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Does Laura Bush have greater sex appeal than Theresa Heinz.
  Jul 30, 2004

A targeted telephone survey of 86 Democrats and 89 Republicans in North and South California. This survey of male respondents was conducted between July 25-29, 2004. These respondents were derived from two previous surveys conducted by ROBBINS within the last 10 months. No margin of error was assessed.

Question #1
Which of the following Presidential candidates wives in your opinion has the greater sex appeal?
Laura Bush    54.29 %
Theresa Heinz    41.71 %
Question #2
When a well known Hollywood Movie Star supports a particular candidate, are you more inclined to support that candidate as well?
Yes    17.14 %
No    82.86 %
Question #3
In a Hollywood re-make of the shoot-out at the OK Corral, Kurt Russell is not available to play Wyatt Earp. You are the director, which of the following two choices would be your choice to play the role of Wyatt Earp?
George W. Bush    80.57 %
John Kerry    19.43 %
Laura Bush has greater sex appeal amongst Democratic and Republican men. A number of respondents who indicated that Theresa Heinz was very sexy, ultimately made their choice for Laura Bush as having greater sex appeal. Perhaps Laura Bush is seen as the marrying kind, and Ms. Heinz the kind of woman you have an affair with. What exactly constitutes sex appeal anyhow? One democrat in this survey thought that Theresa Heinz was probably the reason that John Kerry seemed so docile. "She's tired him out".
George W. Bush is seen as the gunslinger of the two candidates. He's the 'cowboy sheriff in town' setting out to get Osama, Saddam, and the little North Korean freak, who in this survey would be the Clantons, (not Clinton). The vast majority of respondents in this survey think George W. Bush fits the role to a perfect "T", (not Mr. "T").
With the consensus amongst American males that current Hollywood support (allededly) being nothing short of annoying, will President Bush give some thought to having Cowboy and Rifle advocate Tom Selleck front and centre at the Republican convention? Will George W. Bush grow a fancy moustache for the occasion?

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