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American men, both Democrats and Republicans get hard-nosed on Iraq
  Aug 09, 2004

A random telephone survey of 250 respondents who are all male, 125 of whom are Democrats and 125 of whom are Republicans-(from party support questions asked by ROBBINS in the past six months). This survey was conducted between August 6-10th, 2004. One hundred respondents are from Ohio, seventy-five from Texas and seventy-five from Massachusetts. The odd number in the latter two States was reconciled by calling one more Republican in Texas, and one more Democrat in Massachusetts. The margin of error in this survey is 4.75%, 17 times out of 20, @ 97% competency.

Question #1
In your opinion which of the following is more important to you?
saving the lives of some American men and women military personnel in Iraq    53.60 %
establishing freedom and democracy in Iraq-    45.00 %
Question #2
Since George W. Bush has been President; American troops have gone to Afghanistan and Iraq, primarily to fight terrorism. All things considered how would you rate George W. Bush on the following basis-The United States had to prove a point to terrorists.
George W. Bush has done an excellent job    40.80 %
George W. Bush has done a good job    25.20 %
George W. Bush has done an average job-    25.60 %
George W. Bush has done a poor job    7.60 %
George W. Bush has done a lousy job    02 %
Question #3
American troops have gone to Iraq, have toppled Saddam Hussein, and have established a new sovereign government. Is it time to get out of Iraq?
Yes, its time to get out of Iraq    37.20 %
Not quite, but we should get out soon-    22.00 %
We need to stay on in Iraq as long as it is necessary to finish the job    39.20 %
Question #4
In your opinion on which one of the following issues do you most believe the next Presidential election in the United States will ultimately be determined?
The Presidential candidates plan for the future of Iraq    43.20 %
The U.S. Economy    37.20 %
Health Care and Education in the U.S.    19.60 %
We cut short our survey the moment we heard Senator (and Democratic Presidential candidate) John Kerry’s comments about getting out of Iraq, as at today’s date. It is impossible to know what impact, if any, his statements and President George W. Bush’s statement in response, may have had on this survey. We are reasonably confident that given when we concluded calls, and given the first we heard of the news, that this survey would still fall within an anticipated margin of error, all things being relatively equal.
This is important because it seems that male respondents in these important American States to the next Presidential election are becoming disinterested in Iraq. American males don’t care much for Arab people, and have little confidence in Middle Eastern countries ability to manage without constant trouble.
American television can put out all the propaganda on tolerance they wish, but American men in this survey don’t give a damn. The terrorists who hijacked those airplanes on September 11, 2001 have made it literally impossible for Arab people to have any meaningful relationship with the majority of American men, insofar as this polling culture is concerned. The sense of distain for and contempt of Arab people, particularly as the relates to 911, and the fact that more Americans are dying everyday in Iraq, a country in an area that one Democrat described as “pathetic”, has not been properly described in American media.
The number of males that volunteered that soldiers should only stay to guard the oil in the area, and the rest “should bugger off as soon as they can” was a constant theme amongst respondents. Those respondents from both parties that are saying get out now are of the opinion that Iraqi lives aren’t worth saving, if any American lives are to be lost. An underlying sentiment from Democrats (for leaving immediately), was that the U.S. had made their point. Peter Paul and Mary, nor Michael Moore is going to get John Kerry any votes with these Americans.
Oddly, this survey seemed to make our callers feel that there was a different mood within the polling culture. Many of these respondents have been called before by ROBBINS. Maybe they are getting more comfortable, with us. Maybe something is happening. We are not sure.

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