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Oct 19, 2020 U.S. Election 2020 Trump/Pence re election?, Judicial Independence, BLM et al, Fake News, $$ for Airlines
A Rising Tide....  Oct 19, 2020

Question #1
(Baseline) Who did you vote for in the 2016 U.S. Election for President/Vice President? (adjusted by GPR)
(Winners 2016) Donald J. Trump/Mike Pence    46.4 %
(Losers 2016) Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine-48    48.4 %
Libertarian    3.2 %
Green    0.8 %
Other    0.7 %
Question #2
Who do you currently support for President? (to 99.53605%)
Donald Trump    51.17321 %
Joe Biden/All Other    48.36284 %
Question #3
Do you intend to re elect the Trump Pence Team in 2020? (adjusted using RSR ROBBINS Newstrend Predicting Technique)
Yes    52.3454 %
Question #4
Final Vote Outcome/Support presumed by mathematical/statistical inference to Biden/Harris & All Other
Final Vote Outcome/Support presumed by mathematical/statistical inference to Biden/Harris & All Other    47.6545 %
Question #5
Do you expect all Judges to the U.S. Supreme Court to conduct their judicial business independently?
Yes    64 %
No    29 %
Question #6
Do you agree or disagree with those voices in response to the “Black Lives Matter” movement that its name alone-”Black Lives Matter” is discriminatory against other races not Black - inferring the possibility that those races lives don’t matter as much as Black Lives?
Agree    56 %
Disagree    27 %
Question #7
Do you believe major news to be “fake” as described by President Trump?
Yes    76 %
No    21 %
Question #8
U.S. President Trump donates his annual salary of nearly one half million dollars to charity keeping none of it for himself. Do you admire this action by President Trump?
Yes    74 %
No    26 %
Question #9
Would you support in response to the China Virus - a financial Bill from Congress and the President that would assist and support the U.S. Airline industry to make travel easier and safer for Americans who want to travel by this method of transportation?
Yes    62 %
No    38 %
Alabama-2016 Trump Pence 62.08% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (66.47%) Alaska-2016 Trump Pence 51.28% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (54.28%) Arizona-2016 Trump Pence 48.08% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (50.94%) Arkansas-2016 Trump Pence 60.57 Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (64.17%) California-2016 Trump Pence 31.62% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (44.27%) Colorado-2016 Trump Pence 43.25% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (48.15%) Connecticut-2016 Trump Pence 40.93% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (47.82%) Delaware-2016 Trump Pence 41.52% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (45.92%) Florida-2016 Trump Pence 49.02% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (56.83%) Georgia-2016 Trump Pence 50.44% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (55.11%) Hawaii-2016 Trump Pence 30.36% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (42.62%) Idaho-2016 Trump Pence 59.25% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (70.33%) Illinois-2016 Trump Pence 38.76% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (47.12%) Indiana-2016 Trump Pence 56.47% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (59.42%) Iowa-2016 Trump Pence 51.15% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (54.34%) Kansas-2016 Trump Pence 56.16% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (59.12%)
All States from Alabama to Kansas (Alphabet) reflects popular vote increases for the Trump/Pence Team (2016 voter to 2020 voter). This is a Platinum Prediction from RSR ROBBINS Sce Research (1998).
Top 5 (%) increases by State for the Trump/Pence from Alabama to Kansas (Rounded): 1. Hawaii (12%), 2. California (12%), 3. Idaho (11%), 4. Illinois (8%), 5. Connecticut, Florida (7%).
Top 5 by number of 2016 voters moving to support Trump Pence 2020 (Rounded): 1. California (1,850,000), 2. Florida (640,000), 3. Illinois (500,000), 4. Georgia (190,000), 5. Connecticut (140,000).
Trump Pence hold the following States won in 2016: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas. Democrats hold: California, Delaware, Hawaii.
Too Close to Call: Colorado, Connecticut, & Illinois (all Democratic held States (Hillary Clinton). I assert too Close to Call at the State level at 1% up or down (not Margin of Error) extrapolated to 95% at GPR discretion). These three States possess 36 EV College Votes.
From Kentucky to New York.
Kentucky-2016 Trump Pence 62.52% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (63.31%) Louisiana-2016 Trump Pence 58.06% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (65.61%) Maine-2016 Trump Pence 44.87% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (49.52%) Maryland-2016 Trump Pence 33.91% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts: (45.17%) Massachusetts-2016 Trump Pence 33.34% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts(40.91%) Michigan-2016 Trump Pence 47.50% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts (51.9%) Minnesota-2016 Trump Pence 44.92% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts (49.07%) Mississippi-2016 Trump Pence 57.86% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts (58.99%) Missouri-2016 Trump Pence 56.38% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts (56.4%) Montana-2016 Trump Pence 56.17% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts (58.2%) Nebraska-2016 Trump Pence 58.75% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts (63.4%) Nevada-2016 Trump Pence 45.50% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts (56.8%) New Hampshire-2016 Trump Pence 47.25% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts (56.6%) New Jersey-2016 Trump Pence 41.25% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts (50.3%) New Mexico-2016 Trump Pence 40.04% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts (54.2%) New York-2016 Trump Pence 36.52% Actual Vote, 2020 RSR ROBBINS predicts (43.9%)
From the State of Kentucky to New York State this alphabetized grouping of RSR States provides an average Electoral Vote per State of just less than 9. We have determined that Donald Trump/Mike Pence have increased their Team’s popular support in every one of these State.
The largest increase to the Trump/Pence Team in New York State (570,000) (relative to the 2016 US Election v Hillary Clinton, Democrat - on the basis of my ROBBINS Re litigation of that Election herein).
Note that New York State attracts 29 EV votes, better than 3 times the average. “A rising tide lifts all boats” (JFK - baby). President Trump is like a Brooklyn version of Kennedy in my opinion. The efforts to prevent war mostly, but the great economic vision as well.
The State of Michigan attracts 16 EV votes. Trump/Pence Team (hereinafter “Dream Team Trump/Pence” will add 300,000 from 2016 to their 2020 Vote from the great State of Rock n Roller Bob Seger (“Still the Same” speaks to me about my older brother Barry-a childhood hero)-Kid Rock “All Summer Long” - all Salmon Arm, Shuswap Okanagan for me buddy - and Ted Nugent - “Stranglehold” - a song which aptly describes my perception of the State of Michigans contribution to the Trump/Pence “Dream Team” (not inclusive of the additional 13 million additional voters I anticipate for 2020 which the reader will see we have hypothecated at roughly 50/50 - 50 for Trump/Pence and 50 for Biden/Harris).
Working in the Stock Market with DJC in the 80’s - what fun times - Sneaky Pete’s - champagne all night - everyone dancing - to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Perfect.
I never understand why it was so important for Michael Jackson to want to appear to be White.
Historically I see his rise and fall as symptomatic of what has brought the circumstances of Black people in America today - a loss of identity - decades ago.
Op Research related to injured Dallas Cowboy Quarterback Dak Prescott reveals troubles (not signing his contract) - now injured - putting speculation on his future - may be linked to impractical representation - control of media by agents.
Control of Media and corruption of Media are major topics now with Facebook and Twitter coming under fire recently. The song that I believe best describes issues for Black people in America generally is “Dirty Work” by Steely Dan. A clue or two for you from American legend Muhammad Ali (see also Malcolm X).
Acting as thug proxies for politicos is no way to impress the American people. I called the rioting and looting in the midst of Covid as the nail in the coffin of the Democratic Party despite having 65-80% of Media Corporations against the President.
The poor Black fellow murdered has been cruelly nicknamed “Pink Floyd” in counter culture discussion- meaning that when George Floyd was killed, Americans had sympathy - but the cause it ignited and looting - burning and murder and time from causation pushed American Voters away - and now the entire endeavour attracts as much mockery as it does sympathy.
I find that sad.
Throw some litigation coming its way as well - and we have an American Ethnic dumpster fire in progress. Canada - whose media cannot seem to come up with a unique idea of its own - followed like prisoners on a chain gang.
Personally, having BLM and its affiliate All Black Lives Matter - sponsored I intend to prove by the Democratic National Party and by extension candidates Joe Biden & Kamala Harris - all listed as Defendants are part of an effort to intimidate (my family) and to stifle free speech.
Let me show you the original causation of the case (bearing in mind I document and diarize political news everyday (and possess a memory similar to Amy Coney Barrett). The forum is my Facebook Page “Glen P. Robbins”. The context involves days of looting burning and murder. The visual on Cable particularly Fox News is a clip from a Sean Hannity Show on Fox. Hannity is the number one Cable show in the United States.
The news from other stations is that most of the looters are whites in stark contrast to most of the visuals on news (and pouring into me). The story line from Sean Hannity is highlighting thi contradiction. A video of entirely Blacks looting in a store to which I wrote - look at those White Kids. The response assisted and promoted by Canadian Media - in conjunction with Canadian PM Trudeau announcing $90 million for Black entrepreneurs - media public relations against racism (so called systemic racism) caused the promotion and promulgation of hatred toward myself and my family. Facebook suspends me for stating in context a fact that Adolf Hitler was in fact a Liberal. Next, I am frozen out of account. Attempts to get onto my page to take it down are thwarted by a process where Codes provided by FB administration to replace Password dont work. Its a political hit job.
I intend to push back very hard. Ruth wont be part of the calculation.
To be very clear to contradict the premise that Black Lives Matter - I only need to prove that the violence of Blacks against Blacks is through the roof. Its always through the roof. It follows that if Black Lives don’t appear to matter to Blacks, why should they be considered extraordinary to anyone else.
DNC - Joe Biden - Kamala Harris - Justin Trudeau - all defendants in waiting - (Can’t you see the style of cause in your minds eye). The website in concept depicting proof of claim to precede litigation. Thousands & thousands of clips of Black on Black violence. Federal Court Judges might consider getting the “Depends” ready.
The commentary in this Poll is sufficient Notice. The running of time commences now. Canadian or/and American Courts (Litigation arbitrage lol).
Trump/Pence own American Seniors - the most enthusiastic voters at his rallies are very young adults often - all the Good Lord’s colours and creeds as well. Its like a great magic trick - (in my view). (“In View” - Tragically Hip).
The State of New Jersey possesses 14 EV Votes. Trump/Pence will add a whopping (400,000) votes to their 2016 totals from New Jersey this 2020 Election (plus share of ‘new voters’). This news diminishes New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and Black Lives Matter proponent (somewhat) - and could explain some of his histrionics at the Senate Confirmation (not Baptism) of U.S. Supreme Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Wait until Glen P. Robbins Free Speech gets a hold of that - prior to suing them blind. (“Superstitious” - Stevie Wonder, “Tracks of My Tears” - Smokey Robinson (no relation) and The Miracles).
ACBarrett Impressive person, impressive judge - and smart - “ooh la la”, (Rod Stewart/Faces).
“Can I dance with You?” (The Troggs).
The State of Maine has 4 EV votes - a smaller population, but meaningful and symbolic for Trump when he wins it because (a) it would underscore the level of the win by Trump/Pence in the other guys hood as it were, but more importantly (b) The Trump Administration did some heavy lifting for business in Maine. Trump/Pence obviously harder working more energetic leaders than their opponents Biden/Harris - and hard work more often than not produces rewards.
That’s why most people who are able love to work hard - for the reward of money, but also a good sense of accomplishment and other positive psychological benefit.
Old fashioned - no games - hard work by Trump/Pence wins better than “shiftless” “half hearted” - “half measured” ‘efforts’ - gets Trump Pence the State of Maine - a State with a population of White people at 95%. Was nice to see this. (“Blue Collar” Bachman Turner Overdrive).
Team Trump/Pence attract (25,000) from both the left and the libertarian right in Maine putting that U.S. State in play for the Republicans in 2020. In another small population State - New Hampshire I predict Trump/Pence will take a “spanky” (65,000) from the 2016 Election ledger of Other Parties 2016 and add these to their 2020 total along with new voters referenced and generally allocated. (“Sunday will never be Same” Spanky and our Gang).
I believe I heard ‘kind of alt right’ but definitely all right - Tucker Carlson stipulate that Libertarians may not be voting for Trump. Libertarians @ 2016 - I believe former Libertarians will contribute well to the Trump/Pence Team Electoral Victory 2020 - I believe to at least (72%) or (2.30%) Nationally to Trump/Pence totals. Remember, not all Libertarians are White. Watch out freedom eh? (“Crazy” Gnarls Barkley).
Voter Contributions made from Hillary/Kaine 2016 to Trump/Pence 2020 (Hillary be let alone, Obama - Biden et al run into trouble) are just over (3.20%) Nationally.
Straight arithmetic from 2016 Vote for President Trump, Vice President Pence puts them at (51.9%) support. The basis points difference between this total and the one I provided as the outcome to the question of re election is adjusted through my own techniques for discretionary trend adjustments. More simply, I believe Trump/Pence on a winning trajectory at this point in the campaign solidifying over (51%) with Other estimated at between 8/10ths of 1 percent and 1.25%.
If ‘Other’ proves higher say at (3%) I believe it will not hurt Trump projecting him to (51%) with Biden/Harris at (46%). Trump/Pence voters will show up to vote and are motivated, I don’t believe the same of Biden/Harris given the lack of inspiration/enthusiasm in their campaign. If Other is (4%) or more Trump/Pence could come down with Biden/Harris holding. Never mind Trump/Pence won in 2016 with 46.4% - the media cannot continue to suppress support with Biden bandwagon polls serving bandwagon news and ensuring all of the political money has been ‘hoovered’ up.
In the State of Minnesota I have Trump/Pence up (55,000) voters from Hillary Clinton and Gord Johnson. Based on 137,000,000 2016 voters in United States Election that year and factoring Minnesotans propensity to get out the vote, I would increase Trump/Pence totals from 1,322,951 2016 to (1,377,951) (2020) and Clinton/Kaine 2016 to Biden/Harris to (1,305,441) (2016 RSR total votes). A Trump/Pence win in the State of Minnesota in excess of (70,000) votes.
Minnesota is a great example of how Trump/Pence are raiding both Democrats and Libertarians (see also Independents) to their side of the political ledger.
What beautiful thoroughbreds - look at the energy - look at that kick. Go - Go. (LOL) (“Wild Horses” The Rolling Stones).
The State of Nevada, one which I am also predicting will switch to Republican, I see Trump/Pence adding (11%) or (110,000) 2016 voters. To New Mexico another State I predict Trump/Pence will (also) benefit from (110,000) Nevada voters who will switch their 2016 support to Trump/Pence. This is the perfect storm of a huge uptick in Hispanic-Clinton (Latino/Latina) and Libertarian vote for the Trump/Pence Dream Team. Nevadans/New Mexicans believe their future is best tied to Trump/Pence and serves as a fabulous example of a State including its Union - rejecting socialism of any kind. (“My Own Souls Warning” - the Killers)
Filipinos are mostly Catholic. Most Latinos & Latinas are Catholic. Hispanics and Catholics are flocking to Trump/Pence like the more religious might to Jesus Christ and away from the Democrats as ACB rises to speak for those who cannot = Hispanic people want work and often work long hours and two jobs, tending to ignore the apparently vast looting opportunities in the Northern States, ‘business’ not perceived as being lucrative in the long term from those residing in the Southern ones. (Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones). The high population of minorities working in the usually lucrative gaming industry in Las Vegas and Reno - are in synch with the ownership on this. Bet on it.
The Trump/Pence increased least in Kentucky/Mississippi and Missouri - about (1%).
One last prediction that supports my message overall from this group as it relates to the State of Massachusetts (Bee Gees “Massachusetts”). I have Trump/Pence increasing (225,000) votes from the 2016 U.S. Election in the State of Massachusetts. The Republican Team is raising political boats everywhere all across the nation. They won’t win in Massachusetts - but my point is well made I believe.
“A rising tide lifts all boats”.
Overall, inclusive of the States Kentucky through New York by alphabet of first letter of the State, we note that Trump/Pence will add a very healthy (2,220,000) 2016 Voters from Hillary Clinton/Democrats totals. According to my adjusting calculations and outcome this will increase Trump/Pence 2020 (1.620437956%) from 2016 US Election “ledgers” on a National Interpretation or (47.72%) Nationally through these States. Trump/Pence beat Hillary Clinton’s - Democrats with 46.4% of popular vote to her/dem popular vote of 48.4% as provided in “Question 1” adjusted baseline.
Accordingly, based on Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico and New York alone I would increase Trump/Pence EV College total from these States to a new National total of (343), with the States too close to call but tilting Trump Pence.
I believe Trump/Pence EV totals from Kentucky to New York State will increase from 37.83% of total EV to better than (65%), a MAGA victory for Trump/Pence indicative of outcomes for the Republican Dream Team setting the stage for 4 years of Rock n Roll Recovery (Steve Miller “Take the Money and Run” - Robbins) in the United States and saving the United States from unimaginable (poorly imagined) and/or unknown policy initiatives and general defamation.
North Carolina to Wyoming
Top 5 2016 to 2020 Voter Takeaways from Clinton/Kaine - Johnson et al 2016 to Trump/Pence 2020 in States North Carolina to Wyoming: 1. Texas (400,000), 2. North Carolina (250,000), 3. Virginia (240,000), 4. Washington (230,000), 5. Utah (190,000).
Highest 5 percent increase for Trump/Pence: 1. Utah (20%), 2. Vermont (13%), 3. Oregon & Washington States (8%), 4. Oklahoma & Virginia (6%), 5. North Carolina (5.5%) & Ohio and Wisconsin (5%).
Trump/Pence 2016 will takeaway 3,000,000 votes from all other U.S. political parties 2016 who intend to vote in 2020 - just from the States of North Carolina to Wyoming (Based on 137,000,000 Voters).
Despite this “Poll” being heavily affected by Survey responses (unscientific) I would assess this RSR ROBBINS Poll at 1.318% Margin of Error but underscore the more important representation is that I am 99% certain of the National Outcome I have predicted for the Trump/Pence 2020 Dream Team (“Urgent” - Foreigner).
To be clear - I am predicted a resounding victory at the Electoral College for the Trump/Pence 2020 Dream Team. I believe they will also win better than (50%) of the popular National Vote and will exceed their 2016 vote percentage in every State in the Union. Now that’s Confidence.
I would assess the Commercial Value of this poll @ ($598,486 U.S. dollars) and 10 times that retrospectively if both elements of the platinum predictions I have asserted come to be. Trump/Pence 2020 clearly over (50%) of the popular vote AND every single State in the Union featuring a higher percentage of vote outcome for Trump/Pence 2020 than in 2016.
I have 35/50 States with 50 percent or better for Trump/Pence 2020.
As a comment to the Biden/Harris Democratic ticket I would assess their chances of matching Hillary Clinton’s 2016 popular vote totals of 48.4% as unlikely.
Trump/Biden by 3 percentage points in National popular vote over Biden/Harris (at least).
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