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Chinavirus 'tolerability', $1,000 Covid $, tax payer funded anti racism, White privilege, ICBC, Civil Forfeiture
  Dec 10, 2020

Question #1
Do you find the BC Government mandated restrictions related to Coronavirus Tolerable or Intolerable?
Tolerable    49.28 %
Intolerable    41.44 %
Question #2
Do you support BC Tax Payers paying all British Columbian's between $500 to $1,000 in early January 2021 to assist with Covid related financial demands?
Yes    60.15 %
No    33.92 %
Question #3
Do you support BC Tax Payers paying for BC New Democrat Public campaigns to stop alleged Racism in BC that they believe exists?
Yes    28.59 %
No    68.32 %
Question #4
Do you believe that the average common White person in Canada has more privilege than other Races do?
Yes    19.41 %
No    68.32 %
Question #5
Do you support rebates and discounts from ICBC to BC Drivers related to Coronavirus savings?
Yes    66 %
No    16 %
Question #6
Do you support more Competition for Automobile Insurance with a focus to lower premiums for BC Drivers?
Yes    63 %
No    28 %
Question #7
British Columbia’s Civil Forfeiture Act permits the BC Government to seize property which is the subject of any Unlawful Activity without notice to any person. The standard for seizure is based on the lower civil law standard of balance of probabilities rather than the higher criminal standard of reasonable doubt. Do you support this BC Law as described to you?
Yes    58.24 %
No    30.38 %
Question #8
The Civil Forfeiture Act often applies in reported cases of property involved in the sale of drugs and such. The focus of the Law however is related to any Unlawful Activity related to property. In your opinion should professional persons operating in the Province of British Columbia such as lawyers or police be equally subject to this law if they have engaged in Unlawful Activity relating to property?
Yes    84.28 %
Question #9
Would you support the British Columbia Legislature and Canadian House of Commons passing laws that would limit the number of persons placed in strategic government positions or in possession or control of major media to that demographics percentage of ethnic background in the country. For instance Whites would be limited to (65%) ownership position, Asian persons would be permitted maximum 25-30% of strategic positions or major media ownership, while Jewish persons would be permitted only 2% of either strategic position or Media ownership?
Yes    71.02 %
No    18.73 %
BC Business Council cranking up what I believe was a disingenuous public relations scam on the public. First some background information:
Information out of a Toronto Study by Akwasi Owusu-Bempah of the University of Toronto ‘Percent of Toronto High School Students Who Report they have Engaged in Selected Deviant Behaviour at Some Point in Their Life, by Racial Group’ we provide readers with Baseline of {50%} Whites (one half), Blacks @ {9%}, and 3 Asian Groups/Hispanic @ {40%}.
On the subject of “Carried a weapon in Public” Whites {24.7%}, Blacks {27.3%}, Asians/Hispanics {22%}. Similar percentages relative to population with the Blacks the highest percentage.
“Engaged in robbery or extortion”: Whites {12.7%}, Blacks {17.8%}, Asians/Hispanics {10%}. Again, Blacks presenting the highest percentage.
“Tried to seriously hurt someone”: Whites {19.6%}, Blacks {28.1%}, Asians/Hispanics {10%}. Again, Blacks far and away the worst deviants on this question.
“Got in a group or gang fight”: Whites {30.4%}, Blacks {42.5%}, Asians/Hispanics {30%}. Again, Blacks far and away the worst deviants on this question.
“Forced someone to have sex”: Whites {2%}, Blacks {3.6%}, Asians/Hispanics {2%}. And Again, Blacks far and away the worst deviants on this question.
“Been a member of a criminal gang”: Whites {14%}, Blacks {12.6%}, Asians/Hispanics {6%}. This is the only question where Whites were highest. This is the outcome that politicos fear the most and begs the question can gang members be transitioned to political parties?
From Statistics of police-reported crime statistics in Canada 2018 (Statistics Canada): “Police-reported crime in Canada, as measured by Crime Severity Index (CSI) increased for the fourth consecutive year in 2018. (However) the index was lower in 2018 than a decade earlier in 2008 (under the crime riddled Harper government (lol)).”
“The change in the CSI in 2018 was the result of increases in police-reported rates of numerous offences, most notably fraud {+13%} and sexual assault (level 1) {+15%}.
“There were over 2 million police-reported Criminal Code incidents...a (sic) rate of 17% lower than a decade earlier in 2008.”
“In 2018, the overall volume and severity of violent crime has decreased by {13%} since (sic) 2008.”
“The national rate for both firearm-related {-8%} and gang-related {-5%} since 2008”.
“Between 2017 and 2018, 7 of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories reported increases in the Crime Index.” In order of magnitude, the provinces reported increases PEI {+17%}, Ontario {+6%}, Manitoba {+6%}, New Brunswick {+4%}, Newfoundland & Labrador {+4%}.”
Pathetically, Statistics Canada does not provide details of criminal behaviour by Race.
Metro Vancouver has a Black population of {1%} versus Toronto’s Black population of {9%}.
Metro Vancouver population totals for East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian population {42%} (similar to Metro Toronto).
Jewish population in British Columbia estimated at between {1-2%} of total population.
And this press release from Elections Canada - August 2019:
“On July 29, 2019 the Chief Electoral Officer announced that the 43rd general election would take place as planned October 21, 2019. In order to accommodate the needs of observant Jewish electors, an action plan for observant (religious) Jewish voting will be implemented. This six-step action plan includes various enhanced voting options and services that will be implemented by returning officers in federal electoral districts (FEDs) with a Jewish population of 1 percent or more.”
In other words, special voting rights for Jewish persons. Would this occur for aboriginal persons at 3 percent of population? Not on your life. Aboriginals don’t have financial power. Jewish money has many to most politicians in their pocket.
Canada and British Columbia have Jewish Finance Ministers. This has to end. Trudeau’s has been in office longer so his government is on the way out.
The potion required as push back to public relations fraud on the Public Interest is an increase in Ultimate or Extreme Free Speech, not a lessening.
The Genesis of Racist Fraud in British Columbia in 2020 Provincial Election (in my opinion).
This from May 21, 2020 Business Council of British Columbia - “denouncing the recent rise of racist attacks in B.C.”
“As business and community leaders, British Columbians, and human beings (ED: violins here) We cannot sit idly by (ED: there is little to no scientific evidence of actual increase racism in British Columbia)...and condone (sic) racism in the media.” (ED: Search for scientific standards and find pages of links from shape shifting scam major media).
The BC Business Council is deeply disturbed by “subtle displays” of racism (ED: pretty scientific lol) we are increasingly seeing. (ED: some subtle displays of racism including sneezing while walking past synagogue, or just walking around with White skin (lol)).
(Major Media in BC as in the US is owned and controlled by Jewish persons including Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province, and Global News (Shaw Cable) which owns political news like CKNW. Rogers, another Jewish owned organization and owner of many hockey rinks in Canada with ownership of much of the sports television owns News 1130).
(ED: Bear in mind that Jewish promoters and media have historically used Blacks as proxies for their own claims of racist attacks. I might add that ante Semitism means ante Arab as well-shape shift and quid pro quo’s). (Hereinafter Auntie Semi Tism lol).
Here is an example of some more ‘real scientific’ journalism from CTV on the subject during the promulgation of the scam Media presentation on racism to coincide in support of violent Black Lives Matter from June 4, 2020 begins…..”George Floyd’s killing….” writing how Black Canadians earn $37,000 per year while White Immigrants earn $50,000”.
(ED: In the United States Blacks earn just under $50,000, Hispanics over $50,000, Whites just over $60,000 and Asians over $90,000).
Here’s CTV’s message on racism: “The data shows that Black youth are keen to achieve a higher education, nearly 94 percent of Black young people...said they would like to complete a University degree (sic) but only 60 percent said they could.” (ED: Overall about one in two Canadians have some College or a University degree).
Given what we scientifically know about crimes committed by youth carrying over into adult life (ED: Ask anyone working in Youth Corrections) I would suggest the information out of Metro Toronto on higher percentage of Black youths WHO ADMIT TO “carrying a weapon”, “tried to seriously hurt someone”, “got in a group or gang fight”, “forced someone to have sex”, “been a member of a criminal gang” may be contributing factors to a lack of confidence in finishing University.
Average IQ notwithstanding.
The Market for Alternative Right Media is now ripe for both the United States and Canada. It is the only market that Jewish money can or would want to buy, but teaming with Canadians (and Americans) fed up with the plastic world of government and media, where reality in the public domain is manufactured for consent (ED: a little like the Elections maybe??).
British Columbia is a good place to start now. The left of centre New Democrats possess a massive majority and centre right politics in the Province is all but decimated. The BC Liberals won’t be able to rebound from the loss, and my firm intends to assist in that failure. The BC Conservatives have no foundation, with federal Conservatives also possessing no bona fides of power or influence in the Province (see BC Liberals).
This leaves the BC New Democrats - who historically run shaky governments anyhow versus an Alt Right avalanche of Extreme Free Speech coming right at them. This Alt Right Media will break through the plastic media of Jewish ownership (Shaw Cable owns Global Media, Vancouver Sun & Province owned by Jewish ownership) and beat them down until they sell to appropriate interests.
Government Cabinets will be permitted a ratio of ethnic background according to population. The Finance Ministry shall not be permitted to have Jewish persons in those seats which the Federal Liberal and BC New Democrats have done.
There are over 50,000 Alt Right writers (alt left) ready to commence writing on website(s) promoting Alt Right causes and the protection of White Canadians perpetually vilified by a Media owned by Jewish persons who act as advocates for Visible Minorities, and vilify and attack Whites with gross negligence, indifference and bad faith (feel me ICBC?).
BC is weak and vulnerable to this onslaught. Conservatives will be forced to make peace with the Alt Right or never be in government again. (For these purposes former Prime Minister Stephen Harper is considered persona non grata- ya feel me Erin?)
If I like what I see I will run for Alt Right Party in the next Provincial Election (lol) - looking for 7-10% of the popular vote and a real beat down on our enemies in the process using unconventional methods of marketing and promotion. (Premier John Horgan wouldn’t last a half round with me lol).
A launch of Alt Right Media in the United States is also a desired outcome. There is a massive market for it to break through from the suffocation of Plastic Media.
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