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When does a $7 million dollar polling firm become a $70 million one?-pick the right U.S Presidential candidate!
  Sep 03, 2004

A random ‘computerized’ telephone survey of 1,051 respondents in the States of Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Ohio between August 31st to September 3rd, 2004. This survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.25%, 18 times out of 20 @96% competency. Please see Triple for a history of U.S. and World polls by ROBBINS.

Question #1
Question #1-In your opinion, how important is the characteristic of loyalty to leadership, compared to other qualities such as courage, intelligence, honesty etc?
Most Important    46.43 %
Important    28.35 %
Less Important    23.88 %
Question #2
Of the following ‘types of loyalty’, which one is the most important to you personally?
loyalty to America, first and foremost    46.05 %
loyalty to family, friends, and one’s community first and foremost    29.59 %
loyalty to one’s own personal beliefs and principles first and foremost    19.51 %
Unsure    4.85 %
Question #3
For the purposes of this question, loyalty will be referred to as ‘personal mojo’. Which of the following two leaders in your opinion has the greater amount of ‘personal mojo’?
Democratic nominee, Senator John Kerry    39.87 %
Republican nominee, George W. Bush    58.14 %
Undecided    02 %
According to ROBBINS, barring any extraordinary set of circumstance, Republican nominee George W. Bush, should, as we have suggested for many months now, win the Presidential election in November 2004.
Americans in the swing States of Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Ohio have recently had a good look at the Republican Party during its convention in New York City. This took place on the heals of the ‘527’ election fundraising controversy, and in particular the Swift Boat advertising at a cost of a paltry one million dollars, which ROBBINS believes has inflicted a mortal political wound upon the political body of Senator John Kerry, insofar as this survey is concerned.
Despite desperate attempts by Senator Kerry to make the advertising ‘go away’ by demanding that George W. Bush help take responsibility for the ads, the political damage was already done, with many respondents being of the opinion that Senator Kerry had “done the damage to himself”.
Through the entire debate surrounding the Swift Boat advertising Senator Kerry appeared to respondents to be more a whiner and complainer, than someone wanting to be President.
President George W. Bush appeared loyal to Vice-President Dick Cheney when calls went out for VP Cheney to step down, and to be replaced by a more popular political figure like Senator John McCain, whose approval ratings in The United States are extremely high.
Respondents in this survey may have their doubts about President George W. Bush, but even those that gave the ‘mojo’ to John Kerry, had a difficult time making that choice, over President George W. Bush.
Americans in this survey believe that when times are tough, and the going gets rough, loyalty to the flag, and to your family and friends, will win the day. President George W. Bush fits into this view of what a leader should be. Like him or not few Americans doubt his loyalty.

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