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Ita Robbins et al file $9 Million Victim Compensation - BC Civil Forfeiture (Vol 4) Subject Honeysuckle Lane
  Jan 02, 2021

continued from Jody Wilson Raybould ignoring calls to investigate criminal/Unlawful Activities occurring among BC lawyers - Courts, makes next move all about herself. Politicians - what's new?
Glen P. Robbins files Intervenor Application in Google v Equustek to expose Court Fraud in Cambridge v Robbins (H130330) and Robbins v Cambridge (SCC 35772).
In 2016 GPR made an Intervenor Application to the Supreme Court of Canada. Justice Fenlon was the Judge in the Google case. Judge Brown read the 440 page submission inclusive of documents (available to inquiring minds from SCC). Although Brown dismissed GPR’s application there were no charges for Costs. These submissions were led by Martins 2013 version of Criminal Code and applied to the actions presently defined as Unlawful Activity.
It is worth noting that the Google v Equustek decision at the Supreme Court of Canada was overturned at California State Supreme Court. A US State overturning Canada’s top court.
Glen P. Robbins submissions were served upon Google and Equustek companies with Reply provided (36602).
This Google submission was submitted to provide Notice to the Supreme Court of Canada of the fraud that occurred upon it most specifically the Vexatious Litigant order of court fraudsters Michael Kleisinger and CJ Chris Hinkson (S111171 LSBC v Glen P. Robbins, 35302 Glen P. Robbins v LSBC) which Bakonyi used (beyond the court fraud of obtaining orders during a Stay of Execution) {somehow} to influence Ontario Public Servant and SCC ‘Judge’ Roger Bilodeau and then ordinary SCC Judge Richard Wagner to put a stop on registry accepting documents under Ita Robbins v Cambridge (35772).
S111171 & 35302 are not related to H130330, the first two at BC Supreme Court and Supreme Court of Canada involve GPR and the Law Society of BC under subject matter the Legal Profession Act (originally before Grauer J.) and the court fraud case involving LSBC’s Michael Kleisinger and serial Unlawful Offender Chris Hinkson under the Supreme Court Act, while the latter involves Foreclosure.
A diabolical court fraud involving ‘many lawyers’.
Submissions were made to the Supreme Court of Canada by Ita Robbins and another in September 2015 relating to notice of the extraordinary circumstances of the numerous court frauds but were returned by Roger Bilodeau pursuant to the vexatious procedure order made by Wagner (now Chief Justice of the S.C.C.).
A number of cases relatable to Ita and Glen Robbins matter under H130330 (and other) featured in great detail in the Legal Binders provided, occurred following this Notice of clearly Criminal Activity including decisions relating to Stays of Proceedings etc and time limits.
November 2018 Original Submission of Legal Binders to Premier Horgan.
The Legal Binders resubmitted with Application under the Civil Forfeiture Act were provided to John Horgan IN PERSONAM and as Premier of British Columbia and head of the Executive Council of British Columbia. This action by Ita and Glen Robbins was done with an early view to the Civil Forfeiture Act.
It was also done with a view to the potentiality of filing of Mandamus application relatable to the Stay of Execution order of April 7, 2014 under H130330, to the fraudulent Order Made After Application at the end of May 2013 also under H130330. Everything was being done by Glen and Ita Robbins to find a resolve to the matter before bringing the action.
The 2015/2016 Letter to Jody Wilson Raybould (reader should note the Supreme Court of Canada accepts Letters). The 2016 Criminal Code violations “Read” by Gordon Brown J. of the Supreme Court of Canada followed by Submissions to John Horgan (following BC Provincial Election) in late 2018 and 2019 with Offers to Settle, Submission of Legal Binders to Justin Trudeau in 2019 and to the Supreme Court of Canada (Notice) mean that both levels of Senior government knew about crimes that had occurred which those governments legally had an obligation to investigate.
Spring/Summer of 2019 Application to BC Supreme Court
In June /July of 2019 Ita Robbins et al filed an Application to the BC Supreme Court seeking orders for Stay of Execution order of Kloegman J. inclusive of quotes from dicta of Proceedings at hearing (what the Judge says on tape matters), court clerk notes confirming Stay of Execution (originally obtained in December 2015) as well as Transcript excerpts all confirming these realities, as well as payment out of Court of residual monies remaining from the unlawful court order sale. This application was made under case file H130330.
Senior Counsel at BC Supreme Court refused to have the order filed to release the monies in court on the basis of the Hinkson CJ order under S111171 in LSBC v Glen Robbins. As the Legal Binders point out the Stay of Execution order was made April 7, 2014 under H130330 while Hinkson’s vexatious procedure order fraud on Glen P. Robbins occurred April 10, 2014. The Stay of Execution order under H130330 April 7, 2014 had nothing to do with the matter involving Glen P. Robbins under S111171, save and except to assist a cadre of lawyers to use them to commit fraud.
These submissions were also provided to the new Assistant Chief Justice Heather Holmes.
GPR suggested without prejudice 'settlement' amounts and Division of Unlawful Activity:
Peet & Cowan Financial Services/Cambridge Mortgage Investment/Dual Owners-34% Ron Bakonyi, BC Law Society lawyer-34% Government of British Columbia-12% Robert Ellis, BC Law Society lawyer-7% Michael Kleisinger, BC Law Society Officer-5% Royal Canadian Mounted Police-5% BMO Bank of Montreal-3%
GPR suggested without prejudice ‘settlement’ by Party:
Ita Robbins-homeowner 23 years- $1.8 million for home and property replacement (see Legal Binders as well); $200,000 for content loss (see insurance policy); $300,000 (lost rent on Subject Property since 2014 discounted for settlement); $500,000 non pecuniary loss; $500,000 aggravated damages; $2 Million punitive damages (see Mazza vs Hamilton Farmers Insurance Co.). {The Ita Robbins case represents far worse conduct by many State and Substate Actors}; $100,000 “Special Costs”; = Total Ita Robbins $5,400,000.
Division of Unlawful Activity Compensation to Ita Robbins:
PCFS/CMIC/Dual Owners=$1,830,600; BMO Bank=$162,000; Robert Ellis (LSBC)=$378,000; Ron Bakonyi (LSBC)=$1,830,000; Michael Kleisinger (LSBC)=$270,000; Government of British Columbia=$648,000; RCMP/Private Bailiffs=$270,000.
GPR suggested without prejudice ‘settlement by Party’:
Frana Matich-Title Holder 7 years-$200,000 non pecuniary damages; $200,000 aggravated damages, $200,000 Punitive Damages; $200,000 Punitive Damages=$600,000; =Total Frana Matich=$600,000
Division of Unlawful Activity Compensation to Frana Matich:
PCFS/CMIC/Dual Owners=$204,000; BMO Bank=$18,000; Robert Ellis (LSBC)=$42,000; Ron Bakonyi (LSBC)=$204,000; Michael Kleisinger (LSBC)=$30,000; Government of BC=$72,000; RCMP/Private Bailiff=$30,000.
GPR suggested without prejudice ‘settlement by Party’ (each-x 2):
(2) Jane Does-KR/VR (residents/children of Ita Robbins)=$200,000 non pecuniary damages; $200,000 aggravated damages; $35,000 lost valuables (specific damages), $500,000 punitive damages (See Mazza v Farmers)=$935,000 damages (each)=Total KR/VR=$1,870,000.
Division of Unlawful Activity Compensation to Jane Does-KR/VR:
PCFS/CMIC/Dual Owners=$306,000 (x2); BMO Bank=$27,000 (x2); Robert Ellis (LSBC)=63,000 (x2); Ron Bakonyi (LSBC)=$306,000 (x2); Michael Kleisinger=$45,000 (x2); Government of BC=($108,000) (x2); RCMP/Private Bailiffs=$45,000 (x2).
GPR suggested without prejudice ‘settlement by Party’: (*does not include Federal lawsuit v Chief Justice Chris Hinkson (other Judges, Elected Officials et al $150 Million
Glen P. Robbins (husband to Ita Robbins) $30,000 lost valuables; $1,000,000 Punitive Damages=Total Glen P. Robbins $1,030,000.
Division of Unlawful Activity Compensation to Glen P. Robbins:
PCFS/CMIC/Dual Owners=$350,000; BMO Bank=$30,900; Robert Ellis (LSBC)=72,000; Michael Kleisinger (LSBC)=51,500; Government of BC=$123,600; Ron Bakonyi=$350,000 (LSBC); RCMP/Bailiffs=$51,500.
Overall suggested without prejudice ‘settlement by Party’ Total for each Party:
PCFS/CMIC/Dual Owners=$3,096,000; BMO Bank=$264,900; Robert Ellis=$618,000; Michael Kleisinger=$441,500; Government of BC=$1,049,000; RCMP/Bailiffs=441,500; Ron Bakonyi=$3,096,000.
Please note that Robert Ellis, Michael Kleisinger & Ron Bakonyi are Law Society of BC (“LSBC”) members (NB The Law Society of BC is not registered as a Society but is a private corporation and part of Canadian Federation of law societies). Total lawyer/law society ‘Unlawful Activity’ Compensation=$4,155,500. Total lawyer/law society of BC plus Government of BC Unlawful Activity’ Compensation=$5,205,100. Ita Robbins.
Ita Robbins
Glen P. Robbins
Per “FM”
Per Jane Doe One
Per Jane Doe Two
Copies of this correspondence &: (By Facsimile - Legal Alternative) (Two “Legal Binders” not sent to copied entities they can be found at as follows (space is underscore):
From British Columbia ‘Polls’ - July 14, 2020 No. 1,; July 12, 2020 No. 3,; July 10, 2020 No. 5,; July 8, 2020 No. 7,; July 7, 2020 No. 9, html.
From Canada ‘Polls” - July 13, 2020 No. 2,; July 11, 2020 No. 4,; July 9, 2020 No. 6,; July 8, 2020 No. 8,; July 7, 2020 No. 10, robbinssce; July 6, 2020 No. 12,; July 4, 2020 No. 14,
From British Columbia ‘Polls’ - October 10, 2020 “Glen P. Robbins - Ita Robbins Letter to Canada’s Attorney General, Speaker of Senate, National Judicial Institute, Speaker of House of Commons, John Horgan” (In Personam) (3rd delivery to head of Executive)
From British Columbia ‘Polls’ - November 4, 2020 “Response to letter of acting Executive Director of the Canadian Judicial former (sic) Chief Justice of Nova Scotia J. Michael McDonald dated October 21, 2020 -
From British Columbia ‘Polls” - Published Jan 14, 2020 “Glen P. Robbins writes Assistant Chief Justice Heather Holmes letter of August 16, 2019 (and To:) S.C.C. Chief Justice Richard Wagner (see I Robbins v Cambridge SCC 35772) @
From British Columbia ‘Polls’ - December 14, 2019 (published) “Glen P. Robbins letter to BC Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Austin Cullen, Van, BC (includes IRobbins v Cambridge, BCAG, Law Society of BC court fraud (original registered letter July 2, 2019) @
Please note that two ‘Legal Binders’ whose contents are featured in the Numbered publications provided were provided in physical copy by registered mail to (new) BC Court of Appeal Justice Christopher Grauer, as well as Justices Barry Davies & Nathan Smith. Please also note (when considering RCMP Unlawful Activity) the referenced case of Asian woman homeowner who was in contempt of court orders on 2-3 occasions prior to order being provided for police attendance - it was necessary to apply for it). Please also note that in 50 percent of Bailiff attendances it is a bluff for negotiation {shame, humiliation, anxiety etc.}.
The Law Society of British Columbia (Benchers) 845 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 4Z9 Fax: 604 669 5232
The Law Society of Ontario (Benchers) Law Society of Ontario, Osgoode Hall, Queen St., West Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N6 Fax: 1 416 947 3924
Ministry of the Attorney General (Ontario) McMurty-Scott Building, 720 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario M7A 2S9 Fax: 1 416 326 4007
Ministry of the Attorney General (British Columbia) PO Box 9044 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria, BC V8W 9E2 Fax: 1 250 356 2965
BC Executive Council, ℅ Lieutenant Governor of B.C. (no appropriate contacts provided for BC Executive Council), 1401 Rockland Avenue, Victoria, B.C., V8S 1V9 Fax: 1 250 387 2078
Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General PO Box 9010 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria, BC V8W 9E2 Fax: 1 250 356 2965
Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner, #501-947 Fort Street, Victoria, B.C., PO Box 9895, Stn Prov Govt, Victoria, BC V8W 978 Email: Fax: 1 250 356 6503
Federal Government of Canada (on behalf of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police “RCMP”), Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP Fax: 1 613 960 6147
Coquitlam Mayor & Council (see also Picton Murders), ℅ 3000 Guildway Way, Coquitlam, BC V3B 7N2 Fax: 604 927 3015.

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