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Trump--Republican support, Pompeo v DeSantis 4 VP, Texas-Abbott Abortion laws +
  Oct 16, 2021

Question #1
Which of the following two response choices would you prefer for Vice President in 2024? (Data valid until Oct. 3rd, 2021)
Former Secretary of State under President Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo    38 %
Governor of Florida, former Florida Congressman, Ron DeSantis    30 %
Either/Or    5 %
Neither    9 %
Undecided/All Other    15 %
Question #2
Is it fair to suggest that concerns about the rights and protections of lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender people are on your list of top 3 concerns for America?
Yes    2 %
No    93 %
Undecided/Can’t Answer    5 %
Question #3
Based on your opinion at 97% of 100% certainty, do you support Donald Trump’s bid for a second presidential term in 2024?
Yes    95.5 %
No    2 %
Undecided/Can/t Answer    2.5 %
Question #4
Do you support Texas’ new abortion law which bans abortions after six weeks (heartbeat) and where enforcement - rests on the actions of private citizens - who are able to legally sue anyone who performs, aid or intends to aid in an abortion?
Yes    65 %
No    20 %
Undecided/Can’t Answer    15 %
Question #5
Which issue concerns you more?
Coronavirus and variant strains    43.67 %
Major crime occurring in the U.S. Cities    50.07 %
Undecided/All Other    6.34 %
Question #6
Is mental health----- including matters pertaining to addiction and overdose one of your top issue concerns at this time? (ED: Interesting for Mrs. Trump).
Yes    53.45 %
No    24.14 %
Undecided/All Other    22.41 %
Question #7
In your opinion does the regular television (cable), print including major newspapers, radio and social media convey and communicate numbers, percentages and information related to COVID - including cases - deaths, hospitalizations and other information on the subject in a manner which you would say is non political, not manipulative and is truthful?
Yes    34 %
No    54 %
ROBBINS Sce RESEARCH (1998) respondents since January 2, 2021 and including polls January 19, 2021, February 14, 2021, March 26, 2021, April 29, 2021, June 7, 2021, June 24, 2021, June 27, 2021, August 10, 2021, & September 7, 2021 are available to these States included for this Glen P. Robbins Determination.
States involved in this Vice President poll Pompeo versus: California, Texas, Florida, New York, Ohio, Iowa, New Hampshire. Total number of respondents involved in polls where only Donald Trump’s name is used as a response choice versus another (Biden) is equivalent to (.559%) Margin of Error (Rounded), with Trump average at (50%) or better (support). There are fewer States utilized in this particular Poll than there are in some polls we have published over the time period of January to September 2021.
The Margin of Error for respondents inclusive of Trump, Republican or Trump Pence is (.562%). Highest percentage by State for Mike Pompeo - California (61%). Lowest percentage by State for Mike Pompeo - Florida (19%). Closest to average percentage by State for Mike Pompeo - Ohio (37%) & Texas (36%). Highest percentage by State for Ron DeSantis - Florida (68%). Lowest percentage by State for Ron DeSantis - California (19%). Closest to average percentage by State for Ron DeSantis - Ohio (30%), Texas (31%).
Concern for lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender rights -in top 3 concerns- by candidate: Mike Pompeo “Yes” (3%), “No” (91%). Ron DeSantis “Yes” (1%) “No” (94%). Trump 97% out of 100% certainty by respondent pool: Where Trump is the only response choice v opponent “Yes” to Trump in 2024 (97%), “No” (0% - must be over one half percent to be declared 1 percent). Trump, Pence and Republican v opponent “Yes” to Trump in 2024 (94%), “No” (4%).
One can readily see the benefit of rebranding as Trump --- Republican Party - not an individual rename but more a partnership. A discernible branding nonetheless reflecting Donald Trump’s absolute and total control of the party fortunes at this time. This is not unreasonable particularly because of the unique circumstances wherein Donald Trump is only eligible for one more term and the dubious circumstances which saw him not repeat.
In context, one can also see where former Republican President George W. Bush may not have wanted to insert himself into the Liz Cheney - (ED: who is a Lesbian person and daughter of former Bush VP Dick Cheney)...fight with Trump, Cheny and Trump they don’t like each other -because Cheney and some other Republicans voted to impeach Trump on zero causation (ED: not an opinion). (ED: The mainstream press on the left would have written this - ‘Cheney and Trump..don’t like each other-because Cheney knows Trump was involved in Washington riots - and did the right thing’).
Short of burying Cheney in a small shallow grave which implies the potential for homicide, and would of course be wrong (ED: At ROBBINS we do not believe in physical violence against any other person, bottom line) - I support the concept that Trump must wipe her out politically, and be seen to be vigorously wiping her out, using meanness smartly but sparingly - as well as her benefactors including W because Bush is doing this for Lon Cheney Jr. - apparently on principle - & if Trump wins, he wins President, on principle and the predicate of W’s actions, an extinguished president (ED: We like the Bushes…..but) - Trump will thus be permitted to insert HIMSELF into the fortunes of the next Republican President - basing his actions on W’s predicate action, Obama’s never ending interventions’ after his turn, when W’s intervention, based the former president has said, on Liz Cheney being the daughter of his former VP, and in consideration of the reality that he cannot run again, and I would not wish to speak adversely against the Bush’s, but would advise that in light of the political realities, I do not believe W’s activities are properly merited.
Ronna Romney McDaniel is a Kohlberg 6 mind, she would read this as the boss of the Republican Party and say, ROBBINS is correct. The Republican Party’s future rests with Donald Trump - near, mid and long term and if Republicans behave - it will all smooth out beautifully. If I can see - it, so can she. The way things are looking, if Republicans don’t insist on committing political suicide, they might follow Biden with three wins including Trump. Keep in mind, I want to see South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem in the mix. And lastly, but certainly not leastly is former Vice President Mike Pence. A ROBBINS Poll some months ago scored him as very popular in the position of Vice President..
If Trump does not run for 2024 - the Republicans are in trouble, the narrative of Trump not running being louder than the narrative of potential replacements. Obviously, having been sand bagged by his Republican colleagues previously, Trump will want the entire hook in full like one might see on a carcass at the butcher shop. As Donald Trump is known to proclaim: “No Games”. Subterranean mainstream news has reported that Trump and Pence have been talking a lot since the episode occurring in transition, where Pence did little to support Trump’s assertions relating to the US Election. At the time, Trump was not too pleased. Trump - Pence back together again is not unattractive. I’ll tell you why ----: I see a disappointment, almost a shame among some Democrats - founded in disappointment in Joe Biden and reflection in their often savage - soft and mentally lazy attitudes toward Donald Trump.
I rate Donald Trump the toughest politician on the earth - (ED: or looking down upon earth from Michael’s spaceship and Michael guests) --- and no one disputes this. The complaint - the excuse was that he was too tough - too mean. I don’t like him, said some of his detractors. A bushel of these folks like him now.
This language on the Trump including polling competency reference (97%) (ED: competency percentage of say 95 means that if 95 pollsters out of 100 would get the same result asking the same question) and Trump’s high percentage-provided me with an opportunity to overlap this Research relating to the work of Psychologist Kohlberg on moral reasoning developing, connected scientifically to standard IQ data which is easily relatable to Kohlberg.
I have seen Republican pollsters portray Trump in the 94%- support from Republicans and Conservatives. I have seen this as well. I believe this ROBBINS Masterpiece reflects the next level for the relationship between Donald Trump and the Republican Party. I need Ronna to be a quarterback and look off relative Mitt Romney in audible and throw Trump’s way all of the time. Trump was a tremendous athlete. I personally like exceptionally smart athletic people in politics. Training as an athlete takes dedication and mental strength. Attach this to a Kohlberg 6 - Look out. (ED: Gold Jerry Gold).
Trump’s high support is in the range of accuracy of Kohlberg and IQ testing (ED: the latter a more fixed endeavour) - From this bedrock vantage point - we will connect British Columbia Canada polls on media confidence with this US poll of Trump v Biden supporters - Trump Republican, Trump Pence v Biden supporters, on this Media question. With the idea of constructing a new medium which judges the media, rates and grades media players. To borrow a concept from philosopher Bill Wilson (12 Step) Higher Power - an interesting take on the ‘science of God’ - I envision a type of Higher Power for Media.
Ultimately, in this context, this forces an opening into the discussion of Media in both Canada and the United States, particularly as it concerns the Trump presidency, on the basis that Media is the main problem encumbering a peaceful and happy public. (ED: who really doubts this at the top of our brains).
Psychologist Kohlberg is clearly asserting by inference of what we know of IQ, and what he had to have known - {Brain Power distribution in the Public} (ED: the percentages roll out pretty closely from top to bottom) ----------that the more intelligent you are, the more likely you are to be moral, or at least be capable of reasoning moral decisions. Less smart people are less likely to be moral, they are not fully capable of knowing what morality is. Remember, moral reasoning is unrelated to the understanding of what right and wrong is, or at least right and wrong is at the lower scale of reasoning (ED: a wonderful standard for my grandson to satisfy four years ahead of time (LOL)), but not one related to substantial Brain Power.
The thesis spawned from that factual statement is that the Media became immoral because the general voter doesn’t know the difference. This ignorance - laziness - denial - or voter PTSD reflects that the Media and the observer of the media, the capable informed, the pretend informed, are on balance - off balance. The concept that should rise from that thesis is a comprehensive Media function - observing and assessing the Media coverage. (ED: Selling enough ads to get GPR a new Cadillac - (LOL)).
Commentary to Questions:
This ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Poll suggests that matters pertaining to sexual orientation are not in the top 3 concerns of Trump supporters, Pence supporters or Republican supporters generally. For Donald Trump - and the Republican Party - this means Liz Cheney being Lesbian is not in respondents top 3 concerns. Kids in schools are singing F - the President (Biden). The United States is actually going to need Trump, no, require Trump to fix the country. Ineptitude is a word being used even by news that 100% talks up Biden nice. (ED: How does the Wyoming Werewolf of London make this better?)
Better than two thirds of Republicans in these States support Texas Governor Abbott’s heartbeat pro life, which says no to abortion at about six weeks or the first indication of a child’s heartbeat/human life. There are a couple of things which anecdote and experience suggests to me on this subject matter….abortion. With this question I believe there are many who don’t like abortion who either said No (ED: to the new law), or were Undecided because of the odd circumstances relating to enforcement. Civil lawsuits for abortion deterence. It takes time to absorb Abbott’s new abortion enforcement paradigm. Some respondents take a wait and see approach to Governor Abbott, though I don’t believe these Trump Republican respondents are anyway in favour of abortion generally. Abbott wins.
Trump-Republican supporters see major crime in US Cities as more of a concern than Coronavirus and variant strains - by 5 percent. Mental health--including matters pertaining to addiction and overdose - as a top concern (not necessarily top 3 but certainly could be) attracts support “Yes” of better than one in two and ⅔ decided respondents. Against crime and health care, subject matter and rights relating to sexual orientation are considered ‘boutique complaints’ by Conservatives. Liz Cheney’s relevance to the Republican Party is by symbolic issue - tiny - and her issues with Donald Trump are expected to drag former US President George W Bush down with her. (ED: If Utah Senator Mitt Romney looks at the State of Utah’s drug deaths cited herein - maybe he could jump in as well - the distraction is some nice cover).
Our final question on the integrity of media information to the consumer - from all sources of media - (ED: the exact same question as asked of Canadians residing in the Province of British Columbia - published in mid September 2021 during the most recent Canadian Election) reveals that better than one Trump-Republican supporters are not buying what the media is selling on COVID. In British Columbia, Canada this number was one in three - itself a high number.
One might note that the BC journalist - Vaughn Palmer of the Vancouver Sun - a longtime professional whose integrity would be questioned by few in his industry - ‘appears’ to write a response to ROBBINS question with his article of September 27, 2021 included in larger part herein - appearing to suggest that if the media is wrong perhaps it is because the government is misleading. (ED: We built this City on Rock N Roll - Starship---and I thank Mr. Palmer for the lead in this hypothetical reply to his response).
At ROBBINS - we consider - as anyone with moral integrity or brain power would reason that an omission is a lie, something much worse than just misleading. (ED: In this circumstance Palmer uses Kohlberg Level 3 stage 5 language, while Glen P. Robbins uses Kohlberg Level 3 stage 6 language). I include material from psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg, along with material pertaining to IQ- Brain Power distribution -consistent with Kohlberg’s assessment, the links between the natural order of moral reasoning progression suggested by Kohlberg, in conjunction with information pertaining to IQ - along with Vaughn Palmers ‘response’ with points to be made by GPR thereafter.
Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development. (From Simple Psychology last updated 2013)
--Kohlberg’s theory proposes that there are three levels of moral development, with each split into two stages. Kohlberg suggested that people move through these stages in a fixed order, and that moral understanding is linked to cognitive development. The three levels include preconventional, conventional and post conventional---
---By using children’s responses to a series of moral dilemmas, Kohlberg established that the reasoning behind the decision was a greater indication of moral development than the actual answer---(ED: The Reader might recall his or mathematics teachers asking to see one’s work. I might also note that it wasn’t until the last couple of years at the Supreme Court of Canada that court appointed superior court judges could have their reasoning questioned, suggesting as GPR has been for some (IRobbins v Cambridge et al) (GPR v Law Society of BC) that there are likely judges appointed who not able to properly reason or intentionally abdicated that assert for the benefit of other assets going toward them).
---Level 1 -Preconventional morality-
--is the first stage and lasts until estimated age 9--- ---Moral decisions don’t have a code of morality and instead moral decisions are shaped by standards of adults and the consequences of following or breaking the rules--- --Stage 1. Obedience and Punishment - child is good to avoid punishment-- --Stage 2. Children recognize that there is not just one right view that is handed down by the authorities (ED: LOL What WC Fields calls the first indication of looking for loopholes). (ED: So, Readers should remember that these two stages are until age 9).
---Level 2 -Conventional Morality-
--Stage 3 - Good Interpersonal Relationship--The child is good in order to be seen as being a good person by others. Therefore, answers related to the approval of others-- --Stage 4 - Maintaining a Social Order. The child/individual becomes aware of the wider rules of society, so judgments concern obeying the rules in order to uphold the law and to avoid guilt.
.---Level 3 -Postconventional Morality-
--Postconventional characterized by an individual’s understanding of universal ethical principles. These are abstract, but might include: the preservation of life at any costs, and the importance of human dignity----Individual judgement is based on self chosen principles and moral reasoning is based on individual rights and justice---
---Stage 5 - Social Contract and Individual Rights - The child/individual becomes aware that while rules/laws might exist for the good of the greatest number, there are times when they will work against the interests of some individuals fairly--- ----Stage 6 - Universal Principles---People at this stage have developed their own set of moral guidelines which may or may not fit the law. This person, the highest of moral reasoning according to Kohlberg, will be prepared to act to defend these principles even if it means going against the rest of society in the process and having to pay the consequences of disapproval or imprisonment. Kohlberg doubted that few could reach this stage---
(ED: So, the Reader will note that -few- reach Stage 6 - we’ll call few to reasonably mean 3 - because it can mean 2, but can be more than 3. We note that the first two stages in Level 1 are occupied to age 9 - in an evolution of moral growth that is consistent and orderly commencing at childhood. I would estimate that this would be (5%) of the population. We know Kohlberg asserts that the top two stages 5 & 6 occupy 10-15 percent of the population. So, it is not unreasonable to reason that Stages 1, 2, 5, and 6 occupy 20% of the population with those in 5 & 6 the only likely voters. We can theorize reasonably from this information that approximately 80% of the population or more are in stages 3 and 4 with little capacity or mental endurance to reason beyond a 1st stage).
The further theory from GPR that evolves from this work out of the information provided by Kohlberg (ED: and reasonably affirmed by other psychologists directly or through inference and reasoning) that drives the theory is that 8/10 voters are not capable of properly assessing any government policy intelligently.
On September 15, 2021 ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) published a Poll entitled - Prov./Fed Leaders & Party, Vaccines Essential? Sufficient? Vaccine Passports, Media….we asked this question 4: -In your opinion does the regular television (cable), print including major newspapers, radio and social media convey and communicate numbers, percentages and information related to COVID including cases - deaths - hospitalizations and other information on this subject in a manner which you would say is non political, not manipulative and is truthful--? Yes-(62%), No (38%)
Overlaying our information from Kohlberg generally that the top two stages of moral reasoning development capture 10-15 percent of the population, we can surmise at least theoretically from this Poll outcome, that (23%-28%) of respondents did not reason out this decision in the British Columbia Poll. Are these respondents disciples of the FAKE NEWS theory which US President Donald Trump fused into the American debate concerning media, or have they just become disciples of a new era in viewing media, that they are not necessarily an authority, and worse yet, might be up to no good at all. Media’s confidence numbers were never this low. The ROBBINS theory here on the impact of the Trump FAKE NEWS brand in the United States and among his and Republican supporters is that most of them don’t believe the news. (ED: please see the word ‘gulf’). If they don’t believe the news, and love Trump (apparently), then it must be presumed that they believe Trump over all of the news.
This is a Billion $$$$ assertion Mr. President.
Glen P. Robbins response is that no person, particularly at the Kohlberg 6 level would in good conscience support what mainstream news provides. FAKE NEWS plays best in the Kohlberg 3 and 4 stages in Level 2, a set off for the attack against Trump’s Walmart supporters (ED: inferred by Hillary Clinton to be not very smart). In fact, based on the balance of probabilities and the fact that the two highest populated minority groups in the United States are prone to enjoy a lesser IQ, I would suggest actually that the Republican voters, - the conservative voter is more likely to exist at slightly higher Kohlberg levels.
If this is true, then it is also likely that more voters who support Trump are also in the highest two Kohlberg stages - 5 and 6 in Level 3, even if this is just marginally. Whites on average have more brain power than Blacks and Latino/Hispanics on average, and Whites are the dominant race in terms of population in the United States and Canada. More Whites vote as a percentage and More Whites both Conservative and Republican than Blacks and Hispanics. However, the percentage of Latino/Hispanics who historically will vote Republican, and who do vote Republican is higher than the percentage of Blacks, by a significant degree.
Before I introduce the BC Journalist - Mr. Palmer to all you little chickadees out there (ED: authentic bunches of shrieks from young teenage girls in the audience-Palmer reminds me a little of Van Morrison ----”I’m real real gone///...) -- I would just add that IQ does not generally go up or down, but persons in Kohlberg’s assessments do sometimes go down 1 or two stages (not Levels) depending. Simply put the Kohlberg 5 might find it necessary to deal with a family member, or loved one at stage 4 - who simply doesn’t have the brain power to reason sufficiently to stage 5. In such a case, the 5 may accommodate the 4. It is doubtful that the Kohlberg 6 designated person would permit such an accommodation, but if he or she did, they would not be happy about it, and the compelled incongruence would likely be seen as a charge on the accommodation (ED: to prevent it continuing).
This brings us to our British Columbia, Vancouver Sun journalist, Vaughn Palmer who pens an article which I believe only a Kohlberg 6 could fully or properly reason through, but which might also appeal to others, even if they don’t properly reason out what the implications of the article might mean. (ED: For metaphor - Bill Wilson makes the same assertion about his Twelve Step book on Alcoholics that regular people could benefit from it as much as those suffering from alcohol). The article relates to the government appearing to manipulate numbers they provide to press - entitled - Mixed Message on COVID-19 patients a blow to credibility of, in this case BC (Premier) John Horgan’s New Democrat government. It is relevant to Trump supporters in the US, I think because of the same polling question on media confidence (ED: not to mention my daughter is engaged to a Texan (yeehaw)).
Mr. Palmer then notes the article is declared an opinion piece - the declaration reasonably declared prior to this declaration in the Palmer piece entitled -The BC government’s systematic withholding of information may serve a political purpose of making BC’s record look better then it is--The Date of the article issue is September 27, 2021, nearly two weeks following the publishing of the ROBBINS Polling numbers---here is Palmer’s article:
-Victoria - The BC (CANADA) (sic) government has finally admitted that daily, it under-reports the number of persons recovering in hospital from the after effects of COVID-19------almost 50 percent below the number of actual hospitalizations----in an example provided by the health ministry. (ED: Kohlberg 6 would ask what is the benefit of underreporting?).
(Palmer)--On Tuesday of last week, the ministry reported there 322 individuals in hospital including 155 in intensive care--. -Then on Friday the ministry admitted that a further 152 pandemic-connected patients were still in hospital as - discounted isolation---(ED: so, what is discounted isolation {most Kohlberg Stage 2’s have lost interest here).
(Palmer)--Once those were included, the hospitalization count was 484 an increase….over what the ministry had reported Tuesday--(ED: Okay they are underreporting, why the criticism?)
(Palmer)-Once a patient in critical care is no longer infectious with COVID-19, the patient is removed from daily critical care--(Palmer)--For most cases, isolation is discontinued after 10 days---for serious cases, the guideline is 20 days--(ED: If they are no longer infectious with COVID-19 why are they kept in isolation in any manner related to guidelines pertaining to COVID?)
(Palmer)--Discontinued isolation does not necessarily mean the patient is out of the hospital-- (ED: Indeed, the numbers provided appear to suggest they remain in hospital, again why for so long if they aren’t in COVID health trouble)?
This information provoked my Kohlberg 6 reasoning - and working backward to the ROBBINS Poll of British Columbians in part related to this subject of September 15, 2021 - I provide the Reader with this from the Center for Disease and Control (CDC) published September 14, 2021 - “Key Points”:
(CDC)--For most children and adults with symptomatic SARS -CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 infection, isolation and precautions can be discontinued ten days after symptoms and after resolution of fever for at least 24 hours….(CDC)--This means some patients who enter hospital or critical care as COVID - patient may no longer be counted as COVID-19 patients once they are no longer infectious-
(Palmer)--By remaining in hospital, they of course use up staffing, beds and other resources-- (Palmer)--Their numbers can also provide a glimpse of the still poorly understood problems of ...patients plagued by lingering symptoms of COVID -19 such as fatigue,....brain fog etc (sic). (Palmer)--The Ministry was at a loss to adequately explain the reasons for the withholding apart from some gobbledygook…(relating to confusing reporting and the obvious importance of disclosing the distinction) (sic).
According to Mr. Palmer - the ministry’s position on the gobbledygook was that is - helped to understand the importance of the pandemic on the population--- (ED: stunning). (Palmer)--The health ministry confessed to the revised case count---as if it were some sort of spontaneous public service announcement---(Palmer)--Rather it came in response to more than a week’s worth of questions from (another reporter)--.(Palmer)---Nor was it the only instance of the John Horgan government being called out for failing to live up to its much-trumpeted promise of openness and transparency (ED: Quid Pro Quo lol).
Mr. Palmer’s article, my polling question and most particularly my concerns expressed about the Premier’s reasoning skills and approach as he drove toward Vaccine Passports - and to other suggestions that the government was constituted of socialists and communists (ED: to juice up the intensity of the reality (LOL)) I can make the case that in this scenario alone - where the omission of the government was obvious - it led me to believe that potentially 1.5 million dollars had been wasted on persons who on balance of scientific probability were no longer a problem at the most expensive point in the healthcare system - The Hospital Bed----but avoiding the cost of The Hospital Bed - avec a surgeon attached to that bed. (ED: It’s beginning to look a lot like $tupid).
This led my Kohlberg 6 mind to factor Palmer’s inference affirming my financial extrapolation of potential waste in hospital beds and to factor a social accounting loss for persons who might have had a long awaited surgery or other to 1.5 million as well. For $3 Million potentially pissed away in health care costs over 10 days, or $9 Million per month and just less than $100 Million annualized.
The social cost accounting for persons in BC requiring surgery - or hospital stay for regular emergency matters - may be double the amount ascribed, notwithstanding the savings that might have been available with a more intelligent assessment of those in hospital originally predicated on COVID symptoms - who are no longer infectious when for all intents and purposes 80% of British Columbians are vaccinated and nearing full vaccination and are scientifically very unlikely to infect another person.
This demanded an extrapolation over all provinces (Canada), based on the BC modeling of potential hospital waste, or near $1 Billion in financial waste. Ironically, I recall a Poll I conducted a number of months ago - primarily focused on COVID - where respondents suggested confidence in the health care system under 50%, unrelated to COVID. (ED: call in the bomb sniffing dogs - you just know something is going to ‘Blow Up’ - The Beaches).
The FACTS, my ROBBINS Poll of September 15, 2021, the Palmer article - provokes enough information - to demand- a full court press on the waste. I would add in as well, that the Vancouver Sun - Vaughn Palmer article also noted - a second consideration related to children involving children (ED: In BC, a person is a legal child until age 19), where an associate of Palmer’s from another media, anecdotally, reported ongoings at a school near where he lived, where misinformation related to COVID and children was also not being provided).
While these mistakes appear to be utilized by the Horgan New Democrats as cover for a Vaccine Passport required to eat at restaurants, and to attend other day to day functions where people aggregate under license or government institution - and calls for vaccine mandates are occurring - all demanded by the Restaurant lobby in the province, we also see that restaurant lobby demanding Trudeau not extend CERB - with Winter looming - so that this forces workers they need to serve their Vaccine Passport tables in an environment where 80 percent of the public has been vaccinated).....
The BC government has no idea what it is doing, and if it does… is incompetent based on a Kohlberg Level 3 assessment conducted by independently by ROBBINS, and by Vaughn Palmer of the Vancouver Sun - though not conducted with any plan or arrangement as between them. (ED: More like Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page jamming).
Abortion in Texas - the end of a dark era
My first instinct on applying my Kohlberg 6 reasoning skills to my polling outcomes on the issue of Texas’s new abortion law, and where I heard it repeated back to me from news - was that some Trump supporters might find civil enforcement too weird or too difficult to figure it out, because its a new element -- enforcing abortion laws through civil litigation. To wit: Deputizing its citizens.
The final rub is this - most people in the western world are at level 2 Kohlberg and on the matter of abortion (ED: or any other issue they are not experienced in through vocation and such) are not able to reason through the issue sufficiently to understand that abortion has always had some type of government involvement in promoting and permitting it, or denouncing it and denying it. I am not certain if Governor Abbott’s approach may ultimately hold up - because the litigation proposed engages the State at some point (a judge, a magistrate, the institution of government). Not all citizens would choose to instigate a civil action against an abortionist (ED: if the abortionist supported Trump he or she would be called a filthy abortionist (LOL)), based on the fact that taking such an action upon yourself might attract attention where some people might not approve of your actions. But this is Texas - and I’ve met Texas - it's good and it's better.
As Kohlberg notes, most people simply do not possess the moral reasoning, the IQ to arrive at a mental place where their decision is reasoned (ED: this is dripping into the judicial appointments with 40 percent of Trudeau’s judicial appointments having donated to he or his party - getting through law school does not mean you are necessarily at Level 3 Kohlberg). This hypothetical ‘incapable’ person, might however be able to reason it against their principle -if the issue were paramount to them. The point here is that for this type of law to be sustainable, the lawsuits, if Republicans against abortion generally, likely 8/10, have anything to do with it, will be coming fast and furious, they will nonetheless need a Final Solution from the US Supreme Court. (ED: He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus - When you were young - The Killers).
I would note that Kohlberg asserted that little boys passed through the moral stages of development more quickly than girls - an estimated (25%-Robbins). Another psychologist Carol Gilligan (ED: no relation to the 3 hour tour) affirmed this inference of his own studies which agreed with this, but rejected Kohlberg on the basis of the theory of the mother, more often raising children through this moral development - suggesting this gave them an exemption from his conclusion. This is not my expertise, but imagine bringing the moral development in children to say 7 years. My shrinks tell me that 6 is the age to turn a little juice up.
I would add that prior to actually becoming aware of Gilligan’s response, but thinking through various approaches to how I might use Kohlberg to profile (particularly through language) and to realizing Gilligan’s response, I had thought about Gilligan’s ‘mother’ response but not so much as a response to Kohlberg as Gilligan is, but more of determinative adjustment to Kohlberg whose theory and overall assessment I find sufficient. And to that I would then say for Gilligan’s response to be sufficient to merit adjustment to Kohlberg’s conclusions - subsequent to this difference of theoretical approach on the basis of gender - I would also suggest that Gilligan's -mother theory- must also then account for Kohlberg’s suggestion that most people (adults) cannot get passed Level 2 as Kohlberg applies that across gender lines.
Whether or not the mother theory affects progress through Kohlberg must be contemplated within the reality that most mothers cannot pass beyond Level 2, as is the case for most men (with emphasis). Mathematical application of IQ to Kohlberg Level probability (ED: beginning at average IQ of 100 in the US) and as adapted by Glen P. Robbins (GPR), suggests these aforementioned replies to Gilligan’s response to Kohlberg on gender are consistent with most studies which to GPR’ suggest at least a 1 percent higher IQ for men than women. And more generally I affirm this on the basis of critics of Kohlberg affirming his outcomes with their own studies of Kohlberg’s study group (herself).
This - Mother Mother theory (ED: Sick of the Silence)- from Psychologist Carol Gilligan tends to support the notion that Gilligan’s response to Kohlberg overall, inclusive of her overall support of Kohlberg’s findings generally, particularly that which indicated that EVERY person moves through these stages in an orderly basis, with this affirmed from other critics as well (ED: part critics) is an acceptable peer review of Kohlberg, as legally Palmer would be to ROBBINS, journalistically.
Glen P. Robbins adaption of IQ to the Kohlberg profiling method involving use of language (including particularly Media) suggests that most people are not able to reason out - most issues--this results in the media intentionally dumbing down the conversation with hifalutin language (ED: to hook to the Level 2 audience) mixed with inflammatory audience designed to keep anti Trumpers just that way, anxious and on the ledge.
If, for example, a cable news show - manipulates language, an example of which might be a typical Canadian or left of centre cable show like CNN or MSNBC (‘Donald Trump continues to press the issue of voter fraud which is wrong’, reporting and then producing a judgment or using language that draws a conclusion or imposes a clear bias). A proper journalist might assert that Donald Trump continues to press the issue of voter fraud - but leave out the judgment of -which is wrong - attaching language to a subject of reporting that is clearly intended to steer people. This is more glaring on television than it is in written media, just as people are twice as likely to lie over the telephone than in person.
This raised the question to me - in the hundreds of hours of note taking on language from Media, particularly as it pervasively attached Trump, and never ever provided any positive impression of his work as President, --are the reporters at the news in Stage 2 Kohlberg and not capable of doing their job honestly or are they corrupted journalists? There are literally thousands of instances of manipulated language, particularly against President Donald Trump from the same news sources, and thousands of cases of articles from well known media sources, where the headline - often glaringly against Trump - does not match the information in the article. (ED: And speaking like this - without any concern on camera too). Anecdotally, I often have asked anti Trump people why they don’t like him. The answers are almost always in reference to his personality, more often than not these people have no facts, and don’t care, just don’t like him.
Is Media intentionally defrauding viewers - most of whom apparently are either not capable of, or not willing to think through or reason what is clearly obviously manipulated language - and not reporting? (ED: Do you notice none of the news on these stations ever says anything positive about Trump - Answer: I did not notice. There IS your answer).
That is why one can see how Major Media - and Hi Tech Social Media Giants have seen and then implemented their opportunity to exploit media consumers. Most people cannot reason an issue beyond their own or their own group's position on any subject. This was the information which fueled the overall fraud against Donald Trump running into the 2020 Election.
What the mainstream media does not want to say is that - Trump’s fight against Election results - was precisely right - even, if only for political purposes for today. If ANY of that 2020 US Election result finds bona fide arbitration in any court of serious repute - with Biden in power, and doing poorly, people from Kohlberg’s mushy, uninformed, unreasoned Level 2 world who voted Biden, will wish to flee from their own place of being a follower of talking heads or personalities - to decide personally if they need to review their own principles - as a voter, particularly if this is affirmed by an Institution like the US Supreme Court.
Just being forced to confront this reality will be sufficient for hordes of 2020 supporters in conjunction with the dubious voters - to either change and vote for Trump, or get out of the perceived world of voter fraud, a system they affirmed, and were betrayed about. (ED: In short, voter ‘fraud’ or other unattractive events of some noteworthy sort will be discovered - guaranteed).
Application of Kohlberg and GPR to Trump 2016 to 2020
My assessment of the Trump presidency years and most particularly Big Market and Cable Media - is first, that the Media overall was against Trump. No Kohlberg 6 left or right were denied this FACT. Most media operated intentionally below a Kohlberg 5 or 6 level - but more to the point, below reasonable levels of moral reasoning for the political media industry, with the intentional plan of misinforming - influencing viewers with quid pro quo language and applying to a number of moving parts on an issue.
Most viewers, it would appear, are incapable of reasoning out what is being told to them (critical thinking) anyhow. In hundreds of hours of note taking from television, conventional online news etc, including in Canada where over a million US voters reside, I have no notes, from a biblioteque of note taking, which would amount to an assessment of even one percent in favour of Trump from the left of center promoting cable companies and newspapers.
That no sustained protest ever occurred in Canadian Media which repeated - sometimes- verbatim - with 100 percent against Trump - I mean no notes of compliment from my novels of notes, other researchers notes - nothing, has to be a colluded exercise. Certainly some Canadian journalists are capable of reasoning to a Kohlberg 5 or 6 Level. Certainly some CNN, MSNBC, and other media are capable of Kohlberg 5 or 6 Level. Nothing positive about Trump’s efforts as US President. Someone is scared or simply dishonest and wanting to keep their jobs.
Not professional by any even modest standard. There is no moral reason whatsoever that President Trump and the Former First Lady Melania Trump shouldn’t visit Canada - say conservative (ED: and apparently top 5 world beauty) Quebec City - to meet People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier and his wife).
The two political heavyweight contenders, Republican Vice President 2024 in this ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Poll.
Mike Pompeo: According to online Wikipedia - Mike Pompero, - born on December 30, 1963 in Orange, California, is a soldier, lawyer, businessman and politician, and US Secretary of State from 2018 to 2021- -President Donald Trump appointed him Secretary of State for the United States in 2018.
From npr online news March 13, 2018 under POLITICS & POLICY entitled -Mike Pompeo: A Soldier, Spy Chief AND Tea Party Republican To Become A Diplomat (author: Greg Myre). -Mike Pompero, whom President Trump tapped to replace Rex Tillerson as secretary of state, has an extraordinary resume. He graduated at the top of his class at West Point - He served as a tank officer in Europe - He went to Harvard Law School-
-He was a corporate lawyer who launched a successful aerospace business. He got elected to Congress as a Tea Party Republican from Kansas in 2010- -Pompeo is very much a hard liner on issues of national security, broadly ----said Ian Bremmer, head of the Eurasia Group, which analyzes global politics- (ED: Adds Bremmer) ---Pompeo’s smart, but he’s also quite bombastic, and that plays well with Trump-)
-Pompeo at one time declared that --the U.S. would not soften its stance on North Korea ahead of planned talks between North Korea leader Kim Jong Un and Trump--make no mistake about it - Pompeo said on Fox News -----while there are negotiations going on, there will be no concessions made----Pompeo has previously suggested he favours regime change in North Korea, though, he said in December, --I’ve learned the art of nuance in my 10 month - at the CIA. - So suffice it to say, I hope that diplomatic and economic pressure will help resolve this in a way that doesn’t require a military outcome that I know nobody is excited about--
---Pompeo has also been a leading critic of the nuclear deal with Iran-- (ED: Obama’s)---With Mike, we’ve had a very good chemistry from the beginning, Trump told reporters---.
Pompeo/Trump post election 2020
From Washington Reuters (Humeyra Pamuk), November 10, 2020 entitled: -Pompeo voices confidence for ‘second Trump administration,’ then softens tone on post election transition- -U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo voiced confidence on Tuesday that once every legal vote was counted, it would lead to a second Trump administration- -appearing to reject Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory over President Donald Trump--But hours after withering criticisms over his comment, Pompeo, a close ally...of Trump appeared to soften his tone--
-(Pompeo speaking) - I am confident that we will have a good transition, that we will make sure that whoever is in office on noon January 20 has all the tools..available so we don’t skip a beat with the capacity to keep Americans safe--
Ron DeSantis
According to Wikipedia, Ron DeSantis - is an American politician and attorney serving as 46th governor of Florida since 2019- -A member of the Republican Party, he represented Florida’s 6th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2013 to 2018- -He briefly ran for the U.S. Senate in 2016, but withdrew when incumbent senator Marco Rubio sought reelection- -During the COVID-19 pandemic in Florida, DeSantis resisted imposing restrictions such as face mask mandates, stay-at-home orders and vaccination requirements--------(h)e banned public schools from implementing mask mandates-.
From Tampa Bay Times (Jan 12, 2021): -Gov Ron DeSantis said Tuesday he was happy to see the arrests of violent supporters of President Trump- -DeSantis who owes his 2018 win in Florida’s GOP race (-for governor-) to Trump’s endorsement, has danced around the issue of the president’s loss in the November election-.
March 18 2021 - Politico- article entitled --Ron DeSantis Is Very Pleased With Himself -----we’ve done as good as anybody with seniors in the country DeSantis said--. --Behind him elderly residents idled in lines of cars, waiting to get single-dose shots--(Said DeSantis) ---(W)e have a 75 percent decrease in cases for 65 and up since the first week of January 2021--
Death Rates Coronavirus (Statista) @ October 1, 2021 by U.S. States (per 100,000 people) Mississippi -323-, 2. New Jersey -309-, 3. Louisiana -300, 4. Alabama - 292, 5. New York - 285, 6. Arizona -275, 7. Massachusetts - 270, 8. Rhode Island - 268, 9.Florida -256, 10. Arkansas -255.
Death Rate by Drug Overdose (per 100,000) YEAR 1999 New Mexico -15, 2. Nevada 11.5, 3. Maryland -11.4, 4. Utah/Arizona -10.6, 6. Washington State -9.3, 7. Connecticut -9.0, 8. California/Pennsylvania -8.1, 10. Massachusetts -7.5.
Death Rate by Drug Overdose (per 100,000) YEAR 2019 W. Virginia - 52.8, 2. Ohio - 38.3, 3. Maryland -38.2, 4. Pennsylvania -38.3, 5. Connecticut -34.7, 6. Kentucky -32.5, 7. New Jersey -31.7, 8. New Hampshire -32, 9. New Jersey -31.7, 10. Tennessee - 31.2.
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