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BC Teachers are currently the class of professionals in the Province
  Nov 06, 2004

A targeted survey of 235 ‘mothers with a child or children who attend K-12 in public schools in the lower mainland of British Columbia’. These respondents were taken from previous surveys undertaken by ROBBINS in 2002, where the average (of total respondents participating) percentage increase suggested for teachers wages was 10%+. This survey was undertaken between October 24th and 28th, 2004. It features a margin of error of 2.25%, 19 times out of 20 @97% competency.

Question #1
Imagine for a moment that you are capably giving a talk to a group of people on a subject that you are comfortable talking about. You will have to take questions from the group after the talk, and your objective is to make the entire group more knowledgeable about your subject matter. Ideally, what is the maximum size of the group?
Average (rounded)    18 %
Question #2
How satisfied are you with your child’s or your children’s teacher?
Very Satisfied    46 %
Satisfied    35 %
Less than satisfied    13 %
Very Dissatisfied    08 %
Question #3
How important is it to you how your child’s school compares to others on the basis of scholastic performance?
Very Important    35 %
Important    28 %
Somewhat Important    32 %
Unimportant    08 %
Question #4
Between 10 and 50 what in your opinion is an appropriate classroom size for your child’s or children’s teacher to be instructing
Average (rounded)    24 %
Question #5
In your opinion is it fair to compare one school’s scholastic achievement against another without factoring in the average class sizes of the school(s)?
Yes    14 %
No    87 %
This survey sheds new light on the perception of schoolteachers by mothers with a child or children in K-12. Obviously mothers are very pleased with their children’s teachers. Nearly one-half of the group of respondents in this survey is very satisfied with teachers.
Approximately one-half of respondents are eager to know how their child’s/children’s school compares to others, but an overwhelming majority are of the opinion that average class size plays an important role and ought to be factored into the final comparison.
Mothers in this survey are of the opinion that average class size should be approximately ‘24 students’.

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