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Budget bounce for BC Liberals in Port Moody Westwood (abridged version)
  Feb 16, 2005

A digit dialing survey of 500 respondents in the provincial constituency of Port Moody Westwood between February 12-17, 2005. 200 respondents were derived by Glen P. Robbins personally, making this survey a reasonably estimated representative sample of 2,500 respondents in the area. This survey has a margin of error of 2.25%, 18 times out of 20 @ 98% competency.

Question #1
In your opinion is the current BC Liberals budget a result of?
(a)prudent fiscal management by Gordon Campbell’s BC Liberals    26 %
(b)fairly severe sacrifices made by many British Columbians    74 %
Question #2
On the relative strength or weakness of the BC Liberal budget are you prepared to support Premier Gordon Campbell for another four years?
Yes    43 %
No    53 %
Question #3
In your opinion would a change in leadership at the provincial level be good for British Columbia?
Yes    60 %
No    37 %
Question #4
Using your best efforts only which of the following provincial parties do you most support at this time?
BC Liberals    47 %
NDP    35 %
Green    09 %
DR BC    09 %
This is definitely an interesting poll. In Port Moody Westwood this poll conducted over the period just after the Throne speech and just prior to the Budget announcement (and in the days subsequent), reveals that respondents believe they made ‘fairly severe sacrifices’ but on balance appear to be prepared to give the BC Liberals another four-year stint in government. Many respondents, particularly women, believed the sacrifices were far too severe, but they are greatly relieved over the budget (you could actually hear them exhaling over the phone), and are prepared to support Gordon Campbell and his BC Liberal government once again.
Many respondents indicated that there was no-one else to vote for and would therefore choose Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals, however ROBBINS is of the opinion that the budget has caused many respondents to forgive the Premier, and perhaps rationalize his party’s actions as necessary despite the severity. Carole James was speaking in the Tri-City area throughout part of this poll, yet this may or may not have been timely enough for many respondents to form a conclusion one way or the other about her.
Also, Port Moody Westwood has a ‘fixed contingency’ of Green voters, and some respondents who did not like any of the choices: including Premier Campbell, and the BC Liberals, selected the DR BC party in Question #4. Respondents who selected DR BC and Green throughout the survey were consistent in their selections throughout the survey in that they are not BC Liberal supporters in any way shape or form.
The problem for the NDP in this riding now is that some of the respondents made choices that would not reflect a continuity of support for their NDP choice. This idea is particularly reflected in gender specific support.

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