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ROBBINS polls without spin reveal BC Liberals in trouble in Prince George
  Feb 24, 2005

A digit dialing of 345 respondents throughout 3 British Columbia constituencies in the North Central part of the province including specifically (1) Prince George-Mt. Robson, (2) Prince George-Omineca, (3) Prince George-North between February 19th and 25th, 2005. This survey has a margin of error of 3.0%, 18 times out of 20 @98% competency. This survey was paid for in part by a private citizen who ROBBINS declares, “Does not have a material interest in the outcome of the next general provincial election.”

Question #1
In your opinion was the most recent BC Liberal budget a result of?
prudent fiscal management by Gordon Campbell’s BC Liberal Party    26 %
fairly severe sacrifices made by many British Columbians    56 %
Both (a) and (b)-    18 %
Question #2
On the relative strength or weakness of the most recent BC Liberal budget are you prepared to support Premier Gordon Campbell for another four years?
Yes    32 %
No    67 %
Question #3
In your opinion would a change in leadership at the provincial level be good for British Columbia?
Yes    72 %
No    28 %
Question #4
Using your BEST efforts only, which of the following provincial parties do you most support at this time?
BC Liberals    33 %
BC NDP    40 %
Green Party    09 %
DR BC    11 %
BC Liberals will be very lucky to win one of these three seats in Prince George, while the NDP could win three. Independent Paul Nettleton might defeat BC Liberal Health Minister Shirley Bond in Prince George-Mt. Robson (but statistically would have increased success with a party label supporting him), or in the alternative, the NDP may do the job.
DR. BC is a long shot to win in Prince-George Omineca (unless Erle Martz has a trick or two up his sleeve), but could prove noteworthy if that party can scoop some of the independent vote.

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