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Once again ROBBINS only news agency to foresee election (BC) result
  May 21, 2005

An email of your article on the recent Globe and Mail poll by Strategic Counsel was sent to me from one of my readers. I have reviewed for the thousandth time the general criteria established for so-called scientific polls.

Editor at The ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Triple An email of your article on the recent Globe and Mail poll by Strategic Counsel was sent to me from one of my readers. I have reviewed for the thousandth time the general criteria established for so-called scientific polls.
We have no axe to grind with the mainstream media. They were good enough to mention our polling company in print, radio or television over 100 times in a six month period in 2003, and dozens of times prior to that. At the time we were apparently credible.
Than something ironic happened. I published a poll on same-sex issues including questions relating to the teaching of anal sex education in some BC schools including my daughter’s school in former Education Minister Christy Clark’s riding. This poll was published on CKWX and on Global Television. What was most interesting was that I published that 38% of British Columbians approved of same sex marriage, up 10% from a poll I had conducted two years earlier.
Unbeknownst to me, Ipsos and every other mainstream pollster had approval for same sex marriages at 50% or higher at that time. My poll was published at or about the same time Jean Chretien was moving Parliament to adopt same sex marriage legislation in accordance with his longstanding agreement with the late Izzy Asper of CanWest Global, a human rights activist who died of unknown causes soon after. No-one has ever reported that Mr. Asper may have been gay.
Mr. Chretien you will recall provided CanWest Global with 2 billion dollars of CRTC licenses, which helped that publisher which was mired in debt (particular with Hollinger Inc.) We now know how much credibility Mr. Chretien has. Mr. Chretien, Mr. Asper and Angus Reid of Ipsos Reid are all longstanding federal Liberals and close friends
I have happily developed my polling without the mainstream media to a large extent. With doubt of the establishment media and government growing exponentially, and some newspapers and radio stations having a difficult time making ends meet, the opportunity naturally arises for ROBBINS to grind away at the establishment infrastructure ever weakening its structure. Certainly, one would think that Stephen Harper would not be so eager to give away Assets to every media conglomerate that appears on the scene if he becomes Prime Minister soon.
In the coming months ROBBINS will begin to identify advertisers who appear in newspapers, on radio and television as sponsors of mainstream polls and allow our readers whether they want to do business with these advertisers. Moreover we will be able to determine who precisely reads, watches and listens to what and communicate these numbers to advertisers and advertising brokers.
None of the polls that are published in any of the newspapers are anywhere near ‘scientific’. The academic test in any credible opinion is found through the discipline of psychology. To be scientific many questions would need to be asked (sample size) and these each question should within the context of the poll have a mirror question. If the first has a positive connotation, the mirror might have a negative connotation. The variance is the ‘lie factor’, and can be factored into error rate.
None of the polls that the Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province, CTV, CBC, Global Television, National Post, Globe and Mail (market research) are actually scientific based on the true understanding of science which is best obtained through the discipline of psychology in terms of the context of the questions. To weigh or consider any poll valid that is fundamentally based on market demographics is akin to arguing that the world is flat.
After questions are derived on a psychological basis polls are than best analyzed through the discipline of political science and in the alternative critical thinking journalism. Current market research polls are garbage. These polls are called science because the pollsters and the media that publishes them are in the same club. By characterizing their polls as ‘science’ and another as ‘not science’ they are hoping to hold the attention of those elements in society (hereinafter the ‘cow people’) who still have a blind faith in authority and who continue to see the mainstream media as the sole source of authority in media. The Internet is slowly eradicating this hold. Younger people are already ‘off the ether of the unwashed’.
The United States media is beginning to figure out that the PhD’s cannot always be trusted when they underpin the veracity of polls, simply because they are often tied to the establishment for economic gain. In Canada tenured professors are the highest paid public servants. Often as a consequence the public who is supposed to benefit from public opinion as a tool of democracy never does, because they are only targets of public opinion and media influence peddling.
Each new media entity wants to identify a polling firm that they can ‘work with’ that will enhance their advertising departments ability to collect cash and grow their political influence. Various organizations groups and others all captive to the mutual benefits these relationships provide cement this union. At the top levels of these organizations hundreds of millions or billions of dollars are now invested in what is tantamount to a huge scam on the voting public. It is all designed to influence public opinion on public policy or in the case of elections influence voters. This BC election is no different. In a just society some current Canadian news producers would be going to jail for what they are presently doing to Canadian voters and democracy. At a minimum Elections BC should be investigating the Strategic Counsel poll.
At ROBBINS we have witnessed polling particularly at the federal level where polling numbers are consistently 15-20 points different than what we have discovered to be true opinion. Is it any wonder that media ignored ROBBINS two years (after weeks on end of having polls published on air) the moment we published a Surrey same-sex books survey that contradicted support for same-sex marriage and ‘fool for life’ ex Prime Minister Jean Chretien’s desire to find a new group of voters? Isn’t it a little ironic that Decima Research came out with the same numbers as ROBBINS on same-sex marriage questions two years after we published? Isn’t this a little coincidental with the rise of the Conservative party in this country? Please stop me if I am making too much sense.
Furthermore, most of these mainstream pollsters pay $8.00 or less for individuals who solicit for polling data on their behalf. The criteria condition about the scientific veracity of polls, which stipulates that college students are less effective than $8.00 ‘polling hobos’, is absolute nonsense and only another ‘idiot’ or ‘thief’ would accept this criteria.
At ROBBINS we experiment with push questions all of the time. A push question can provide some insight into the resistance respondents will provide. For instance if we ask do you think so and so is corrupt (?) most would say that this is not a scientific question. It isn’t in the strictest sense, but any competent journalist would be able to make use of the question whether it has a push nature or not particularly if the related news of the day pointed to the possibility of corruption with that individual.
This is quite different than the Strategic Counsel poll in your article which uses push questions to move the respondent into the desired choice (the BC Liberal Party in this case), which question and desired outcome is than broadcast over the airwaves in this case Global Television, CTV, CKNW, Vancouver Sun, Province, etc etc. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Elections BC should investigate this poll and the media that broadcast the outcome. I would certainly ask our readers to join any other group like the Tyee in filing a complaint with the C.R.T.C. over this despicable indiscretion.
In a culture where NONE of the mainstream polls are scientific, and most of these polling companies are inextricably bound to the media interests that publish them, which are inextricably captive to the governments that provide a significant part of income to them, and to business interests which are inextricably bound to favourable government policy and who pay the media with advertising dollars for the right to receive these policy benefits, and to University and College professors who compete for research grants (often provided by governments) we are simply down to the crass circumstance of media influence peddling on public opinion.
In the BC Election a poll such as the one in your article is in our opinion simply an attempt to influence an outcome. The pollster, the media groups who published the poll and the recipient of the benefit of the poll Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals are ALL corrupt by any reasonable standard (as opposed to a lowering of standards which would coincide more with the laws relating to libel and such).
Your article about the Strategic Counsel poll is simply an acknowledgement of what everyone in the media already knows and know-one wants to talk about.
In the BC Election for instance, if DRBC had been included in the debates, and the media and pollsters had not interfered as Strategic Counsel did, it could well be hypothesized that there is only a marginal chance that Gordon Campbell would be re-elected and if re-elected with a bare majority. The mainstream media could not have this outcome so they collectively cheated. They scammed the BC voter. If there were a bona fide likelihood that Mr. Campbell and his party would have been elected on the merits of their record and the case made to voters during the Writ period than neither of these interfering actions would have taken place. The media was faced with taking millions upon millions of advertising dollars from the BC Liberal party and government with the end result being no second term Premier. We couldn’t have that now could we?
The real question is: Why are pollsters and the media permitted to publish any polls during the Writ period? The answer is because those that own the means of production are far more interested in influencing election outcomes than in achieving democracy. Putting the STV on the ballot was really just a rationale to help push the vote out, so the media cheaters could hide behind the fact that there was a high voter turnout thus making the election a ‘democratic success’ and shrouding the fact that the BC Liberal re-election was concocted in part by the BC media.
The media unduly influenced the last federal election and the media has unduly influenced this current BC provincial election.
At ROBBINS we receive hundreds upon hundreds of emails from readers who say, “you know (your polls) that is what I was thinking all along.” Why does this work? Because we know the so-called ‘science’ of polling is a scam. We give the people who read our work a mirror image of what is actually going on in their community. Science or not that is true public opinion. We don’t require the media or the organizations that validate their massive investments to broker our
ability to communicate public opinion to the public without spin. We fully expect to develop our own organization to determine what is true public opinion and what is not. (Perhaps I shall name this the ROBBINS Bureau after me). The mainstream polls we consider may not satisfy our standards of public opinion. This transition may not take much longer.
Eventually businesses will be compelled to search out ethical polling by ROBBINS and others to determine what customers and others involved in the day to day affairs of their business really think.
With the continued growth of the Internet we at ROBBINS believe that eventually we will reduce the influence of both the mainstream media and mainstream pollsters and increase our own amongst the public. Thereafter it is a short jaunt to the community for our seal of approval.
We can assure you that the ‘corrupt’ mainstream media is going to be in for the fight of their lives to maintain the integrity of their huge investments. As the Italians say “a lie is like a chair without legs”. I believe the Tyee caught the establishment media in a big big lie.
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