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Americans say PU to Pew Research-Americans on Canadians
  Jun 22, 2005

A telephone dialing random sample of 1,240 United States citizens between June 17-23, 2005. This survey features a margin of error of 2.75%, 19 times out of 20@99% competency. (54% women; 46% men).

Question #1
Which statement best characterizes how you see Canada and its relationship to the United States?
I used to think Canada was our ally, now I am not so sure    26 %
Canada is our best ally and friend    29 %
I like and respect Canada but I believe they could be a better ally and friend    45 %
Question #2
If you were cornered in a dark alley by people who meant to harm you which of the following countries soldiers would you choose to come to your rescue?
England    31 %
Australia    38 %
Canada    31 %
Question #3
In your opinion who is more dependent on whom for ‘survival’?
Canada is more dependent on the United States for survival    94 %
The United States is more dependent on Canada for survival    05 %
U.S. respondents in this survey are not so sure about Canada insofar as their relationship with the U.S. is concerned, however nearly one-third would still choose a Canadian solider over an English or Australian solder to rescue them from harms way.
U.S. respondents are of the unequivocal opinion that Canada is more dependent upon the U.S., for survival than vica versa. Some of the current ‘differences’ between Canada and the United States may be a result of the obviously different perceptions that each has about the other.

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