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Is Coquitlam the worst run city in all of British Columbia?
  Oct 24, 2005

A random digit dialing of 225 Coquitlam residents who have indicated that they are (a) likely to vote in Coquitlam, and (b) have their principal residence in Coquitlam between September 23-29, 2005. This survey features a margin of error of 3.25%, 18 times out of 20 @98% competency.

Question #1
Which of the following types of political candidates in your opinion are the best to serve Coquitlam’s needs over the next few years? Those with:
A business and/or development background    14 %
An environmental and labour background    10 %
One that is neither (1) or (2) but fully considers both    76 %
Question #2
Is it your current perception that current Coquitlam Mayor Jon Kingsbury is?
Pro-business-pro land development    41 %
Pro-Environment-pro labour    00 %
Not pro either side he is a moderate    58 %
Question #3
Is it your current perception that long term city councilor Maxine Wilson is?
Pro-business-Pro development    06 %
Pro-Environment-Pro Labour    13 %
Not pro either side she is moderate    81 %
Question #4
In your opinion is a Past President of the Coquitlam Chamber of Commerce most likely to be?
Pro Business Pro Development    28 %
Pro-Environment-Pro Labour    00 %
Not pro either side    72 %
Question #5
In your opinion is a person whose professional career has been in real estate, and has been a past candidate for nomination for the BC Liberal Party most likely to be?
Pro Business Pro Development-    44 %
Pro-Environment-Pro Labour    00 %
Not pro either side    56 %
Question #6
In your opinion is a person who has been a candidate for the BC Green Party in this past provincial election most likely to be?
Pro Business-Pro Development    00 %
Pro Environment-Pro Labour    92 %
Not pro either side    08 %
Question #7
After the municipal election on November 19, 2005 who do you prefer to be your new Mayor for Coquitlam?
City councilor Maxine Wilson-    47 %
Mayor Jon Kingsbury    37 %
Undecided-    16 %
Coquitlam residents are certainly looking to dial down the pace of development in the City. An overwhelming majority looks for a balanced approach between business and development and the environment and labour.
Coquitlam Mayor Jon Kingsbury is perceived as ‘top heavy’ towards ‘pro-business and pro development’. Maxine Wilson numbers are far superior. Although she is perceived as being slightly more pro environment/labour than pro business and development, the difference is negligible.
Interestingly enough, the Past President of the Chamber of Commerce is seen as less ‘top heavy’ toward ‘pro-business and pro development’ than is Mayor John Kingsbury. These numbers on the choice “not pro either side” match up well with the baseline “one that considers neither (1) or (2) but fully considers both”.
The real estate agent who has previously run for the BC Liberals is in a similar position to that of Jon Kingsbury, that is, perceived as ‘top heavy’ towards ‘pro business and pro development’.
The Green Party candidate is undeniably perceived as ‘top heavy’ towards ‘pro environment and labour’.
Coquitlam Mayoralty candidate Maxine Wilson is in a very comfortable position coming into the November 19, 2005 civic elections. She is perceived as moderate, and what’s more, respondents in this poll who perceive both she and current Mayor Jon Kingsbury as moderate, choose Ms. Wilson over Mr. Kingsbury more often.
Insight- (subjective/objective) This poll convinces me that Coquitlam voters want to cool down the development pace, or in the alternative look for developers that provide some real interest in the future well being of the city, and not simply their own financial interests. Respondents are looking toward not only change in policy direction, but more balance at city hall. Current Mayor Jon Kingsbury is not perceived to be ‘balanced’ enough. He is perceived to be a friend to developers. Based on this poll, I am reasonable confidant to say that Maxine Wilson would win the Mayor’s chair on November 19, 2005.
Mayor Kingsbury (ROBBINS is told) is hitching his re-election fortunes to a ‘slate’ of candidates for city councilor, which includes a past president of the Coquitlam Chamber of Commerce and a real estate agent who once sought nomination for the BC Liberals in Port Coquitlam. The current Mayor and the real estate agent/BC Liberal candidate will have a hard time getting elected, however the past president of the Chamber of Commerce (though not well known) likely will be elected if he extricates himself from the other two and runs (clearly) independently of them.
The past president of the Chamber of Commerce would actually have a better chance at winning Mayor than Jon Kingsbury, given the sentiment of ‘change’, which we found with Coquitlam respondents in this poll. If Jon Kingsbury were convinced not to run, than the real estate agent would be less perceived as ‘piling on’ the ‘pro business development’ side of the equation and would have a better chance at winning a councilors seat.
If Mayor Kingsbury insists on seeking another term, and Maxine Wilson can paint all Kingsbury’s ‘men’ into one camp, she could knock out all three (for you curling fans).
Jon Kingsbury’s performance with Translink was disgraceful. His reputation as a bully at city council meetings is legendary. More than just a few respondents have watched his performance on Shaw TV, and have been unimpressed.
With the throttle up high on development in Coquitlam, leaky condo’s still in the news, dozens of homes flooding owing to problems with Big “O” pipe approved by the city, and/or clear cuts causing hundreds of thousands if not millions of flooding damage to Coquitlam homeowners, no solution in sight for transportation problems in the region, no sensible economic solution to grow-op/crystal-Meth homes, and no proper policy initiatives to deal with the negative side of gambling in the region, and speaking as a resident here in Coquitlam (with a previous residency in Port Moody as well), it is my personal opinion that Coquitlam may be one of the worst run cities anywhere in the province.
Next Coquitlam city council- as Robert De Niro says, “I’ve got my eyes on you”.
Where is my real estate guide for Port Moody?

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