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ROBBINS nails Vancouver, Surrey and Coquitlam elections-named best pollster
  Nov 22, 2005

November 20, 2005 ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) For immediate Release- ROBBINS Sce Research ‘voted in’ over mainstream press
The recent municipal elections in BC confirmed at least in three major upsets once again that ROBBINS Sce Research is able to identify voters trends beyond the capabilities of all major news.
In Coquitlam where ROBBINS first identified new Mayor Maxine Wilson’s opportunity in the summer of 2005, his recent polling confirmed her win. ROBBINS revealed Kingsbury’s support limits in the 42% area. The outgoing incumbent finished with 44%. However ROBBINS researchers have indicated that many of Jon Kingsbury's additional voters appeared to be bussed in and may have been of dubious Canadian content. Elections BC does not compel voters to show ID, they must simply sign a form swearing they are Canadian citizens. How tough is that???
In Surrey, ROBBINS first identified new Mayor Dianne Watts’s popularity over outgoing Mayor Doug McCallum in 2003. This poll was published in Surrey newspapers that year. ROBBINS recent poll pegged Watts at around 53%. She finished better than that.
In a stunning prediction that can only be considered clairvoyance on ROBBINS part, ROBBINS predicted 51.5% for Sullivan and 48.5% for Jim Green. As between those candidates only Sullivan actually received 51.7% of the vote and Green 48.5%.
ROBBINS was also the only pollster in the free world to accurately predict the 2004 U.S. Presidential race, predicted early the rise of the NDP with accurate seat predictions, and the STV vote in the Province of British Columbia. ROBBINS also predicted accurately the outcome of BC’s $10,000,000 aboriginal referendum.
ROBBINS has recently been named Best pollster in the country by the Canadian Committee of Choices and Voices (CCCV).

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