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Poco's New Trend Optical Poll finds something 'fishy' in the City of Port Moody
  Nov 23, 2005

A representative sample of 3,347 residents of Port Moody between November 12th and 18th, 2005. This survey features a margin of error of 3.55%, 18 times out of 20 @96% competency. This survey has been paid for in part by Jim Van Rassel (owner) of New Trend Optical in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.

Question #1
In terms of business development licenses provided by the City of Port Moody, who in your opinion should get ‘preferred treatment’ in a situation involving two competing interests, all things being relatively equal. Company “A” a long time business in Port Moody, or Company B a long business in Vancouver?
Company “A” The Port Moody business    76 %
Company “B” The Vancouver business    03 %
It’s up to the City of Port Moody    21 %
Question #2
The Flying Fish restaurant has been a Port Moody fixture for many years. The Boathouse restaurant has been in Vancouver for many years. The Flying Fish restaurant has been vying for the license to development another restaurant at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody BC for some time now. The Boathouse restaurant group has been a more recent bidder for that opportunity. Recently the City of Port Moody has indicated that the Flying Fish is no longer in the running. What in terms of your perception is the most likely reason for this turn of events?
The Flying Fish probably has deficiencies in its proposal    11 %
The Boathouse restaurants probably has a better proposal    21 %
There is probably something going on here that we aren’t being told-    44 %
Can’t Explain    24 %
In a bidding situation involving a local company and a regional company, people in Port Moody choose the local company ‘hands down’. Virtually all of the respondents, who choose the local company in Question #1, also choose “c” or “d” in Question #2. An overwhelming majority of Port Moody residents at least in terms of the questions provided in this poll, find the situation involving the Flying Fish restaurant, the Boathouse Group, and Port Moody City Hall, a little fishy to say the least.
It would appear that Vancouver was reluctant to accept Port Moody's political business and Christy Clark, but Port Moody is willing to abandon its local business for a little Vancouver action.
Speaking of Christy Clark, after her stunning loss to new Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan, it is just a little ironic that she never closed the deal on that Vancouver house she was allegedly buying. Does this mean she will be moving back to Port Moody?
Could be, apparently with all the cost overruns associated with the new recreation center and Murray Clark overpass, and the loss of important tax revenues from the departure of the local winery, it appears that perhaps the new councillors have inherited a city awash in red ink. Why is it exactly, that former councillors Cynthia Van Ginkel and Gerry Knuttal abandoned Joe Trasolini’s ‘ship of state’. Is Port Moody city hall overspending to create a potential stage for Christy Clark should she run to replace Premier Campbell whose political career is wilting before our eyes?
Speaking of ugly, why didn’t Port Moody city hall follow the recommendations they had provided for The Port Moody Flying Fish allowing them to proceed when they had no intention of providing them with a fair opportunity to build the restaurant at Rocky Point Park? Given the level of political rationale I experience everyday in this province, I would not be surprised to hear someone from city hall tell us that the Flying Fish proposal might conflict with the fish and chip stand down at the park.
With city manager Royer suggesting that he would provide the financials of the Flying Fish restaurant proposal (their alleged weak link) to the newspaper, than why not provide the Boathouse financials as well Gaetan? You opened the door my friend, and from what the street is telling me, the Flying Fish financials are moons and stars above the Boathouse’s. Let’s find out; let us see all of the information! (Don’t make me publish this)!
With RAV cost overruns set to cost local taxpayers an arm and a leg, and with a press that is unwilling to print any of this, will the taxpayers in Port Moody now be confronted with a multi-million dollar lawsuit? It’s just speculation, but in a town that has witnessed the shooting death of a police Chief, the Flying Fish debacle has all the earmarks of big time trouble.
With the type of conduct I am witnessing at the federal, provincial, and now this at the local levels of government, I am becoming more convinced than ever that I should continue to ensure that the soft wood lumber monies are not returned. Afterall, how can I be sure this money won't be wasted?
Your letter with respect to the above captioned is interesting for a few reasons. First and foremost it is interesting that Port Moody City Manager Royer’s letter is so long compared to the letter from the Flying Fish which relatively speaking is much shorter. It would be journalistically dishonest to suggest that this is a commensurate response to a position. I certainly hope the Flying Fish is provided with an opportunity to rebut Mr. Royer’s extensive position.
Second, it is interesting that the City Manager is speaking to this issue, when in fact an elected person in Port Moody should be speaking to it. Mr. Royer’s significant personal involvement in his role as a bureaucrat is very odd. It certainly isn’t normal conduct.
If Mr. Royer is precisely accurate than perhaps the rationale that he was simply responding to a letter from the owner of the Flying Fish is partially acceptable. Even in a perfect circumstance, I believe that Mayor Joe Trasolini should have been doing the speaking to this matter. He or someone from city council is conspicuous by their absence. Mayor and council were naturally involved throughout this process, or at least ought to have been.

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